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Dear friend,

Writing copy is hard, isn’t it?

You sit down in front of your laptop and then the dreadful “writer’s block” hits you. You don’t know what to do. You don’t know what to write.

The white space in front of you is intimidating. You would rather do anything else right now than write your copy.

I understand that. I’ve been there too. A lot of times and this leads to some strange outcomes.

In some cases, I’ve spent 10 - 15 hours writing a copy that simply bombed … because every word painfully appeared on paper and in others …

… I’ve wrote a great VSL in 25 minutes. Not a VSL for a beginner but for guy that actually made over $1.000.000 in Internet Marketing … and he loved it.


You’re going to find out this a bit later … in the free report you’re going to get.

It is written like a sales letter, pouring my thoughts like a crazy person, like there’s no tomorrow and touching everything from emotion to substance to how to write good bullets.

But for now, I’m going to share with you a short story from my life …

When I was about 13 … I knew a girl and she didn’t liked me. So I did what every computer games fueled teenager could do in those cases.

I’ve searched for solutions online. And I’ve found a forum that gave advice on how to seduce the opposite sex.

It was full of great info … and I absorbed every single bit of it. It was persuasion combined with self-help combined with a healthy attitude.

Yet … I had no results and some people around me, who knew nothing about seduction, dated every night and had a great time doing it.

Years later, looking back and after I got after that period in my life, I’ve understood everything.

The techniques were right but I had no foundation.

I was like a hunter with a great rifle and hunting dog but which knew nothing of the forest … or about it’s prey. I was all words and no deeds or …

… all package and no substance.

Even if I knew what to do, I wasn’t confident enough … or at peace with myself to actually use them right.

And This Exact Reason Is Why MOST COPYWRITERS FAIL

When I’ve got into copywriting, I was all about the techniques.

  • How to write a great headline …
  • Five ways to create a winning bullet …
  • 15 ways to boost the power of your guarantee …

But I was just like my young me, interested in getting a date but unable to do so. I was focusing on the packaging and not of the substance of copywriting.

And what’s the … substance of copywriting?

(I bet you’ve heard this first from me)

Understanding human nature.

Knowing why people act in the way they act. People are not rational. People are emotional creatures that think they live a rational life.

When someone buys a Porsche, he does it to show off, to attract the opposite sex, not because it is a great German machine.

If I’m overweight and I’m looking for a diet, I don’t want to know about all the details. I don’t want to be romanced to death. I want to know if it will work for me and if it is relevant to me.

I want to know if the seller understands that I’m different, that I’ve tried other things before that failed and that I don’t trust him.

(The solution to do this, especially the lack of trust is presented in the free report you’re going to get very soon!)

You know …

If you are selling a “get back your ex” type of product, the best copywriter is not the guy who can write 500 different bullets. It is the guy who lost his ex, got into depression, tried everything and he is smart enough to understand what happened then.

If you are selling a “how to build muscle” course, it is not about the cocky copywriter but the one that was once humiliated, bullied, went to the gym, worked hard for years without seeing instant results and finally got where he wants to be.

  • Experience …
  • Understanding human nature …
  • And decent writing skills …

Are the three ingredients to writing great copy. You can theorize for months about all the aspects of copy and I’ve read all the books. I know what a market sophistication level is, I know the entire reason why theory, I know by heart tens of headlines and 15 ways to write bullets.

Yet the best promotion happens to me when …

… I sit down, close my eyes …
… Think of my prospect and the pain he’s feeling …
… Understand that I have a solution for him and I can relieve him of the pain
… And talk to him. About him. About his problems. About my solution. About how he can apply my solution.

About his skepticism because he’s been scammed before. About the fact that he’s in pain and nobody understands him. That he’s living the life he doesn’t want to live and he wants to reverse time.

  • To take that job or leave that job …
  • To marry that person or find someone new …
  • To travel there or to settle in a place …
  • To say “I love you” or “I’m sorry” …
  • To have 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 more years to accomplish his dreams.

You are the guy who can help him. You are the guy that finally has a solution (at least in theory, I won’t deny that I don’t understand the reality of IM).

But you need to …

"Understand Him, Connect With Him, Give Him A Better Reality"

It doesn’t matter if you know 100 ways to write a opening copy.

It matters if you can empathize with the person on the other side of the table … or in this case, the computer screen and be persuasive enough to sell him the solution, even if he is resistant to change.

I could have wrote a report on how to pick the right fonts … or 15 ways to write a headline.

And it would have been downloaded. But these come afterwards.

Just like my younger self did not understood that you first need to:
1. Build self-esteem.
2. Develop basic social skills.
3. Be at peace with yourself …

… before you could use all that seduction stuff, so my older copywriting self understands that …

Before using techniques for improving conversion, before using power-words, before using advanced techniques, you need to understand your prospect, his reality and how your product can make his life better.

In a moment, you’ll get the download link.

Then, please, read it. I know the statistic that 90% of all books are not even opened. This means that 9 out of 10 people who will download this will not read it, no matter if it’s two pages long or 200.

However, I hope you’ll be different.

But before doing that, let me tell you a few things about myself … so you will know if I’m the right person for you the next time you need a salesman in print.

As you may already know, my name is Razvan. I’ve been a copywriter since 2007.

In these seven years, I’ve won and failed about 50 - 50. Yes, I’ve wrote some amazing stuff but at least in the first two years of this craft, I’ve wrote a lot of awful one too.

