A Short Story About A Webinar, Psycho-Cybernetics & How You Must See Yourself As A Champion To Be One

Hey champ,

I’d like to share with you something that happened tonight … and something that happened two years ago. These two stories are tied and chances are that this is going to hit very close to home for you.

Less than two hours ago, I was sitting on my couch. On TV there was some drama on FOX Crime. In front of me there was my iPad with Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and I was taking some notes. On the corner of my eye, my iPhones screen turned on with a new notification.

A new email.

It was about a webinar I’ve registered two or three days ago. It was from Naveed & Sonika. I’ve never heard of them before but I’ve found their emails charming and different from what I’m used to so I registered by instinct. I do this with a lot of webinars – I generally don’t attend most of them.

The fact that I have almost a decade of experience in copywriting and that I can see through the patterns has something to do with it.

Yet, I’ve decided to join. And my friend … that was a good decision. Destiny makes that the topic discussed was exactly the topic I was studying. Self-image psychology. Psycho-cybernetics. The congruence between the conscious and the subconscious mind. It made me laugh. What were the odds that the webinar for which I’ve stopped my study of Psycho-Cybernetics was about this topic?

Now, the last time I’ve watched a full webinar was when someone paid me for this so I can create a better one. Yet, I’ve stayed through all of this, one hour and I must say, it was definitely worth my time. The information is true, it is valuable, it is not designed just to sell you something but to actually help you and I’ve found myself hooked on how they’ve applied the concept of psycho-cybernetics to sales and marketing in general.

Now … why am I’m telling you this?

This is where my second story comes in.

Two years ago, I was doing okay. It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad but I couldn’t complain. I was living in an apartment near the sea-side, it was a nice place to live, I had a few friends, I had a stable income, you know … just normal.

Up to that moment, I’ve thought about the decision to travel the world many times. The first time I’ve proclaimed this was in 2013 – 2014. Yet, I’ve never done it. I’ve never seen myself as the kind of person to travel around the world. First, it was expensive, second, it meant cutting most of my income (because working and traveling is not as easy as it seems) and third, I was scared.

That was my self image. The goal was there but who I was, as a person, would have never done it. Let’s face it – I was a bit afraid of going to a new city without having a complex plan to back it up. Getting a backpack and traveling around the world was a few levels way above my comfort level.

Yet, at some point, there was a switch in my self image. I haven’t changed what I did. I’ve changed who I am. I’ve started to see myself as the kind of person that loves adventure and can do this. I’ve started to remind myself of all the past successes – including flying small planes, business success, my great trip to Cyprus and everything that was before that point in time. I’ve replace my doubts with validations that I can do this and that it is worth it.

Here’s how it played out.

In February I’ve rented an apartment for six months.
In March I’ve took the decision to travel around the world.

Now keep in mind that taking the decision is one thing, doing it is another. I had no plan, no money, no support and generally, no idea of what I was doing.

Between March and the end of April, I’ve got the money, I’ve got the help, I’ve got my mentors to give me line of credit in case that I get stuck somewhere without any money whatsoever, I’ve sold packages of my time that promised me recurring income, I’ve bought everything I’ve needed.

There was a catch though.

I’ve told my landlord that I’m leaving in August, even after I’ve decided to do this. It was April. It took me less than two months for something that I’ve planned to take me six months. In two months, everything came together. It was like the entire universe was conspiring for me to do this and all the pieces were falling in place.

So at the end of April I’ve gave my keys back, lost my deposit and boarded a train. Two years later, I’m still doing this.

What does this story have to do with you or with the webinar?

It’s simple.

The world around me didn’t changed. Circumstances didn’t changed. There wasn’t an influx of people who wanted to help me or pay me because summer was coming. No. I’ve changed. Better said I’ve changed my beliefs and subsequently, I’ve changed who I am. From a shy person who considered that “he can’t do it”, I’ve changed from my core to someone who can.

This is the power of psycho-cybernetics. This is the power of self-image psychology. When you change, everything changes for you. If you want to have more money, more love, more success, more health, it is almost useless to try to change your circumstances. This is because circumstances just react to who you really are – at a subconscious, automatic level.

You change who you are – what you present to the world – how you operate in reality on an automatic level and everything around changes too.

I don’t personally believe that the universe conspires to help me. It’s a bit irrational. But I believe that my external circumstances will always be 100% congruent with my inner game – with my self image. This means that if I change who I am, what is around me changes too. Our world is just a reflection of our deeply held beliefs about ourselves and about what’s around us.

It’s not a new tool … or a new software … or a new technique that’s going to change things for you.

It is you … the real you, at the core. The you formed by all the beliefs, the associations, the interpretations of reality that you have.

And this webinar dealt exactly with this.

I’ve heard many people talking about self-image psychology … but most of them talk in feel good generalities that fail any rational test … or worse, they add some mystique aura to psycho-cybernetics.

Naveed & Sonika are the real deal. If you feel like you’re being held back by your own psychology (and to be honest, in 99.9% of the cases, this is the only thing that holds us back), then check them out. You’ll be more than pleasantly surprised. If it can make a conversion specialist that knows (1) Psycho-cybernetics (2) how webinars are formed invest one hour of his time, after a long day at work, it means that the content is top notch.

Here’s their website: http://www.naveedsonika.com

This is not a paid endorsement nor a requested one. When I see wonderful people doing great things, I talk about them. It’s easy to put the spotlight only on me but the truth is that I can make my life great thanks to those around me – authors, mentors, coaches and the like.

And one last thing …

Don’t dismiss the idea of self-image psychology.

Look, I’ve read a lot. I’ve read 204 books in the last three years alone and I don’t know how many in the last ten.

Investing in my knowledge helped me dramatically. However, the ups and down, the victories and failures were not really based on my accumulation of knowledge. If this was the case, then my life would have been a line that progresses ad-infinitum as I’ve never stopped learning.

It was instead based on my self-image and how I’ve seen myself. When I’ve been the brave and intelligent Razvan, I’ve took good decisions, I’ve got good results. When I’ve seen myself as weak and improper, I’ve took decisions that affected me.

I’m willing to say that when it comes to the mental part – 80% of any success I’ve achieved so far is self-image psychology and 20% knowledge. To be a winner in life, you must be a winner in your own mind. To achieve something in the external reality, it must be already accomplished in your mind, in a sense of certainty and expectation.

I know that it sounds counter-intuitive … but it works. Take my word on it.

Your friend,