“I Use Social Media Articles To Attract My Ideal Customer, Pre-Sale Him On My Services And Position Myself As An Authority In His Mind… And I Can Do The Same For You, Guaranteed!” 

Read On To Discover How I’ve Cracked The Social Media Content Marketing Code. I’ve Used This Formula To Get Up To 80 Likes On A Single Article, Become A Social Media Celebrity And Position Myself As A Marketing Expert Into The Mind Of My List.

And If You’re Selling Any Kind Of Products And Services And You Want To Become An Authority Without Spending Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars And Year Of Your Life, Then This Will Be The Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Read

From the desk of Razvan Rogoz
Veteran Copywriter & Social Media Content Specialist,  

Dear friend,

Let me ask you a few questions.  

  • Are you frustrated that your marketplace doesn’t seem to be interested in what you sell?
  • Do you wish people would just buy, instead of having to go through something “dirty” as persuasion, as your product is exactly what they need?
  • Are you tired of trying to promote your product on social media just to get lukewarm interesting, mostly from friends and family?
  • Are you afraid that if you don’t get more customers, a lot more customers, throw the towel and close shop?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, first, you are not alone. Most entrepreneurs find Facebook, LinkedIn and similar platforms extremely frustrating. They invest tens of hours into content that almost never gets read and when it is read, it’s read by the wrong people.

Then they feel angry when they look at how someone like Grant Cardone or Gary V can write something, anything, and tens of thousands of people will like and engage with it.

Second, if you’ve answered yes, don’t worry. I was in the same situation as you are now. I had written hundreds of articles (243 to be more exact) that almost nobody read. Then I’ve discovered a formula to get my content read and engaged with. 

This brought me social media celebrity, writing gigs, consulting gigs and it even got me two dates. It’s no joke. What I’ll show you now brought me not only a huge ROI but also the attention of several beautiful girls.

Sounds intriguing?

Then let me tell you my story.

“How Being An Honest Jerk
Made Me Famous”

I’m not new to blogging.

I started my first blog in 2007. I’ve started my current one in 2009.

On my blog, I’ve written hundreds of articles. Last time I’ve counted, I had 243 entries in WordPress. Each entry is about 1100 words. That’s 267300 words.

Impressive isn’t it?

There is only one problem.

Almost nobody read them.  

Sure, a few friends did. They were curious about me. So the people who searched my name on Google. I even had a few die-hard readers who went through most.

But in any week, I’d not get over five unique visitors and maybe two or three spent over five minutes on the site.

So while I was writing all my ideas, all my knowledge, while I was giving for free what I’ve learned from reading book after book, nobody read, nobody cared.

So I’ve tried new things.

  • I’ve tried to write in a new voice.
  • I’ve tried to do forum marketing.
  • I’ve tried sharing them on Facebook.
  • I’ve even added them in my email signature. If you’d receive an email now from me, you’d find the signature to an article on conflict resolution.

But nothing worked. It was like I was invisible. Like nobody wanted to spend time to read my stuff.

Then something interesting happened.

Something that has nothing to do with article writing.

Five months ago, I was doing my morning run, and I was listening to Eben Pagan. If you don’t know him, he’s this amazing marketer. At one point he was selling $10.000.000/month in products.

He’s a heavyweight and one of the most successful online marketers of the last twenty years.

He suggested a book in his program.

The book? Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton.  

I’ve bought the book and let it sit there. And it sat. And it sat. Until finally, one day I’ve opened it and read it.

Five hours later, I needed urgently to go to the toilet, to eat something and to rest. I read for five hours straight. It was like the best thing that could happen in that moment, in my life.

What’s the main idea of the book you might ask?

It’s saying it as it is. To be honest and vulnerable. To stop pretending to be something you’re not and to let your emotions flow.

So I’ve done.

In writing.

I started a new post. And this post was filled with emotion and passion and conviction. I was feeling like a child on Christmas Day. It was me, the real me. It contained a real story I was afraid to share with the world and the wisdom that came from it.

