Do You Wish That Every Morning You’d Wake Up Excited, Full Of Energy, Vibrating With Passion And Fully Aligned To Your Purpose? You Can And It Is Easier Than You Think. Let Me Explain You How I Do It … How How It Can Apply To Your Own Life!

Hello dear friend,

A famous scientific study confirmed what I always knew. If you have a flight at 05:00 AM tomorrow morning towards Hawaii, you’re going to be excited, no matter how hard it is to get there.

You’re mood is going to be up. You’re going to smile more. You’re even going to wake up rested and refresh. After all – this is what happened last time you’ve went on a vacation, right? This is what happened to me.

Well, the study’s a lie but the above is true. It is virtually impossible to be upset and depressed when going on an exciting vacation in a new, fascinating location on Planet Earth. It doesn’t matter that you’re going to have to wake up in the middle of the night to catch up the morning flight. It doesn’t bother you that you’re going to be crammed up in coach. You won’t even frown upon the thought of sitting on a chair for five hours and then spend another hour to get to your hotel.

Really. Who gives a damn? You’re going on vacation. You’re like me here.

Welcome to Sicily!

Look at that big smile. I just landed in Sicily, Italy and everything was “tutto bene”. It had been a long day, I was hungry, thirsty and not talking a single word in Italian. Who cared? I was in a new place. For me, in that photo “la vita e bella”. The framework, the circumstances in themselves made up for any temporary inconvenience like carrying a 20 kilogram backpack and eating only an energy bar all day.

It wasn’t a good day by objective standards … but it was a good day for me. So this made me ask a question, my friend.

What makes the difference between a day in which you wake up excited … full of passion, full of energy, full of life … ready to take the world on … ready to do your very best … ready to be the BOSS … the champion … the GLADIATOR in the arena

… and one in which you dread life?

One in which you want to sleep until 11:00 and don’t even want to get out of bed. One in which the room is too cold, the water in the shower is too cold, your eyes are closing and you’d do anything just to sleep for another hour or to?

Well … I know. I’ve found out. It’s not an answer a book gave to me but a combination of experience, knowledge and simple awareness and observation. You ready for the big secret that is going to change your life? You’re ready to discover how you can wake up every day excited and driven like you’ve got a five a clock meeting with happiness … even if it is just a normal Monday morning?

Okay. I’ll tell you.

It’s the GIANT called DAILY PURPOSE and his cousin called REASON WHY.

Believe me, you’re going to like them.

First things first …

… let me explain the idea of mind – behavior congruency. It’s going to explain you a lot about why you do what you do.

Your mind is made out of … many things. Your beliefs, your mindset, your memories, your thoughts, your knowledge. It’s made of things that came since you were born … and every single experience that you’ve encountered since then. You are the total of your experiences here on Earth.

You are an almost limitless combination of experiences that formed your perception of reality. For example, I LOVE HUMAN POTENTIAL. Why? Because I’ve seen what it can do. I’ve seen how people can blossom. I’ve seen how AWESOME people can be. I love to see how a person can use who he is to accomplish so amazing things. This is because I’ve been subjected to many stimulus that created this belief. I was surrounded by models of achievement … I was surrounded by bright minds and great souls that made me admire this.

An amazing seminar about publishing, accompanied by one of the most inspiring young ladies I’ve ever met in the self-improvement event space.

This is who I am because what happened in my life determined this.

And my behavior is automatically congruent with this. I mean, think about this. Your mind and your behavior are one and the same thing. You can’t be different from your behavior. You can’t act in a way that goes opposite to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind, that deep sea that contains memories from where you were five years old … the books you’ve read … your first kiss … your first heart broke … your first conflict and your first friendship … your first success and failure … contains the operating system for how you act.

You don’t pick your behavior, at least not in the deepest sense. The behavior is imprinted by your subconscious mind. That’s the boss. The boss is sending directives like “you love playing computer games” and “you hate broccoli”.These directives were never made in a vacuum. They were part of a complex process of validation and invalidation, a miracle of human neurology.

