Qualify Your Marketplace Through The Content You’re Providing.

From the desk of Razvan Rogoz,

The information publishing field is not made equal. Right now, there are books in the self-improvement field for people who never read something like that before or are very skeptical. At the same time, there are books that contain complex frameworks which are hard to understand if you haven’t invested a lot of time and money in the past.

In the investment field, there are people who are just discovering how to read a chart. On the other hand, there are folks who are looking for complex strategies designed to give them an edge in the marketplace.

The complex content is not consumed by beginners and sophisticated prospects are not interested in reading basic content. Yet, while this is common sense, most marketers fail to understand this completely and write content that is designed to appeal to everyone and end up appealing to no one.

But before moving forward with this topic, let me give you another example. In the gaming industry there are hardcore gamers and casual gamers. Casual gamers play games on their phones and tablets and these games tend to be very simple. Hardcore gamers invest thousands of dollars into their computers and play games that look photorealistic and tend to be very complex.

It’s impossible to create something to appeal to both groups at the same time. One market is drawn by the desire to waste some time while waiting for the bus, the other market is drawn by system optimization and art in the form of gaming. A person that is playing a “tapping game” (it is a game where you tap the screen to get money, which you use to upgrade so you can get more money – sounds stupid but it earns hundreds of millions of dollars) is not interested in playing a complex strategy game like Civilization.

Even in the hardcore gamer field there are some who are more “hardcore” than others. Let’s take strategy games. A casual hardcore gamer would play something like Command And Conquer 3. A really hardcore gamer would play Europa Universalis, a grand strategy game that honestly feels more complicated than doing a full time job. So game companies cater to these specific audiences.

The buyer persona for a casual first person shooter may be age 16, living with parents, male. The buyer persona for a game like Stelaris, a 4X, grand strategy game about space civilizations may be 35 year old, with family, looks for stimulation above fun. So all the marketing materials, all the content and of course, the products are designed to fulfill that niche.

Now let’s get back to the topic of online marketing. If your product is a $9.97 eBook on how to get started, then write in simple terms, simple language about simple concepts. Don’t start writing about systems and processes when they don’t know what an URL is. Write to someone who never heard about online marketing before.

On the other hand, if you have a $997 course on advanced PPC technique, don’t write basic things. Don’t remind him of the basic concepts in your field because he knows this. Give something at his level, something advanced, something he can apply and he haven’t heard 100 times before.

It’s basic.

It’s no rocket science yet few are doing it.

Write for the market that you would like to actually attract. If I would write basic concepts about IM here, then I would attract beginners. Beginners generally can’t or aren’t willing to invest money in quality services. So I write to people who have heard enough basic advice before and instead are looking for a fresh perspective, something that can trigger an “a-ha moment”.

You must do a market match on every level you interact with your customer. Your emails must be at his level. Your content must be at his level. Your product, as you may have guessed, must be at his level.

This is a mistake I’ve done quite a lot. Many times I have wrote about things that interest me, but not my marketplace. A lot of posts on this site are more like reminders to myself as opposed to value filled marketing articles. There are articles here about fitness and about time management. Yet, I’m not a personal trainer and I don’t do time management coaching. So the only logical sense is to write about what I can monetize – copywriting and marketing and to write to people that I can work with – professionals who already achieved a decent level of success in their fields.

Like it or not, the key to successful marketing in 2018 is targeting.

Creating something good is not enough.

You must create something good, make it very appealing to a specific niche (while ignoring everyone else). Once you’ve done this, you must find a way to get your content seen by those people. Views, unique visitors, time spent on site do not matter. Nor does it matter if you get many likes and shares on Facebook. What matters are sales and 100 views from people who can pay for you are more valuable than 10.000 in front of those that will or can not.

The world is getting more and more segmented and fortunately for you and me, there are good ways to reach those segments.

Twenty years ago, it would have been impossible to target someone to the degree that we can do today. In theory, Facebook filters are so effective that you can target a single person out of 5.000.000 living in a big city. You can reach your ideal customer, whoever she may be, as long as you know how and you can pay for the traffic.

So your job as a marketer is simple – adopt the power of appealing to a specific niche, in everything you do, or become a jack of all trades that appeals to no one. The good choice is obvious.

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