It was the stuff it’d make me blush if I told you in person. But with my MacBook Air in front of me, I’ve written it, all 1500 words.

I’ve posted and I have expected little.

Then the comments read.

  • “This is the best thing I’ve ever read”.
  • “Wow”
  • “I can feel you, I feel the same way”
  • “You’re an amazing writer”.
  • “Please, write more”.

Within a few hours, I had about 40 likes and a dozen comments from a small list on Facebook. It confused me. I could not understand why this post triggered so many people while my technical ones that were filled with value went invisible.

I’ve thought I’ve made a mistake.

So I’ve written another one about the need to be honest and giving people the chance to love me for who I am. It’s not the only thing I cared about, as I’ve used this method for everything from self-improvement to real estate to copywriting services but it was something on my mind then.

Minutes later the notifications appeared on my screen.





In that specific moment, I knew I hit a nerve with my marketplace. I was vulnerable. I was direct. I was saying it as it is. It was very conversational. And I got noticed, better than anything I’ve done before.

I’ll show you what I mean in a second, as I’ll paste direct screenshots from my posts so you can see my results.

I’ve kept writing. The comments, likes and shares piled up.

One lady asked me if she can interview me. Another guy, a copywriter wanted to interview me too. I had more media requests in a few weeks than in the last year combined.

Some posts got shared 10 – 15 times. Some posts received 70 – 80 likes (or reactions, as FB calls them now). Yet, what’s most important, some posts made people want to contact me and to propose a working relationship.

One guy even told me…

“I don’t care what you do, I want to work with you. Period”.  

I had hit gold, and I knew that moment I need to do more of this. So I’ve created a system where I could systematically replicate these results.

I saw these posts less as words on paper but as a song made of emotion and passion, where my goal was to trigger the emotions of my reader and make people sad or happy, melancholic or grateful, to push their buttons instead of focusing on logic and their rational mind.

Six months later, I had about 400.000 words on my profile and I think I have around 15.000 – 20.000 likes in total. A part of these people became my friends. A part of these people became my customers. And I was very surprised when an exquisite girl contacted me telling me “I read your posts, I want to meet you and get to know you better”.

“Facebook Content Marketing
Is HARD!” 

It’s not your fault if you’ve tried to write something on Facebook and it didn’t worked.

It doesn’t work for most people.

This is because there is so much content out there, there is so much to see, so much to do that you need to know exactly what you’re doing to get it right.

I mean, I’m a direct response copywriter and I’ve written hundreds of sales letters and I still failed at getting attention on social media until recently. To be honest, I’ve found it easier to sell, to get people to pay me than to write a post that gets likes and comments and shares and it’s not click bait.

So if you’ve tried and failed, don’t worry.

Most of us would have and I would have been struggling and living in obscurity if I hadn’t discovered how to write these amazing posts.

And now, I can do the same for you. I can write for you the posts that will talk directly to your ideal customer, will pre-sale your product or service and will position you as an authority in their mind.


I’ll share.

“The Five Commandments Of
Writing Amazing FB Content…”

Let’s get dramatic for a second.

Here are the five commandments. If you break any of them, you’ll go to marketing hell and you’ll be condemned to an eternity to see how your marketing efforts bleed money and how you’re not making any sales.

I have warned you!

Commandment #1 – Thou shall not go logical!  

I’ve seen the enemy, and I called the enemy logic.

This should be something every marketer knows. Selling by logic doesn’t work. We’re not logical creatures. We’re emotional as hell and we rationalize with logic.

It’s hard to explain if you’re a die-hard fan of logic but just putting a good, logical choice in front of a person doesn’t make him want to buy.

All of motivation is a dynamic between pain and pleasure, between the carrot and the stick.

So if you want to sell something, you must constantly show him how by not acting, he’ll get the stick, what he fears. By acting in the way you want, he’ll get the carrot, the reward, the deserved outcome.

Go emotional. Make people cry. Make people laugh. This is the secret of good copy, of good presentation and of good persuaders. Leave logic for argumentation class.