The boss is doing a great job in directing how you act. Your subconscious mind always gets what it wants … because it is the core of everything you do, are, feel, believe. It is from everything comes.

And what this mean you may ask?

It means that whatever you are doing right now … whatever gets your heart racing and your mood down … whatever keeps you up at night or makes you give up comes directly from that deep ocean – your subconscious mind.

One of the things I enjoy is target practice.
One of the things I enjoy is target practice.

It is as unique as your fingerprint … nobody in the history of the world will ever have a subconscious mind that is exactly like yours … and it is the source of your biggest strength … and most painful weakness.

And most importantly … if your behavior is like a 2500 kilogram car made out of steel … then your subconscious mind is a magnet that pulls the car towards the direction of your true self.

What’s your main takeaway here?

You can’t go against who you are.

It simply doesn’t work. I mean, don’t try it. If you have negative beliefs against exercising, you won’t exercise. If you have negative beliefs against money, you won’t try to earn them. You can’t have your cake and eat it to … or to put it another way, feel about one thing one way and act in a opposite way. You can once … twice … but that magnet is always going to pull into a different direction.

Does this mean that you’ll always stuck … you’re always convicted to live as you live right now? No. Hell no. You can be a champion, a hero and an amazing human being but you need to HAVE A PURPOSE and KNOW YOUR REASON WHY.

And this gets us back to our topic … how to wake up every single morning EXCITED, FULL OF ENERGY AND DETERMINED to have a great day ahead.

The idea, the secret comes from aligning who you are with what you do. The more aligned you are, the closer you are to that magnetic pull with your actions, with your behavior, the easier it is to be excited and passionate about it.

You know how every entrepreneur says the same thing – find your real purpose, find what you’re passionate about? Like EVERY SINGLE ONE, from the late Steve Jobs to Tony Robbins? They are right. You are here on this Earth for a reason and it is your job, your DUTY, your mission to live on that reason.

If you’re an artist, going to work as an account every day will be dreadful. You’re going in the opposite direction of where your magnetic pull is. If you love to travel, living in the same place and doing the same thing will feel like HELL. Your soul yearns to travel and that’s what you must do. If you’re an entrepreneur at heart … working for someone else, taking orders and feeling limited by this will make you die inside. You want to create, to build, to develop systems.

That’s your purpose.

My purpose is NOT your purpose, you know?

You’re unique, you’re special and you have your own way of achieving success. Just because I travel and create value and systems this doesn’t mean that this is your own thing. Maybe your own thing is to be in a job that allows you to do everything you love, you’re naturally good at, that is aligned with your deeper self without taking care of the payroll, management, legal, etc.

Maybe your purpose is NOT to buy a house, NOT to buy a car, NOT to live life as other people say it is good to live but to travel the world and be a free spirit. It is to teach English in Japan or have a travel blog.

Your success … your path … is determined by you and when you act accordingly to it, when you act accordingly to what’s in your heart and your mind … to what your soul yearns, then you’re going to achieve amazing success because you’re putting yourself 100% into it. It’s not something you do. It is you. There’s no difference between your activities and your own being.

And by doing this, you’re going to wake up excited, passionate and full of determination. You’re not having another boring day ahead but every day is going to be like a holiday to Hawaii because you’re doing what you must do.

No matter your combination of beliefs, thoughts, processes that makes who you are, there is a way to achieve success. The gamer can become a vlogger or a game developer. The writer can write an amazing book that sells in ten million copies. The fitness “nut” that also loves liberty can develop a business selling supplements that allows him to travel around the world.

You don’t adapt to life.

You don’t take your magnific individualism, your identity, your unique fingerprint of a mind and soul and you put it into a box that doesn’t fit you. Instead, you find your own box, be it business, creative, or whatever it makes you happy. When you live life based on your own PURPOSE and you have a clear REASON WHY you are living this way and everything is CONGRUENT … then success naturally happens because EXCITEMENT, PASSION, ENERGY AND FOCUS naturally comes from inside of you.

So go kick some ass my friend. You have a way to be crazy successful but that way is unique to yourself. You need to find for yourself what makes you wake up in the morning and follow that way with all the conviction you can muster.


