Why You Should Schedule Every Hour Of Your Day… (And No, Not Because I’m Neurotic – It Makes A Lot Of Sense)

If you somehow look at my calendar, you’ll see something interesting… or strange. 

All my hours are filled. From the time I wake up and I grudgingly go to the bathroom to wash my teeth… to the end of the day, I have a dozen or more appointments with myself.

And I honestly believe you should do EXACTLY the same.

But why?

There are three reasons to this…

The first one is a philosophical one.

The second one is practical.

The third one is that you should love yourself.

Let me explain…

So, on a philosophical level, you will die. Sorry to make your day worse but this is true. One day, you’ll die. 

It may be one year from now or sixty years into the future. You may die slipping on a banana peel or in your bed surrounded by your loved ones.


And realising this isn’t something morbid… but rather, the best thing you can do for yourself. It frees you. Once you understand that you’ll die – there is nothing to be afraid of. All of this, all that’s around you – will end anyway.

And it also makes you realise how limited your time is.

How you’ll have maybe 50 more Christmas celebrations… 50 more times to enjoy summer… 50 more times to celebrate your bday.

Life is actually quite short if you think about it…

… but it is short only if you don’t live it, only if you survive it.

And no – I don’t want to go into a cliche here but there is a huge difference between LIVING and SURVIVING. Most people survive. They go through the same motions every single day and that’s their life.

Six months pass and they’re like – when did this time pass?

They’re on auto-pilot… and on auto-pilot, life is quite, quite, quite accelerated.

It reminds me of when I was in high-school (and hated every second of it). All I could want is the weekend to come so I could play video games.

So weeks passed without any joy or meaning… as five days were just me waiting for those last two days to come.

And I’d love to say that this is limited for most of us to high-school… but it isn’t.

Most people go through months or even years being asleep. And they’re ruining the most valuable resource we all have (not money), which is time.

So the philosophical reason why you should plan each and every one of your days is because you’ll die and you’ll run out of time. And unless you become VERY INTENTIONAL about how you want to live your life…

… then you’ll soon realise you don’t have a life to live anymore.

When you start each day with clear goals and meaningful actions to take – you give value to your precious scarce resource, time. You make it count.

And since a good life is nothing more than having many good days…

… the key to a good life, as the stoics say, is to make each day matter. And you make each day matter one activity, goal or task at a time.

The second reason, as I’ve mentioned, is practical.

Time is a strange animal… it’s like a wild, black horse that is very hard to tame.

If you leave time (and yourself) to its own (your own) devices, you’ll end up not doing much. This is because if you go through your day without a clear plan or at least some strategy on what you want to accomplish (and why), you’ll notice that there are a million things to do that aren’t that important.

That’s why I can finish complex projects in days, when others take weeks but sometimes I look at my closet and I’m like…

“Fuck, I have no underwear to wear, guess I’ll go commando style today”.

It’s about setting priorities… and unless you are CLEAR on what’s important to you and you dedicate time to get it done, you’ll usually default to the less important and trivial.

I mean there is an infinite number of dishes you can wash…

… and an infinite number of small errands and in the grand scheme of things NONE matters.

Like NONE.

People would feel ashamed to end the day without washing their dishes… but would feel perfectly content to go a day without reading or working on some important project.

So when you open the calendar app…

… and you add stuff like “work on my shopify website”, you’re basically telling yourself that one thing is more important than the other.

The third one – self love, is the most important.

And it will also be the HARDEST to explain for you because it’s hard for me to understand it too.

Once a girl I was with told me “please stop smoking because I love you”. And it was sweet. And this simple phrase haunted me for almost a decade.

Because she loved me more than I love myself – as if I loved myself, I wouldn’t intentionally kill myself, right?

And I’ve realised… in time, that if you love yourself, you do what’s right for you.

You eat right.

You drink a lot of water.

You exercise.

You put first things first.

You make life for your FUTURE SELF better.

And this is the paradigm shift I hope I can inspire in you…

… there is a future self out there for you.

Just like you have an inner boy or girl inside of you that’s hurt because she never got enough love… and we all have our inner child hurt to some degree, so there is a future you that hopes you’ll do stuff that will make his or her life easier.