Commandment #2 – Thou shall use storytelling.  

If the subconscious mind is locked behind a locked door, then storytelling is the key that opens it.

A good story can do wonders. A good story helps your audience relate. It makes them say “yeah, me to”. It builds a bridge between two strangers.

Use stories to sell complex ideas. Use stories to explain concepts. Use stories to give a human side to information. Or as I’ve heard in a TED talk, storytelling is nothing more than data with a lot of emotion.

Each one of your posts should have a story. Unless you’re writing for Wikipedia, always apply this rule.

Commandment #3 – Thou shall have a strong hook!  

Your hook makes your copy interesting. It’s the central point.

The hook of Harry Potter is about this kid that goes to a wizard’s academy and discovers his potential. The hook of Inception is the ability to enter dreams and change them.

In content marketing, your hook is your central idea. Just one. It’s what your article is about. And even if your article sells, as an advertorial (which is what I’m selling here), it still needs a strong hook that has nothing to do with the product.

If it gets attention, and it’s interesting, it is a good hook. If it’s not, try again.

Commandment #4 – Thou shall be conversational.  

Copy is not the place to go rhetorical. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Talk to your prospect. Don’t talk ideas. Don’t talk concepts. Don’t talk systems.

Talk to another human being, the one in front of you. Pretend that you’re meeting with a friend in a bar and you want to present your core idea in an exciting and fun manner.

You want to keep his interest. You want to get his emotions racing and get him excited. So talk to him. Use “you” a lot. Avoid “I” unless it’s critical to the story. Make him say “wow, this guy gets me” by writing of what’s important to him and to him.

It’s easy, it takes a lot of practice.

Commandment #5 – Thou shall have a goal.  

You have no idea how many people write something that goes nowhere.

No call to action. Nothing. Nada.

Writing is a tool. It’s like computer code. With words, you can build semantical structures (or something like that) that triggers a reaction in another person. Words have an emotional impact attached to them and words together can trigger happiness or fear or dread.

And when you write, you must keep this in mind.

Your goal is to make people do something. Even if it is just to inspire them, you must start with that goal in mind. Ideally you have a clear call to action like “call this number” or “visit this link” or whatever you ask of them.

But never write for the sake of writing. Ask yourself…

“What do I want to achieve with this sentence? Paragraph? Section?”  

Words are like lego pieces you put together to create something cool and amazing. So before you write a single word, get clear on what that is.

Is this all?


I’ve invested thousands of hours into this craft and I could talk all day.

But this is a good start.

And now, maybe the most important question of today…

“Where’s The Proof,

I’m happy you’ve asked.

Let me show you.

example post 1

example post 2

example post 3

example post 4

example post 5

example post 6

example post 7

example post 8

example post 9

example post 10

example post 11

These are just a few posts. Some have only 20 – 25 likes but most of the posts in that period are like this (later I’ve stopped posting long content and treated FB more traditionally).

Now let me show you the reaction I’ve got when I’ve offered my services.

example post - love my writing

So why am I good at this?

Because I’ve worked at it!

I’ve been working copy as early as 2011, on the old Elance site.

old elance screenshot

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to praise myself, but if I was charging this seven years ago, then I must do something right, right?

Yeah, yeah, but what do other people say about working with me?

I’m glad you’ve asked my friend.

Here are just a few testimonials to help you get a feel of how it is to work with me.

testimonial 1

testminonial 2

testminonial 3

testimonial 4

Shall I go on?


How about the fact I’ve run my copywriting coaching program and helped several people become direct response copywriters and marketers?

Or what about that I’ve authored about 50 reports and eBooks, a dozen being on copywriting?

If we’re on books, many customers ask me how do I get my inspiration, how do I come with these ideas.

It’s simple.

I read.  

A lot.  

I have 286 books read on GoodReads and I have about 500 books on my Kindle, through which I slowly read.

This should give you a good understanding of why I deliver. I deliver not because I’m a naturally talented writer. Believe it or not, I used to suck at it.

