Your Customer Wants To Take The Easy Way Out

From the desk of Razvan Rogoz
Dear friend,

This is a very delicious cake. My girlfriend bought it today for me.

She’s such a sweetheart.

It is delicious. It has been months since we’ve both ate anything sweet. It is mouth-watering.

Why am I’m showing you this?

Because you as a self-improvement coach or author, you are delivering this.

You are delivering what works – discipline, persistence, emotional fitness, the ability to get results. You’re teaching him what he needs to actually do to get from point A to point B. You’re teaching him the strategic changes that must happen in order for him to improve his life.

And the strategic changes are healthy … and sometimes fun, but most of the time resemble the dish I’m showing you. It is perfectly healthy, it is amazing for you but it is no cake. Actually, if you are too compare the cake from earlier with the second dish, what is more appealing?

What seems more delicious?

This is where the importance of good copywriting comes into play. A good copywriter has the ability to take the benefits of the second dish and make it feel as delicious and as mouth-watering as the first one. A good copywriter doesn’t lie or deceive or even lie by omission. Instead, he finds a way to make the other person realize how much he needs to change and then he makes the change look like the adventure of his lifetime.

Think about the entire ARMY STRONG campaign. Do you know it?

If not, here is a clip from YouTube:

So, you’ve got the idea of waking up at 05:00, running a few miles, exercising, firing guns and then waiting for something to happen applied to 21 year olds who are not always known for their determination and discipline. Actually, if you say it factually what it implies to be in the army, most people are going to say “heck no”.

And yet, this video doesn’t lie at all. It shows what the army is but it shows it in a way that is appealing. It is about leadership and adventure and personal growth which are of course, all true. It doesn’t talk about the sarge screaming at you but about friendship and being a team. It appeals to the sense of the heroic inside of us. In other words, it is selling the healthy food in the form of the cake.

It takes something and spins it in a way that it appeals to the target demographic without changing the meaning in any way possible. This is the job of a copywriter. It is to tell the truth, but to tell that version of the truth that pushes the person towards buying.

Now, we both know that people sometimes don’t really act in their best interest. This is not true just of your market but of you and me. I have smoked for almost a decade. I am not smoking anymore, I hate it actually but I’ve poisoned myself. I knew that I must quit. I knew that it is hurting me. Yet, I’ve found every possible rationalization to not do it.

The same is true about your market and your product. He knows that he needs what you’re selling. He knows that he needs to take action and that he has been stuck in a rot for too long. Yet, he doesn’t take action because he either doesn’t see your solution as fixing it or he doesn’t see the problem as big enough to warrant change right now. It is like the person overweight who is at the risk of a heart attack and says “I’ve just put a few pounds on, I’ve always been big boned”.

This is the reason why you need good copy. It is not because a copywriter is creative. I’m weary of copywriters that pride themselves on their creativity as they tend to be lousy salespeople. Instead, it is because a copywriter can take your solution that is the equivalent of broccoli for the prospect and make him want it just as if it was cake.

I want to help you do this. I’m a professional copywriter that knows how to make people take action. I’m passionate about self-development because it changed my life. So let’s have a chat and see how I can be of help to you. I’m giving you a free, 30 minutes complimentary call in which we can discuss potential solutions to your marketing challenge.

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Razvan Rogoz
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