As far as my focus, I prefer direct mail since it’s so easy to track ROI … but I’m experienced in most forms of B2C and B2B marketing.

My copywriting process, as you may have noticed is based on focusing first on the prospect and his reality, second on the product and how it benefits him and third at the market at large.

This makes me better suited for products that solve a deep emotional need (as weight-loss, dating, self-improvement) and less good for SaaS (software as a service) and most technical copywriting.

You’re going to find a LOT more about me in my free report so let’s get to it!

“The Copywriting Files: A Personal, Unedited Memory On How To Write Great Copy

I don’t have a cover …

I don’t even have chapters.

Right now, there are about 4000 words of pure thoughts. Of my experience. Of trial and error.

Of my experience.

And it’s yours to get. Why? Why am I’m giving this away?

First of all, if you’ve never visited my site before, you should know that this contained a personal blog. I had thoughts on it on everything from copywriting to marketing to philosophy and self-improvement.

It was a huge mess and even if I was getting about 25 unique visitors per day, it wasn’t helping me much.

So I’ve deleted it. The entire blog. I’ve added this page.

And I’ve decided to regain my passion, study and fire for copywriting, the same I’ve had when I was 17 and I was just truly starting out.

Second, you’re eventually going to need an expert.

What better way to show you who I am than to open the door to my mind and let you peak inside? It’s not all clean and neat but I think you’re going to like what you’re going to find there.

And third … because I see so many guides today focused on quick fixes … on how to write the perfect headline … on copywriting templates that I wonder if anyone is giving attention to the prospect anymore. If this helps a single entrepreneur or copywriter improve his or her copy, then my job is done.

Click Here To Download The Copywriting Files!

And as a sneak peek, here’s what you’re going to find inside:
  • The simple “mindset” process I use every single time before I start writing copy and which in some cases, decreases my writing time by up to 80%!
  • Should you edit your copy in the same time as you write it? If you are a visual person, here’s the counter-intuitive thing you should do to be a lot more creative.
  • How to be effective while writing copy. Using this method, I’ve been able to write in a single hour more than in a week combined. And yes, you can do it too!
  • What should you be looking in a copywriter for your project? Not all copywriters are made equal and sometimes the best copywriter may not be the right one for you. Here’s why.
  • Why are the most common objections irrational and why you are OBLIGATED to answer them first (most people ignore them and therefore, lose the sale).
  • How to avoid the biggest SELFISH mistake rookie copywriters make (and which ruins all chances to make the sale).
  • What is the true purpose of a headline and how should you form it? (Yelling sex still tends to work but there are a few better ways).
  • You are obligated by law to give a guarantee but you can make it into one of your biggest sales elements. Discover how!
  • What makes really good story-telling? (Hint: it has nothing to do with writing)
  • Should you use humor in your copy? Most people say no and they are right yet there is one case in which works great!
  • Should you be positive or negative? How to know when to inspire vs. make your prospect afraid in order to get the best results.
  • How much should you pay a copywriter? How much should you get paid for writing copy?
  • Why deleting the first two pages of your existing sales copy may actually double your sales … and what is the principle behind it.
  • What does “reason why” copywriting actually means? This is one of the most misunderstood concepts in copywriting.
  • Why spending one day in the country-side is going to help boost your skills more than five books on copy.
  • What is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)?
  • And a lot more!

By the end of this short lecture, you’re going to understand exactly what makes persuasive copy persuasive … and what you need to do if you want to start boosting the conversion for your own products and services.

Who is this for though?

I have two types of people in mind …

First the seasoned entrepreneur. This is not targeting people who are hiring copywriters per word or per page … because they are interested mostly in volume and not persuasion.
They may find it strange that you can get $500 to write 450 words of copy in a direct mail promotion … or that a 7 minute VSL script is about 1000 words long and can cost up to $1000.

But the people who hired before … who understand conversion … who appreciate true talent or at least the hard working copywriters … who doesn’t care how long is it but rather how well it sells will find this report very interesting and useful.

Click Here To Download The Copywriting Files!

And second … other copywriters. Copywriters have a big ego. Generally, they think they know it all. This is not true. You can always learn something. I’m constantly buying books on copywriting, courses, I attend webinars and I share insights with people in my network.

So yes, there’s something you can learn. And even if you would get only ONE idea from the entire report, one idea that can help you write and sell more effectively, wouldn’t you do it?

What To Do After You’ve Read “The Copywriting Files”?

First of all, please read it.

Not tomorrow, not later, now. I’ve read 33 books so far in 2014 and wrote more sales letters and materials than I can remember, so statistically, there is a good chance that I know something you don’t.

It’s not a me-too material. I promise.

Second, once you are done, feel free to contact me. I’m always looking to network and find new and compatible clients. I’m also taking mentees from time to time, people interested in learning how to write better copy. I take about one mentee per year but I’m looking more for attitude than skill.

Look at the time …

It is 16:09. It is incredible how fast time flies when you do something that you love.

So yes, download it now, it is free (no opt-in required, you’ll get the PDF file directly) and then, let me know what you’ve thought of it or what are your questions. Or better yet, send me a testimonial if you want & can.

Thank you and see you soon,
Razvan Rogoz

PS: If you would rather contact me directly, please check the last page of the report. I’m not posting my email here because I don’t want to get spammed.

Click Here To Download The Copywriting Files!