Why You Should Read From A Marketing Book Every Day …


I believe you should read every day. I believe in the long term, this is the best investment you can do.

And if you want to become an amazing copywriter and marketer, read from a book on copywriting on marketing daily.

This goes against common wisdom.

Common wisdom says “no, reading is mental masturbation, real entrepreneurs do”. And yes, this is true. Real entrepreneurs focus on execution and speed of implementation matters most.

However, there is one part that nobody tells you about.

You are NOT replacing execution with studying. You are not doing what so many people do on Warrior Forum, just jumping from one shiny object to another.

You leave execution where it is and you replace your bad, time wasting habits with it. This is because I doubt you are working all the time and doing the right things. You are spending at least three hours a day surfing stupid websites or on social media.

If you’re like most people and like me, when you have a few spare minutes, you open your phone and check Facebook or the latest Instagram instant stories. And if you replace these habits with a simple one – opening the Kindle app instead (or iBooks or Google Books or whatever you use), you’ll make huge strides forward.

I read a lot. Sometimes I read even three hours a day. Most of the times it is about 45 – 60 minutes daily. And just because I read, this doesn’t mean that nothing else gets done. The important tasks get done. I exclude what are the time wasters and the low priority ones that should not be in my day to begin with.

I’m replacing waste (Facebook, Instagram, low priority tasks) with a medium to high leverage task – reading. This is how I’m able to read almost daily and how I can finish a book every 5 to 7 days.

Will reading make you a better copywriter though?

Will it make you a better marketer?


This is because if you expose yourself to ideas, eventually, those ideas will become part of your subconscious mind. Learning by immersion, by osmosis, works. This means that sitting with your Kindle, in your bed, in the morning, reading Dan Kennedy will teach you a lot, even if being 100% focused and engaged works better.

From some books, I get just a few ideas but those ideas, in the right circumstances, bring me a lot of money. Other books are life changing and change my paradigm, change who I am to my core. But as some famous writer once said (I think it was Tony Robbins), if you get a single idea from a book you can use for the rest of your life, a SINGLE idea, you have a huge ROI.

So no, next time when you read your favorite business author, don’t worry if you forget everything. If you apply a single concept in your day-to-day life, you are better than yesterday, you can be proud of the time you’ve invested in yourself and you’re way ahead of the competition. And it doesn’t take many of these ideas to build yourself into an amazing marketer. Good marketing doesn’t require you to memorize 2000 page volumes. It requires you to internalize a dozen or maybe two dozen principles and do them again and again.

Reading daily is one of the two keystone habits that each writer / copywriter / marketer should do. The other one is to write daily, because this is how you get better, but I won’t discuss this now.

So what do I read?

At this point in my life, I read daily on communication. I don’t read on copywriting because at this point in my life; I base my success a lot more on meeting people, networking with them and building relationship than it is on writing. Sure, I write, but it’s not my highest leverage skill.

But even then, copywriting is not much more than communication in print. It’s salesmanship in print and the core of salesmanship is communication.

I use my Kindle to read and I rarely, if ever, listen to audiobooks. This is because while my mind can doze off while reading, at least I need to focus on the words on the page. But with an audiobook, it can become background noise quick, invest 10 hours into listening and barely remember anything at all. I guess it works better with auditive people, but I’m not one. I’m visual-kinestezic.

Don’t worry about this though.

If you leave this article with a single idea, that is to study your field, in this case marketing, daily. Read books, they’re better than blogs and YouTube videos as they go into depth, instead of a superficial, easy to consume approach. Try to read for about one hour a day. That’s 365 hours per year – around 52 books.

And now just ask yourself – how far would you be if you’d read 52 books on copywriting and marketing?

Best regards,