You’ve got only one life and you need to play the main role in your own life. You don’t want to be the support actor … the unimportant person in a movie that you don’t even like. You want to be the hero, the main credits for a movie in which you feel fulfilled, determined and you act in a way congruent with your true self.

Thank you. Thank you for being yourself and for your decision to follow your own path. You’re going to make the world such a better place through this.

Best regards,

Are You Feeling That Even If You Are Trying Harder Than Ever – You Are STUCK? Do You Feel Like Sisyphus, Pushing Your Boulder Uphill Just For It To Roll Back? I Understand, I Was Here Too. Here’s What I’ve Done!

Hello dear friend,

Let me ask you something … have you’ve ever felt that things simply don’t go your way? It’s like the entire world is against you and the entire game is rigged. Have you’ve ever felt that no matter how much you’ve tried, you simply can’t change your circumstances … and that you are fighting a losing battle?

  • Maybe you’ve tried to lose weight and instead of slimming down, you’ve stayed at the same weight or even added MORE.
  • Or maybe you were in a unhealthy relationship and no matter how much you’ve tried to make it right, it failed … or it turned against you.
  • Or maybe you’ve decided to go into business for yourself but clients are slow to appear … the overhead is huge … and you don’t know how you’re going to keep your business opened even for a few months more.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, then I have two things to say.

Number one – congrats. You’re still here. You’ve survived.

Number two – motivation, self improvement and inspiration didn’t really helped you, did it? I mean, yes, it said, try harder. And you’ve tried harder. But was that the point? Was that approach to take? Does trying harder means that you’ll solve your problems? (I wanted to say challenges but they are problems, no need to hide behind a fancy word).

No. No. No.

Albert Einstein said “You can’t solve a problem at the same level of consciousness at which it was created”. He was a smart guy. He knew just as much about behavioral economics and human nature as he knew about splitting the atom.

You see, if you’re going in the wrong direction, going faster won’t make it the right direction. If you’re hitting a wall, hitting it harder won’t make a door. If you’re approaching a problem from the wrong point of view, putting more time, effort and passion into that wrong POV won’t make it right.

Yet, people do this all the time unfortunately.

I know I’ve did. I was so stubborn in my ways that I’ve failed to see that what I’m doing was not working. Yes, I was a fighter, a hustler, a productive person but productive in something that wasn’t effective to start with. I was the best fighter you’re ever going to meet … but fighting in the wrong war.

And unfortunately … I wasn’t the only one.

I’ve seen friends do this again and again. One time I’ve lost my temper and I’ve said something like “You damn idiot, how long are you going to kick yourself down by doing this?”. And then that person did it again. I didn’t mean it, the idiot part but I was frustrated – seeing how someone I care about acts in such an unproductive manner.

And yes … I’ve been in the “idiot’s” position many times.

So you’ve known that doing more of the wrong thing doesn’t work. What does then though? How can you be happy, fix your problems and kick ass in life?

Well, it comes down to a single ability – the ability to decide. 

Your success as a person comes down to picking what’s best for you from a few choices and then acting on that decision.

You know Tinder?

It’s an app you install on your phone. You set what you’re looking for (gals or guys), some age parameters, link your Facebook and you start swiping. In front of you appears a member of the opposite sex. If you swipe to the right, you like that person. If you swipe to the left, you’re never going to see that person again. You are taking a decision. The decision is “Would I like to meet this person or I don’t want to have anything to do with her / him?”.

Life works in the same way, kind of. You get decisions to make. A lot of them. You don’t get to swipe left or right, it’s not that easy. But you go to the breakfast shop and you decide. What you’re going to have? Bacon or a burger? Coffee or milk? You get a notification on Facebook and you decide – reply or ignore it for now?

Life is made out of many decisions.

  • Will you decide to read this until the very end and reap the rewards or not?
  • Will you decide to share your thoughts with me about this or ignore it?
  • Will you decide to let it touch your soul and improve your circumstances a bit or not?