I do because I’ve refined my craft through thousands of hours of study and practice, as selling in print is what I love to do.

“So What Are You Exactly
Getting Here?

You’re investing in call to action oriented articles that will achieve three critical goals for you.

One – it will talk directly to your ideal prospect.
Two – it will pre-sale them, persuading them to be interested in buying your product.
Three – it will position you as an authority in their mind.

These are the same articles I used to get customers and to get even invitations for interviews (and as I’ve said, dates). These are not content but rather advertorials.

If you don’t know what an advertorial is, it is copy in journalistic form. It’s copy where you combine educational content with sales content so your prospect is both left better off after reading while also being drawn towards buying your product.

Each article is around 1200 words. Sometimes I go as much as 1500 words.

You may think nobody reads so much but they do. I’ve proven this again and again for myself and my customers.

Sure, not everyone will but you know whom will?

Buyers. People who are actively looking to solve their problems and can and will buy your products.

For a simple article, sure, this may be a lot.

But for what is basically an advertorial, a tool to sell, a tool that translates into actual dollars in sales, it’s quite a decent size.

I mean, sure, I wasn’t sure it would work either.

But it did and I have the results to prove it. Not only this but also the people who employed me towards this purpose, to do the same for them.

So how will I do this?

Well, I won’t just sit down and write.

I treat this as sales copy foremost. This means that there is a complex set of steps I go through before I write the first word.

I’ll briefly explain it to you.  

There are five steps I go through to write an article. And I never skip a step because quality is very important. I want to take pride in each of these sales articles I write.

One – I research your topic.  

I don’t just write. I make sure I get what you’re trying to do. I’ll look at your website. At your profile. At Wikipedia. If it is a long-term project, I may even buy a book off Amazon to understand better (especially true for complex topics).

I can never be an expert in your field because you took thousands of hours to learn everything you know. But I go deep enough to write with competence and clarity and not winging it.

Two – I think of the hook.  

I put my legs on the desk and I get myself a cup of milk. Then I open a new document and I brainstorm core ideas that could make your article stand out.

Sometimes I get it right the first times. Other times I drink two liters of milk and write fifty hooks before I come with the right one.

But I don’t move ahead until I have a winning idea.

Three – I outline your article.  

I build a logical and emotional sequence. I don’t want your article to feel like it’s not going somewhere.

Each point must logically connect to the next one. Everything must be a greased slide. Remember, I’m a sales copywriter.

So I put all your ideas on a board in Trello. And then I order them until they make sense, adding and removing points as needed.

Fourth – I write your draft.  

I sit down and write.

I either pick some chill music or some rock music. Rammstein and 5FDP do well for me. It depends on how aggressive the article needs to be.

And I write.

I shut off the world. I don’t stop until I’m done.

And then I drink a full glass of water as I’ll be exhausted for writing straight for 30 minutes or so.

Fifth – I edit to the final version.  

This step is very important.

I go through it and make sure it flows. I also eliminate anything that’s redundant like “that” or phrases that make little sense. I love clarity and this means I’ll eliminate the passive voice and most adverbs.

For style, I like Hemingway’s. It’s simple and to the point. It doesn’t distract from the message.

I mail it to you.

I ask your feedback.

Your feedback is very important and I want to keep you happy.

I make any tweaks you require and if you’re 100% satisfied; I mark the task as complete, but only when you’re 100% happy with it.

“So Why Should You Definitely
Invest In My Sales Articles?”

  • High quality, 1200 – 1500 words article. You’ll receive an advertorial like article you can use on social media or your blog.
  • Call to action oriented. You’ll not receive an article designed to be read but to sell. It’s sales copy at its core.
  • Intriguing and hook oriented. You’ll find a strong hook inside it which will get attention even on very competitive sites like Facebook.
  • Quality ideas. You’ll enjoy the fact I’m a huge nerd and I read about 52 books per year. Chances are that I can bring a fresh angle.
  • Conversational tone. I will write your article as a conversation to an old friend, easy to read and even easier to accept as truth.
  • Designed for engagement. You’ll get likes, shares and comments and you’ll become a celebrity on social media.
  • Will position you as an authority. Since my articles are for Facebook what TED talks are for public speaking using them will make you grow into the eyes of your list.
  • Cost effective. You’re paying a fraction of the cost of what a similar advertorial would cost you.
  • Reflects your style and brand. While I write in my voice, I will look at what you’ve done before and make sure it fits.