And my future self wants me to not worry about finances… or health… or to be surrounded by loving people.

The self of tomorrow doesn’t want a harder life because I’ve been an asshole with him and decided to squander my time. He wants to have it easier. So in a way – I must make sure his life will be better – while I also make my life better now.

So there it is…

I honestly believe you should START each day with a clear plan of what you’ll do that. It can be a list or it can be like me, calendar entries.

And you should do that because…

FIRST – You’ll die one day and unless you realise how short your life is and how few opportunities for joy and growth and adventure and love you have, you’ll wake up one day wanting more of that, but running out of coins to put into the machine.

SECOND – Because unless you prioritise what’s important, you’ll default to what’s trivial… as that’s human nature and the path of least resistance is a real thing.

THIRD – Because you’re worth it and you deserve a better life and I love you and you should love yourself too. And since I love you, I want to ignite in you a desire to TRY to live a life that makes you happy – even if it’s not guaranteed. And since you should at least love yourself, you shouldn’t squander this fuel called time, fuel you can use to paint the life you desire.

What you think?

Makes sense?

Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment below or if you find this especially valuable, share with your friends. They’ll appreciate the care you’ve shown them by sharing this message.

Best regards,


You’re Hurting Your Inner Child… Or At Least, You Don’t Care.

I want you to take a moment.

Imagine that in front of you is your inner child. It is you, when you were 10 or 12 or so. You’re confused and sad and hurting. You need care and kindness so much. You’re also bursting in tears.

What would you do?

Criticize him? Tell him “you’re worthless, you always get it wrong”? Yell at him to get back to work and get himself out of this situation?

No, unless you’re a complete asshole, then the answer is no. You’d hug him and protect him and do all you can to bring comfort again to this hurt being.

You’d take care of him, just as you’d take care of your son or daughter. It’s a part of you.

Well, my question is then, why don’t you direct the same self-love to yourself? Because the truth is that your inner child is indeed hurting and suffering. And you reminding yourself how worthless you are or how you always fail, you criticizing yourself worse than anyone could criticize you on this planet, telling yourself things that you’d not dare tell others… you’re just hurting your inner child more.

Look… maybe you don’t resonate with the concept of a inner child and that’s fine. But the truth is that you’re treating yourself with so much hate and impatience and aggression that you’d never display to a child, unless again, you’re a fucking psychopath.

And contrary to what you may think, this doesn’t mean you have high standards. Constantly tearing yourself down, putting yourself down, kicking yourself doesn’t make you perform better. It just makes you your worst enemy.

I know so many people who’d be amazing parents but they don’t extend even half of that care to themselves. They don’t see themselves worthy or they think that they can “take it”. And I’m saying you can’t.

I’m saying that you’re hurting so much and maybe it is time to come to a resolution with this, to stop lying to yourself. And look into the mirror and see a hurt boy or girl and realize that this hurt boy or girl doesn’t need you to be an asshole with yourself. Instead, he needs encouragement because he’s insecure. He needs love because he feels he’s unworthy of love. He feels patience because everyone seems to point out what a fucking failure he is.

That’s your inner child.

You can become your best friend or you can remain your worst enemy. And while having high standards (aka kicking yourself each time you fail) may work for a while, eventually, you’ll realize you have a single body and mind and soul to live in… and that if you tear these down, you’ll end up with “stuff” but with no soul.

It’s not a lesson I’m expecting most to understand but I’ve understood that at the core of all suffering, lies a ruptured, painful relationship with one’s self. Not those around were the problem, but you with the person you see in the mirror, because believe me, it’s not the same thing.


The iPad as a laptop replacement. Yes, it is possible.

I ended up using my iPad as my daily driver…
… and honestly, it works.

I’m surprised of this but I haven’t used my MacBook Pro for weeks now and I’m not less productive. I’m actually MORE.

I was afraid that I’ll have to sacrifice but truth be told, I can do everything I need to do and all of those things that I can’t… aren’t that important anyway. The only real bottlenecks I’ve found so far are in downloading files from Google Drive, that I can’t download a folder to iCloud and I need to download file by file.

However, I can use the “make available offline” function which works just fine.

Now, to be more specific…
… I’m not using a plain iPad.