It’s not always A or B. You can have five different choices. Or twelve. Or three. Life is Tinder but on a greater scale (or Tinder is life on a very abstract and simplified manner). You take choices. The choice between doing it or not. Between two similar choices. Between different choices. Between different paradigms.

Hard work won’t transform a bad choice into a good one. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t. Really. You can’t put a hair wig on a dog and transform it into a fox. But a good choice works even without working hard because it is natural, because it fits. When you go running, you wants shoes that fit for running. So it is with life. You want to take decisions that fits with your overall goals, vision and purpose.

So how do you take better decisions my friend?

Well, you don’t need to be a strategy master to do so. Really. I mean, really, whoever and wherever you are, you can take better decisions. It comes down to a single factor. It is called AWARENESS.

People take bad calls because they aren’t even aware for this.

Let me give you an example. I pride myself, in all modesty, of taking good decisions. Most of the time anyway. However, about one week ago I’ve downloaded a game from the iTunes App Store. I’ve decided to play for one hour.

The first day I’ve played for three hours. The second one I’ve played for eight hours. The third day I’ve played for five. In the fourth day I’ve deleted it from my account.

Was I aware that I’m wasting my day away playing that game? No. In all honesty, no. Time just passed by. I’ve lost sense of time and of my priorities. My awareness of what’s around me and my life was gone. Only after three days I’ve realized this is a problem and DECIDED to take a healthier course.

So it is with most things in life. Smoking. Fighting in a relationship. Not focusing on your highest leverage tasks in a business. Eating bad stuff. Drinking bad stuff. Going to sleep late. Waking up late. I mean, most people aren’t intentionally doing this. Nobody says “I’m going to harm myself and ruin my life by taking this bad decision”. Instead, everyone or almost everyone is unaware of what a bad call it is … that there is a better path out there and that he’s doing himself a big disfavor by acting this way.

Awareness solves this. When you’re aware, you’re comparing. You know that you have a few different paths and you try to decide on what’s best for you.

Awareness is the difference between this …


And this …


Awareness is the difference between this …


And this …


Awareness is that magic power that allows you to compare. It’s as simple as that. I know that life would have been a lot simpler if you would get an interface like that on Tinder. How nice it would be if you can simply get all your decisions on a screen and swipe left or right. It would be amazing. But life doesn’t work this way.

You need to learn to be aware of the decisions you can take and then try to pick the best one for you. You’re never going to be aware of everything … nor you’ll always pick the best one. But being aware and at least trying your best call is more than enough to impose a good direction.

Sounds good?

Thank you so much for taking the DECISION to read this until the end. You rock champion! Now go out there and take some good decisions for yourself please.


Couch Potato? The Thought Of Hitting The Gym Makes You Anxious? I Was Like This Too. Here’s How I’ve Fixed It.

Wait. Don’t leave. I promise not to preach to you about the importance of fitness and health in general.

You’re a smart person. You know that already.

I knew how important it is and I’ve ignored it for most of my life. Plus, I’ve been a heavy smoker.

Instead, I’m going to give you some tips on how you can make fitness work for you. This is because if you’ve tried and failed … or struggled to make it consistent, maybe you’ve approached it in the wrong manner, you know?

There’s not something wrong with you – there’s something wrong with the system.

But first of all, let me tell you my story.

I’ve struggled with fitness most of my life. It had been a love / hate relationship. In high-school, I was the most out of shape guy around. Skinny, without stamina, without energy. To be honest, I didn’t looked like an example of vitality. Add the fact that I was smoking, then the image is not that good.

Yet, tonight I’ve finished a 15 kilometer bicycle run together with my amazing girlfriend. This is on top of my HIIT (high intensity interval training) from this morning.

Here’s a photo of me from tonight. I know that I’m not smiling but the temperature outside is 28 degrees Celsius and this was after a 10 kilometer run.


And here’s my Strava account for tonight …


So how the heck a couch potato like me can do something like this?

Well, I’ve realized something critical about health and fitness … and life in general. It’s kind of a big secret and few people talk about this. You know what it is?

We are all different!

There is not a one size fits all solution when it comes to fitness and such. I mean, some people like to go to the gym and pump up iron. They enjoy the feeling. Others love the feeling of the water when they swim. Others are into sports and others into running.

