“Let's Have A 15 Minutes Call… And I’ll Give You A Plan On How To Sell The Most Of Your Product!"

From the desk of Razvan Rogoz

Direct Response Copywriter, Marketing Coach & Consultant

Dear friend,

– The copywriters you’ve met can’t understand your product and strategy?

– You’re working with writers who can’t sell to save their life?

– You’re never finding a copywriter that puts your needs first?

If you’ve answered yes, you are not alone. Most online entrepreneurs find themselves stuck. Second, read until the end of this email, and I’ll give you FOR FREE seven tailored ways you can sell more of your product, for higher value and more often.

First, I must confess to something. 

I sucked at selling. People were a mystery. I’ve found them irrational, acting against their self-interest. My copy was too logical and emotionless. It shouldn’t come as a surprise I wasn’t too good with the opposite sex either.

After a five hundreds hours of trial and error, I had connected the dots. 

I’ve realized that humans have triggers. You push them, something happens. My copywriting approach changed forever when I’ve stopped “convincing” people to buy and I’ve triggered their automatic behaviours towards a specific action. 

I’ve created a step-by-step framework out of this and results followed.

It changed my life.

I’ve become a sought-after copywriter. People made sense. Plus, using the same lessons I’ve learned from persuasive copywriting, I have found the girl of my dreams. 


“Why You Need A Good Copywriter”


You’re a creative genius.

This means you’ve invested thousands of hours into becoming an authority in your field. You’ve invested hundreds of dollars creating your product. What you do is amazing. I couldn’t. I sell products, I don’t create them. 

The problem is that the mindset and skills for writing good copy and for creating good products are opposite.

It is not your fault you don’t know how to sell your product.

It is natural. You’re in a mindset of finding solutions to problems.

I must be in a mindset of entering the mind of your prospect, understanding his irrational beliefs and sell your product, not because your product is of high quality but because he has to admit to being an idiot to not buy the solution, you’re offering. 


“Three Power Laws To Persuasive Copy”


– Follow the triggers. If I tickle you, you’ll laugh. You can’t control it. It is a stimulus and a response. So with your copy. Instead of “convincing” your prospect to buy, I need to know how to trigger your customer, to “tickle” her of sorts towards the action you want her to take.

You can’t build desire, you can only channel it. We may soon colonize space but our needs are the same as 100.000 years ago. You want good health, food, the respect of those around you, sexual gratification and to work less and get more. Our ancestors wanted the same things. Our desires remained the same, only how we delivered them changed. I must frame your product in a way that fulfils one or more of those desires. 

– Sell him what he wants, give him what he needs. You can’t get a dog to eat a pill but you can hide the pill in hamburger meat. Dogs like meat and will swallow the pill too. So it is with marketing. Your prospect doesn’t want pragmatism and logic. He wants instant gratification and an unfair deal in his favour. As a copywriter, I’ll help him get this while you deliver him what he needs through your product. 


“So Why Should You Trust Me As A Copywriter?”


– You’ll work with a real dedicated student of copywriting. I’ve invested over 5000 hours of study and practice into the craft of copywriting.

– You’ll work with a copywriter experienced in most niches. I’ve sold dating advice, alternative health, distant energy healing services and even video game guides. You’ll find me familiar with your niche or you’ll find I’m a fast learner. 

– You’ll work with someone who trained other copywriters. You’ll enjoy my ability to “coach” you in what makes good copy, not just write it for you. One of my past students made $38.000 in a single month after taking my course. 

– You’ll work with a trusted partner of IM superstars. I’ve worked with Rob Paris (MOBE superstar), George Katsoudas (WF guru), Ed Ferrigan (world known authority in relationship coaching) and more, including a serial entrepreneur in Singapore, one of the best NLP trainers in South Africa, a famous dating guru in Australia and for the last three years, a $10.000.000 year affiliate marketer. 


“What Are You Getting When Working With Me?”


– You’ll be the creative genius, the technical mastermind and I’ll your copywriter, selling it for you. You create amazing products that empower your marketplace and I’ll write the copy. 

– You’ll open your prospect’s eyes through your new copy. You’ll help them realize, on a deep, primal, emotional level how your product is what they’ve always been looking for a long time.

– You’ll get your copy effortlessly. This means I need little oversight and you’ll spend as little time as possible on this project. I must save you time so you can focus on your true entrepreneurial duties – building good products that will make you a fortune. 

– You’ll get my full and undivided attention. Your copy will be of high quality. For this, I’ll invest at least 50 hours into its development and I’ll avoid working with any other customer in this time. 


“Here Is The Next Step For You To Take”


So here’s what I suggest..

Talk with me. Give me 15 minutes of your time on a call. Let’s discover how you can sell more than you’ve planned and earn even more money. In this call, we’ll know how we’ll make a brilliant match.

Then, as a way of saying THANK YOU for your time, EVEN if you’re not working with me, I’ll give you a plan for selling your product. This is the real deal. I’ll write it for you – no copy and paste here.


Click Here To Receive Your Free One Page Marketing Plan!


In this plan, you’ll find SEVEN strategies on how to sell the most out of your product, which translates to more money in the bank for you. You can take this plan and use it yourself, give it to someone else, it doesn’t matter. It is my GIFT to you.

You’d have to pay $100 for such a plan. With our 15 minutes call, you’ll get it FREE. No catches. 


So here’s what you need to do now:

#1 – You’ll visit the link below.

#2 – You’ll enter your name, email and Skype ID.

#3 – You’ll enter your project link and if you have one, a landing page.

#4 – You’ll tell me three times at which I can reach you for a 15 minutes call. Don’t forget to enter your time zone.

After this, you’ll get a confirmation email from me. If I can’t meet you at your selected times, I’ll let you know so you can pick new ones or we can communicate via emails.


Click Here To Receive Your Free One Page Marketing Plan!


After our call, give me 1 – 2 days and I’ll send you a clear, practical and structured plan you can use to put your online sales into overdrive. You’ll get it no matter if you hire me or not. It is my promise to you – and my gratitude for giving me 15 minutes of your time.

Click on the link below. Complete the form and wait for my email (you’ll get it on the same day or the day after).


Click Here To Receive Your Free One Page Marketing Plan!


Best regards,

Razvan Rogoz


PS: You have nothing to lose and several things to win. You’ll get to know me and you’ll understand what I can do for you. You’ll pick my brain during the call and I encourage you to ask questions like “how are you going to do this?”. You’ll get a free marketing cheat-sheet for just 15 minutes of your time. And if we don’t make a good match, I’ll even tell you where you should go to find a good copywriter.


Click Here To Receive Your Free One Page Marketing Plan!