Dear friend,

I am more than a writer.

I am a marketing specialist with ten years of experience in online marketing.

This means that I have launched my own information products, invested over 5000 hours in freelance copywriting, took the role of a marketing manager for several high profile entrepreneurs and generally, I’ve invested a huge amount of time and resources in my development.

I am not saying this to brag. I’m saying this to impress upon you that I am not selling a writing service or hours of my time. Instead, I am selling expertise developed during almost a decade.

In the last 24 months alone, I have:

  • Helped a serial entrepreneur on-site in East Asia with business analysis and marketing strategy.
  • Partnered with one of the top self-improvement gurus in South Africa and revamped his marketing.
  • Worked as a marketing expert within a company that sold 1.5 mil. EUR of products online.
  • Assisted two top Amazon entrepreneurs prepare and market a $10.000 per seat retreat in Thailand.
  • Created and ran a copywriting course in which one of my students achieved a $50.000 pay-day after his company won a governmental contract.
  • Worked with a top affiliate marketer bringing in over $100.000/month, creating advertorials, landing pages and other collateral marketing materials.

This was on the professional side.

On the personal side, in the last two years I have:

  •  Traveled around the world, in 14 different countries while also maintaining a productive freelancing practice.
  • Read about 70 books, most of them in the area of self-improvement and business, continuing my ritual of reading 52 books per year.
  • Networked with over 250 individuals, online and offline, from all walks of life.
  • Started a new life in Taiwan, 10.000 kilometers away from Europe, without knowing the language and by facing stark cultural differences.

Once again, this is not to brag but to explain that I am already a successful individual and that I would rather turn away right now low bailing offers and approaches that are borderline insulting.

If you are still here after everything I have said and you don’t consider me an arrogant S.O.B., what I can do for you is simple.

I’ll solve your problems. I use interdisciplinary approaches to solve problems within companies, through system design, system analysis and most importantly, proven marketing tools.

When you are working with me, we will look at the global picture and see what can be changed, similarly to how a mechanic fixes an engine. This may require a sales letter, a new sales funnel, authority articles, a new product or simply a lot of thinking but we will  get to the end of your product and deal with it.

I can not define my work through a simple service.

One day I may be writing a new sales letter while the next day I may be interviewing candidates for a graphical design post. My unique advantage to you is that I can deal with complex problems and find solutions, a benefit of my intense love of reading and studying and of my ability to draw wisdom from my large number of business and personal experiences from my past.

This is where I thrive and I’m willing to put my mouth where my money is.

I’m going to make an offer that is quite “unorthodox” for the right person. If you are a successful entrepreneur, with a net worth of at least $1.000.000, then contact me with what is your biggest bottleneck at this moment. Come to me with the hardest problem you have. Throw in my face the one part of your business that you can’t find a way to fix.

Give me 24 hours. Let me research it and then, let’s have a phone call.

I don’t promise you that I’ll solve it completely but I will show you that we can move forward towards a direction, that your Goliath can actually be resolved and that even with limited knowledge and information, I have identified your bottleneck and helped you take the first step towards fixing this.

This is better than anything I may say to you here. I can tell you how great I am, I can have others tell you this but if I show up and help you get “unstuck”, then you will know that you’ll be working with the right guy.

When you will click the link below, you will be able to send me an email. Explain in detail where you are stuck. I will follow-up with questions. Let me see what plan of action I can come up with and then, let’s have a phone call.

Before I can accept your request though, I will need proof that you are a successful entrepreneur. I am not helping individuals who can hardly take care of themselves or are just starting out in their journey. I associate myself only with entrepreneurs with whom I can build or repair amazing things and the best sign of future success is current one.

Click here to email me.