“Is This Something
You Need?”

I don’t know. Let’s find out.

If you’re a consultant and you want more customers, but you don’t want to come across as pushy, then this is for you.  

If you are a marketer and you believe the way to go is to empower your marketplace while also selling them quality products, this is for you.  

If you want to play the long-term game and build a community around you, a community filled with true fans and you know a constant, high quality social media presence is the way to go, this is for you.

If you want to promote your products and services in a way, that’s more low key than using something like FB ads, then this is for you.  

If you want to sell more, this is for you.
If you want to become an authority, this is for you.
If you want to be known for being an expert, this is for you.
If you want to make friends with your customers, then this is for you.
If you want to be proud of your marketing, instead of coming as sleazy, this is for you.

I can think of only two cases when this is not for you.

If you don’t use any form of social media marketing but instead rely on pay per click, then this won’t help you. Nor this can help you if you are already heavily involved into something like YouTube (you’re doing the same but on a different medium).

So, do any of these apply to you?

“What Makes This Different
From Generic Article Writers?”

I’m glad you’ve asked.

You can hire a content writer. And he’ll write well. He’ll deliver grammatically correct articles on the topic you’ve asked.

And he may even be cheaper than me.

But is this going to help you accomplish your goals?

I mean, what I’m selling here are sales articles. These are designed to pre-sale your customer (make them want to visit your sales page or have a call with you, FB is a very hard medium for selling directly), position yourself as an authority in their mind and get tons of engagement on social media.

This is for the strategic player in online marketing.  

This is for you if you understand that you can’t succeed in this field unless you think long term and you get your prospects to trust you.

This is the name of the game – trust, delivered through my writing, through my ideas, through my approach.

And trust can’t be done with generic writers because generic content is everywhere online. But let’s say you want to hire an Indian to write you $5 per 500 words instead.

Do you think you’ll get any attention in the ultra competitive world of today’s marketing?

You’ll just invest money and get no results and let me tell you, there’s no higher cost than paying for something that doesn’t work at all, no matter how much it had cost you.

I’m offering you here a combination between highly captivating articles and advertorials. This is no content writing.  

If content writing is a ground soldier, then this is a B2 nuclear stealth bomber ready to win the war. Because you’re not buying content. You’re buying a result. And this is what I’m selling to you.

“Let’s Wrap This Up!” 

I want your marketplace to look at you as an expert.

I want them to trust you.

Because your ability to get paid by them is based on your ability to create trust.

And in our online environment where there are so many scams, trust is not something easy to come by. Everything is going against you.

But I’ve found a way that works.

It involves storytelling.  

It involves vulnerability.  

It is even a bit aggressive.  

It’s emotional and pushes buttons.

And it uses direct response copywriting principles so when you add your call to action, no matter if it’s a website or a call or a PM, they will do this

Call these advertorials. Call these sales articles. Call this social media content. Call them however you want.

But you’re getting a tool to sell more and earn more money. You’re getting a tool to position yourself in their mind as an expert. You’re getting a tool that gets engagement on social media.

I mean, the proof talks for itself.

So how much is all of this?

Well, I charge $1500 or more for a sales letter and I don’t apologize for this. I deserve it. And since this is a sales copy in a different format, I could charge just as much.

But I won’t for two basic reasons.

First, this is not my end game.  

I want you to get this – to purchase this and to get results. And then you will hire me for my very expensive copywriting services are in the premium area.

This is like the cheap t-shirt in an Armani store. It makes you come in, buy it and six months later, you’ll buy a $6000 suit.

