"FREE: How People Like John D. Rockefeller And Jeff Bezos Can Teach You About Living A Successful, Driven And Passionate Life?"

From the desk of Razvan Rogoz
Student of successful people

Dear friend,

Have you've ever noticed how we tend to get our best ideas in the strangest of moments?
Let me share a short story with you.

Not so long ago, I was in a coffee shop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. To be honest, I was staring down the window. I felt stuck. I had a huge list of goals and few if any knowledge on how to accomplish them. As always, my ambition was a bit bigger than my ability to execute.

Then I had an idea. I've opened my MacBook Air and clicked on Evernote right away. Here is exactly what I've wrote then, word for word.

"You are trying to reinvent the wheel. You don't need to do trial and error to be successful.

You need to understand how others did it. I'm not talking here only about their techniques or tactics. I'm talking about how they became what they are, the 360 degree picture that made them into successful people".

It was true.

Too often we try to discover what works and what doesn't. We hit our heads against the wall, trying to discover the truth when millions of people already did this before us.

All you need to do instead is find out how others did it ... and walk into their footsteps.

This is how the project "Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants" was born.

To put it simply, I've made a pledge to study the life of 100 famous people. Among them, you can find leaders of business, thinkers and artists. Right now, I'm studying Jeff Bezos and before him, I've studied John D. Rockefeller.

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Towards what end you may ask?

By understanding their strategies and how they've executed on them, I can achieve more in less time. I can jump the cycle of trial and error and instead focus on putting in the work, of moving towards my destination.

In other words, they are my "mentors", even if I've never met them in real life.

Why is this important to you?

Because on this page, you can subscribe to my newsletter. In this newsletter, I'm going to detail exactly the lessons I've learned from each person. In this manner, you're going to learn just as I do, but without putting in the titanic effort of reading 100 books.

Here's what you're going to get here:
The cost?

FREE. Nada. Nothing.

I'm putting in the effort for myself anyway and because I'm doing this, it harms me in no manner to share this value with you. Before value can be traded or sold, it needs to be created.

One last thing: What you're going to get here is valuable. It would cost you hundreds of dollars per year to get the same type of education online. You're getting it for free. All I want from you is to actually apply it. Don't let it sit there and say "wow, that's great".

Actually put it to use and improve your life.

Sounds like a deal?

Then click on the button below and let's get started.

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Best regards,