I Know The Secret For Winning Every Single Day. It Has To Do With Space Battleships, Nuclear Reactors & 2000 Year Old Wisdom.


How would you like to win each and every day? How would you like each day to be like a 60 ton tank crushing through your obstacles and limitations and getting to where you desire to be?

I know the secret.

It is simple. It is so common sense that you’re going to roll your eyes to it. Yet, I guarantee that it works.

But first, let me give you an analogy. I’m a geek so it is going to be a geek one.

When a giant space battleship goes to fight aliens on another world, what does it do first, before departing from the dock?

It gets fueled. It charges its engines. It gets ready. Without those engines, the battleship is just a piece of metal floating through space. Those two huge engines behind of it are what gets it from A to B and the reactors to those engines are the heart and the soul of the ship itself.

(If you don’t get my reference, read more science fiction or wait until I lay it in normal terms.)

The engines must fire up and that energy goes into the engines and pushes the ship forward. No engines, no energy, no movement. It is as simple as that.

What does this have to do with you?

You are just like that ship.

Most people start their day with their energy levels low. Their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels are low, like a ship that doesn’t get enough fuel. They can’t reach their goals because honestly, they feel half dead.

I remember this from when I was in London in the tube. At 06:00 AM, most people are sleepy. They don’t want to go to work. They don’t have any energy whatsoever. They are running on battery low.

Only a few people are active, focused and ready to start their day in force.

And this is the main mistake most people do. They act like a battleship that doesn’t fuel their engine before a voyage. They enter the day with time on their side but no energy whatsoever. They don’t realize that time is the canvas but energy are the colors with which we paint and that everything we do is directly related to our levels of energy.

My approach is different.

I see myself as that battleship. I see myself as that 700 ton ship leaving towards a great journey.

But you know … I can’t leave with my engines without fuel. I’ll have to travel a great distance. I’ll encounter obstacles. I’ll encounter adversity. I’ll encounter things that don’t go according to the plan.

I mean, how stupid would it be to get in your car and start driving but not have any fuel in the gas tank? You’d just have to park over in the middle of nowhere and hope that you have phone cell reception so someone can pick you up.

It’s stupid.

Nobody in his right mind would ever do this.

No driver is that stupid to do this unless very distracted.

Yet, people do this all the time. They start their journey through the day without their energy fuel tanks filled.

As I’ve said, my approach is different. I know that my ability to win the day has little to do with how hard I want to work … or how much time I have available. Of course, these matters to but these are 20% of the equation.

The 80% are my fuel tanks – the “nuclear reactors” that are fueling me through life.

These are my emotional energy … my physical energy … my spiritual energy and my mental energy. These are the equivalent of kerosene in an Boeing 747 … of the gasoline in a huge Abrahams tank … of the electric charge in a Tesla Roadster … or of the nuclear reactors in a battleship going out in space.

Without these tanks, I’m driven by momentum alone … or I drift through life. I end up at the mercy of circumstances that push me around as I have no energy to do otherwise. I let life shape me instead of me shaping life.

These four tanks are not a nice to have thing to have filled. They’re not a self-improvement technique that improves your life by 5%. They’re the actual fuel that drives your day. It’s not an option, it is the engine itself.

This is because …

… I need physical energy to work long hours and storm through my limitations. To put in the work. To be able to be present in the action and not default to procrastination or other actions when my energy gets low. I need physical energy to be present in the world, to be an actor, not a spectator in the play of my life.

… I need emotional energy because my day will challenge me. Some things will require me to bring courage. Others will require me to fight myself a bit or at least, my old beliefs. I need it because otherwise I’m going to coward at the first sign of risk or I’m going to not connect properly with those around me.

… I need spiritual energy because I need a reason why. I want to know why I’m doing this. I want to understand what’s pushing me forward, what’s my purpose on this Earth, why I’m not simply sitting in my bed and watching TV, why I want to serve you and my dear planet Earth.

… And I need mental energy because life will present me with puzzles, with challenges, with problems that need fixing and the alternatives to fixing them is to be hand-axe in hand, mining through a five foot wall, hoping you’ll get to your destination.

All of them are important. Together, the mixture makes me at my best. When my physical energy, my emotional energy, my spiritual energy and my mental energy are filled, I can go in the day like a superhero.