Second, I love doing this and it doesn’t take me as long as a sales copy.  

I can’t tell you exactly how long I take to write such an article, but it’s convenient for me. So I can do it for far less.

To be honest, it’s not even $1000.

It’s not even $500.

It’s not even $250. I’m going so low because while these articles use complex persuasion methods and maximize response and engagement, I have done this so often that I can do it in my sleep. So these are easy for me.

No my friend. This is only $150.

You pay $150 for one.  

Or you pay $700 for five.

Or you pay $1300 for ten.  

Or you can get the best deal and pay $2000 for twenty, for only $100 per article.  

You’re getting advertorial level copy for $150 per article. You get 1200 – 1500 words for just $150 per article. Don’t insult me and tell me this is not a good deal. I’m crazy for going so low and I can only hope you’ll buy my more expensive services later, otherwise, I’m making a terrible decision here.

But life taught me I can go low first because once I get results for someone that person will not care about the price anymore. And if I can show you, I can earn you money now, then you’ll trust me later with far more important projects.

It’s win – win.

“My “No Man Left Behind”

The marines have a saying… no man is left behind.

This means that if one is injured, they’ll go after him, even if it means putting everyone at risk.

Well, I like to think the same with my customers. It’s the honorable thing to do.

So here’s what I’ll do. All fees are final and all payments are final too. However, if you’re not satisfied with my article, for a good reason (I’m saying this just to protect myself), then I’ll rewrite it from the ground up.

I want it to blow you away. I want you to get results with this. I want to hear “Razvan, I made fifteen sales with your article, you’re so cool dude”. I want to look at your page and see 50 new likes on the article I’ve done for you.

And while I can’t guarantee any results because I have control only on the copy, not on who you have in your list, I can rewrite the article, from the ground up. Sure, it will push me to poor-ass Indian article territory from an ROI perspective but if this is what’s required to make you happy, I’ll do it.

“I’ll Make You A Superstar
On Facebook” 

It is so simple now.

You have two choices.

You can do more of what didn’t work before.

Maybe this is writing your own stuff. Or hiring some poor writer from a third world country to do this for you. I don’t know. But you know it’s not effective. You know you post something and only friends and family engage with it.

And will your friends and family buy your products?


They’re not your real customers.

Or you can work with me.

For only $150, you will get a sales article that will pre-sale your customers, get them engaging and position yourself as an authority to them. For volume sales, you can go as low as $100 per article. Really, I’m crazy for doing this, I should see a doctor.

But this is my way of building a longer term relationship with you. I open the door with something that can get you results and help you trust me.

So yeah, I’m happy to do it for you.

Or maybe it comes down to another choice…

The choice between success and failure.  

We both know if you can’t get enough customers, your business can’t survive. And this means you have to give up on your dream. Give up on your baby. It will die as your hopes to make this project a success. Your friends and family then will tell you how you’re not made for this and how next time, know better.

(I hate this, especially the annoying cousin that always reminds me of my failures)

Or you can get leads.

You can make sales.

And sales will translate to profits. And these profits will translate to a bigger business if you reinvent or into a better life.

It’s your choice.

But lead gen and sales are not optional. They’re the soul of your business. Without people to pay for your stuff, then you don’t have a business. And this is what I’ll do for you.

I’ll get your marketplace to buy your stuff through my sales articles.

It’s not so hard to choose now, isn’t it?

Then all I have to do is simple.

Press the button below.  

It will open an email window, directly to my personal email. There, write what you need and I’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. I treat every request with respect and this is why I don’t give you a payment link now. I want to listen to your needs first and to be sure I can help you.

Press it.


You owe it to yourself and to the success of your enterprise.

Best regards,
Razvan Rogoz
“The Self-Improvement Copywriter”
Content Marketing Specialist
Direct Response Copywriter

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PS: This is not content writing. These are professionally written sales articles for your social media presence. These will pre-sale your customers, talk to the ideal prospects, position you as an authority and get you social media engagement. Don’t compare this with content writing because it’s the wrong category. Compare this with paying $5000 for a copywriter and realize you’re paying just $150 per article here.  

