How To Successfully Sell Without Lying

From the desk of Razvan Rogoz
Dear friend,

Hello my dear friend,

I have took this photo in 2016, while in London.

It is my favorite place in the city, the Victoria Tower Gardens, a park that is the perfect place to come, reflect and think.

What you don’t see in this photo is that I was having my headsets on, listening to Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins come from a different age when it comes to marketing. He used to promote his products using one hour long infomercials. He made a fortune in an age without Twitter, without Facebook and without even a website.

An average infomercial of his contained more substance and information than some people launch in an entire course nowadays.

I am disappointed with the state of the self-improvement field today as it seems that the most (commercially) successful authors are those who sell the dream and nothing else. They are entertainers, not teaching anything, not helping anyone, but instead sell the dream to quick riches and six pack abs generally to a desperate crowd that is willing to buy anything to escape their pain.

I’m not giving names but you know the group I’m talking about. They are virtually a parody of true geniuses of self-improvement like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Earl Nightingale and the like and yet, they are making millions of dollars in sales.

Which leads me to another question – do you need to be like them and lie to your market or can you keep your integrity and be profitable while doing what you’ve actually came to do in this field – help people?

The answer is simple. Yes, you can help people. 

The catch is that you can’t help all of them. Most people don’t want to change. They want to feel good and that’s about it. This is what most authors are selling, a fantasy that gives them the impression they are making progress. I’m willing to say that in any field, be it biz op (business opportunities), weight loss and self-improvement, this is true. 80% are not interested in anything but how you look and talk and show off. They’ll be far more persuaded by you showing up in a Bentley and saying “you can have one tomorrow if you do the same” than of receiving actual, tangible success strategies.

This is the 80% and for them, self-development is the new soap-opera.

And my advice is to forget about this group completely. They are not your market. You shouldn’t bother with them to begin with. Instead, here’s what I suggest.

Find your group of ideal customers. These are the people who need what you are selling, want to change and are going to actually use it. These are the people that are interested in what you have to say, not how you say it. They’re not looking for the entertainment but for the actual value.

This group may be made by 1000 people or 5000 people or even 10.000 people. It is a small one, in a market made out of millions. But this group is made by your real fans and they are going to buy everything you are selling, they are going to attend your seminars and they are going to send you testimonials that will make you cry, knowing that you’ve had such a big influence over their life.

I’m saying that instead of dumbing down your message to have a mass appeal, find a group and focus on increasing customer value. Think about indie movies. You have the Hollywood productions that are dumbed down to appeal to as many demographics as possible and they generally … suck. Then you have the indie movies that appeal to maybe 0.1% of the population but they develop a cult following.

This is what I’m telling you to do too. Take the route of the indie movies. Be true to yourself and sell exactly what you have without having to try and become a showman while sacrificing everything you believe in. You are in this field to help people. Find the 1000 – 5000 – 10.000 people whose life you can change and avoid the tens of millions that have no interest in you and your message. Even having 1000 real fans is enough to build a very profitable business and most importantly, it makes you feel like what you are doing matters.

Focus on building your own tribe and maximizing customer value. Forget about the others.

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