Actually, that’s being said, this is the closest thing that I know to a superpower – this and the power of visualization and self-image psychology. The difference between me with these tanks empty and me with these tanks filled is that at the end of the day I’ll either have accomplished great things, had found great joy, had found meaning, contributed to you and me and everyone I love, made the world a better place, learned so many things, I’ve experienced emotional and spiritual growth and honestly, I can say it was a wonderful, exciting day … and finishing the day at 2 AM, staring blankly onto the window, wondering why today was so awful and nothing got done and why the entire universe is conspiring against you.

Yes, it’s that much of a difference.

Every machine in this world needs fuel in order to run.

If you take a 50.000 ton ship in the harbor and you empty its fuel tanks, you’ll soon realize that it is a hundred million dollar ship that will go nowhere and has no utility, as ships are made to go from one place to another. Or maybe the drift will take it somewhere, but I’m not sure how fluid dynamics work at such great weights.

If you take a plane and strip it of its fuel, it is going to sit on the runway. It is nice to look at. You can sit in it. You can look down the window. You can enjoy the beverages. But it won’t go anywhere. Without fuel, it can’t take off. Without enough fuel, it can’t sustain flight. This is why all commercial planes actually carry a lot more fuel than they need, simply because while a lot of things can go wrong, those can be fixed. You can’t fix a plane that runs out of fuel.

When you enter your day, you will always have a bit of fuel. You can be depressed and suicidal and your fuel gauges will never point out to zero. At zero physical fuel, you’d more likely die or at least faint. At zero spiritual fuel, you’d most likely find no reason to live and attempt to harm yourself. At zero mental fuel, you’d probably be brain dead.

So as long as someone can read this, it is reasonable to say that there’s fuel for that person.

But is it enough fuel? Do you have enough fuel, enough fire to help you achieve great things through your day or you have just enough to hit the shower and crunch numbers at your desk all day? Are you ready to storm through your day and achieve growth and accomplishment on all levels or are you like that guy from American Beauty that lives a life of quiet desperate and his high point is jerking off in the bathroom?

It is an important question because just like a car can run on fumes and it will start, even take you a few miles, this doesn’t mean that it will get you to your destination. Eventually, all that energy is gone and you’re left standing.

Your first mission, your only mission when you start your day, no matter how rushed you are, no matter what you have to do today, no matter your schedule is to get your fuel gauges full. It is to turn on those “nuclear reactors” and “power up your battleship” so you can go where no man has ever been before.

Two years ago, when I flew with Ksenia in a small private plane (she was a pilot in training), before she even took off, she had to go through all this gauges. She checked that she had enough fuel and everything else she needed for the plane to take off, fly, land and do it all safely.

Yes, she was in a hurry from what I remember but did it matter? No. The plane won’t take off until all checks are done and she’s 100% sure that it is stocked with every type of fuel and liquid it needs to run.

So is life.

You don’t start your day before you fuel yourself.

You don’t jump into the wilderness, looking for your Eldorado, looking for your treasure until you feel physically like you could fight a bull … feel emotionally like Braveheart in the battle against the English … feel spiritually like Dalai Lama on his quest for peace and balance … and feel mentally like a student prepared for the most important exam of his life.

You don’t launch the ship before the ship is fueled. Otherwise, you’ll run out of fuel when you need it most and then you’ll ask yourself why you haven’t succeeded – why your mind, your body, your spirit, your emotions betrayed you when you needed them the most.

And I know that most people do just this – jump into the day without even having breakfast, not to mention things like intense exercising, visualization and meditation but most people who do this are not successful!

Most high achievers start their day early and hit the gym. They actually give a crap what they eat and if they eat a burger, it is an extravaganza they take once per month. They review their goals, they know exactly why are they fighting and they are ready to make the world a better place for themselves, their loved ones and every human being on this planet. They keep their mind clear by staying away from Facebook and Instagram and instead they train it with good info and wisdom.

A high performance person starts his day like a huge 150 feet Navy battleship being in port for restocking – by making sure that they have everything they need before they even set foot in an office.

And now I ask you – how do you start your day?

Sincerely yours,
Razvan Rogoz