PPS: A lot of effort will go into these articles. However, if you’re not fully satisfied, no, blown away by what I deliver to you, then I want you to take advantage of the “no man left behind” guarantee. This means that I’ll rewrite it once, from the ground up for you.

PPPS: Here are testimonials from satisfied customers who worked with me before, helping them sell through copy.

Azeem – Five Figure Warrior Forum & Internet Marketing Entrepreneur
“Provider very good with followup and getting the work done! ej”
—ejaztahir (Elance.com)  

“I am really satisfied and happy that i found this provider. Very friendly and gets the work done and overdelivers. Great service.”
—harvir78 (Elance.com)  

“I am very happy with the result. Razvan is an excellent provider and I highly recommend him. The quality of the work was better than expected and I look forward to working with him again.”
—Tomasz01 (Elance.com)  

“Razvan Rogoz, is a very competant sales copywriter. He even went ahead and helped me revise an aspect which was not in the job description. Which I am glad for. ”
—IbnSaeed (Elance.com)  

“Razvan was exceptionally professional in his content and in every aspect of this job. Not only was I happy with his work I will be using him again on a future project. Regarding the responsive issue there was a slight mis understanding regarding updates which was resolved very easily. Thanks Razvan I look forward to some serious conversions….”
—adrianmking (Elance.com)  

“Dear Razvan, Just a quick note to say thank you for producing quality, professional website content. Thus far, we have been extremely impressed by the effort, discipline and skills applied to this project. The website / marketing content that you have developed for us will be instrumental in deploying the marketing strategy effortlessly. We are appreciative of your input and continued support as we champion the course of delivering the project successfully. ”
—Anthkinsr (Elance.com)  

“It was great working with Razvan, deliverables on time and budget. I will certainly work with him again.”
—anjudealwis (Elance.com)

“Razvan is a good in writing sales emails if someone want to sell their products online.I own a few websites and Razvan is the guy if someone want to get a sale.”
Harprit M. – India  

What I really liked about Razvan’s critique of my copywriting was the comprehensiveness of his analysis. Where other copywriters gave a generic thumbs up/thumbs down, Razvan actually went through the while thing and showed me where the copy was weak. Then he showed me how to make it much more powerful by clarifying, getting more specific, making the message more conversational in tone, etc. Easily one the the most knowledgable and helpful copywriters I’ve dealt with.
Sean Greenstein – L.A. – Weight Loss Niche Entrepreneur  

Razvan is a very good copywriter who did way more research than I thought he would on this project. He over delivered on everything he promised and made this a very easy and satisfying experience. I have hired other copywriters and they haven’t done anything what Razvan has completed for me. I will definitely hire him again.”
— SgtFro  

“Absolute stunning results! Razvan over delivers! He is a great copywriter. we agreed on that 20 good written mails are better than 40 that are just “mediocre”, so we did that, changed from 40 mails as the post says, to 20, I will absolutely hire this man again. Thanks”
— RobRaw  

“Quality Quality Quality – I loved the work. Exceeded my expectations on every level. Thanks and we will work together again”
— shanhambone  

“Razvan is real copywriting guru. Alhough copywriting is very demanding field when it comes to accurate job description and task targets, after initial round of negotiations we have managed to understand each other. He has provided us with very professional brief, which eliminated most pre-project questions. Additionally, Razvan was very flexible, when we have asked to alter the style although it was not originally set as requirement. Thumbs up!”
— A_Devt  

“Razvan is a very talented man. Most freelancers are adept in one facet of sales and/or marketing, and that is the one skill they can bring to your project, when in fact you are looking for a complete package. Razvan has an array of skills and knowledge that are a valuable asset to any project. Using Razvan has not only saved me money, but because of his meticulous analysis, it guaranteed its success before even starting. I would say if Razvan decides to bid for your project, it would be a foolish mistake to select anyone else. ” — Jasky

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