You don’t need to subscribe into what others do to get fit. That’s not your purpose. REPEAT after me. That’s not your purpose. Your purpose is to GET FIT. It is the end in itself. And for this, you need to find your own manner, your own mechanism, your own game to play.

Because if you’re not the kind of person to hit the gym … to enjoy pumping iron at those machines and do dead lifts … then you’re not going to do it. Really. I mean you like it or not. But there are more than one ways to skim a cat and there are many ways to get fit. You need to find the right one for you.

Let me give you an example. I’ve tried the entire gym thing and I’ve went hard into it. Personal trainer. Five meals a day. Strict schedule. I’ve improved in performance really fast.

Then I’ve moved to a new city and a new gym. The other trainer understood me and made it easier. This one was all about pushing me to the limit. I’ve “survived” two weeks. He’s great and everything but I’m not the “push iron” type of guys. I have my own pace and I can’t simply adapt to another one.

So are you. When it comes to fitness, unless you want to do performance, you need to build your own system, one that works for you. You don’t need to subscribe to what Jack or Mary or Jane does at the gym as that’s their system and that works for them, their selves, their goals. You are YOU and you need your own system. 

This is true for most things in life. People think that they fail because they fail at a standardized approach to achievement. But you need to always remember that there are many ways to achieve a certain goal, not a single one. There are many ways to run a business, many ways to run a relationship and many ways to get and stick into fitness.

You need your own. 

For me, there are two things that work. This is one of them – riding a bike while listening to podcasts. I’d get bored by not listening and I can feed my mind and nourish my body at the same time. I’ve listened to two amazing podcasts and got some great business ideas from them.

The other one is about metrics. I’m a big nerd with knowing how much I’ve done, at what level, what speed and so on. Some people, most people don’t give a damn about that but I’m really passionate about measuring my performance.

That’s my way and mine alone. You’d do a MAJOR mistake if you’d try to follow mine. You need to find one that works for you. Maybe it is dancing or running. Maybe it is mountain climbing. Maybe it is endurance training. Maybe it’s hitting the gym. But really, you are an unique person with an unique background that shaped your preferences in a relatively unique way. So act accordingly. Don’t fall for what fitness magazines and sports gurus write in their articles. While that’s effective, it is not going to be effective if you don’t like it, as you won’t stick to it.

And when you find your own thing … whatever it may be, even if it is not as effective in shaping your body as the latest workout from a fitness magazine, you’re going to do it. Doing something in an average way again and again is a lot better than doing something great and giving up. It’s better to drive at 40 KMH towards your destination than driving at 100 KHM and then stopping the engine completely, don’t you agree?

So I really don’t have some great strategies for you to follow because you need to find out your own strategies! That’s the big secret. I mean yes, it is easier just to tell you what to do but will you do it? Hell no. If you’d did, you’d be hitting the pavement every day now. You’ve got advice before. But what can I tell you is that one method, one mechanism, one system of getting in shape makes sense for you and you should go for it.

When you find it, working out, investing in yourself will come naturally and effortlessly. You won’t have to struggle to get up in the morning to go to the gym but instead, you’ll be excited and happy whenever you engage into your preferred activity.

That’s about it. Find your system and stick to it. Success in fitness is measured by a single main metric and that is consistency, doing it again and again. Being congruent with your system is more important than anything in this world as this leads to that consistency.

There is a system for you to achieve your fitness and wellness goal. Whoever you are, however you are, there’s something you can do. You just need to (1) find it and (2) stick to it (which is going to be the easy part).

Now go and kick some ass champion!

Best regards,

PS: I’ll leave you with this great photo I’ve took tonight. I think it is inspiring to see things like this. Yes. These are just buildings. But I see more. I see the effort put in to develop them. I see the value created in them. I see how generations worked towards developing the technology so we can have such buildings around. It makes me feel grateful.

I could have lived 200 years early and this site … those building … that camera … even my command of the English language would have been impossible. I’m happy and grateful for living in such a prosperous era, where so many things are possible. What about you? Are you too?