I’m using the iPad Air 2019 with a few extras.

The first one is LTE. This is the first time I use Internet on a tablet and it is awesome. Even in 2019, Internet is not available in most places or it is not reliable. And while I can’t really do much on an LTE connection… I can get work done, watch YouTube and even download small files.

I’m getting maybe 3 – 4 MB per second in a good area and that’s enough.

The second one is a Logitech Slim Folio. This is a keyboard that connects through the Smart Connector and it is damn expensive. It’s about just as expensive as Apple’s own keyboard. But it feels really nice to the touch, I can type just as fast as on my MacBook and it simply makes sense.

For a small keyboard, it feels surprisingly spaced… and while it took me a few hours to adapt to it when I’ve bought it, now I prefer it to the MacBook one. It simply has that clicky feel of older keyboards as opposed to the new MacBook ones.

I can type for hours on it without getting tired… and it is also backlight, although I don’t even use this function so much.

The third one is the Apple Pencil. I don’t use this so much anymore but it is very useful for drawing graphs, annotating and more. Sure, it’s not as fast as a keyboard but it is not meant to be one. I can think a lot more creatively by not having boundaries, as through writing and the Apple Pencil does that quite well.

So yeah…
… every day, I put this into my messenger bag, my Kindle, a small powerbrick and my AirPods and that’s all. They’re very light and because of this I also walk more. Now sure, I could just carry my MacBook Pro but the idea is that I actually want to walk more and take less Grab, not so much to save money as to improve my health and burn more calories every day.

And with this setup… I can.

Apple is onto something… the iPad as a computer.

Because if you buy accessories… it becomes a computer. And yes, there are some things I can’t do but that’s the point, I don’t need to do them. A computer purist may say that an iPad can’t run a Virtual Machine or can’t transfer from an external hard drive or that it doesn’t have a real file system.

These are true…
… but when the fuck do I ever need to run a VM or use a file system?

The work that I do is complex and mentally challenge but the workflow that I have on a laptop or tablet is quite simple. I couldn’t do it without a keyboard but I do not need a full fledged machine to do it either.

The only annoying thing is the lack of a trackpad, and yes, I know very well that I can put a mouse. But I don’t want to carry one with me. It’s fine though, I’ll just use the touch-screen although it is not ideal.

So yeah, it’s official, the iPad, or at least a decent iPad with some accessories can be a laptop replacement for most people.

Here are the software and hardware I use to make it so.

– iPad Air 2019 – 64 GB with LTE.
– Screen protector, tempered glass.
– Logitech Slim Folio 10.5 Pro keyboard.
– Apple Pencil Gen 1

– Word Processor: Ulysses ($4 per month).
– Note taking – Notability – $10.
– Advanced brainstorming and flowcharts – Cardflow+ $15.

Now, will I sell my MacBook Pro?

Nope. I’m keeping it…
… but while it provides many advantages, the iPad is simply so easy to use. It is convenience over power and that works just fine for me.


How If You Master This One Skill, You’ll Be Able To GET MORE DONE, Accomplish More, Enjoy More Of Your Life And Actually Work Less And Have More Time For Yourself…


I don’t think you need to work harder.

You don’t need to wake up at 05:00 AM. You don’t need to work until your body can’t take it anymore. You don’t need to sacrifice weekends and holidays and everything else to get ahead in life.

All you need is focus.

I’ve reached a simple conclusion a long time ago – 24 hours are more than enough. If you spend them right, you can have enough money to afford anything you want… a healthy and fit body… and a fulfilling, loving relationship.

The thing is that we’re crappy at spending these 24 hours.

We’re like kids who got $1000 and will buy stuff at random in a shopping mall. We don’t ask ourselves what should we do with our time to get the biggest bang for the buck.

And this is where true leverage comes from – not from hard work but by doing what really needs to be done. And if you focus only on this – on those few precious tasks that are pushing your life forward, you will get ahead, you will succeed.

You’ll also have tons of free times on your hand.

Hard work is a myth. Successful people actually work very little because they have a rule – ignore all the low leverage activities and focus on the high leverage ones.

If they have five tasks, three of them worth $10/hour, one worth $50/hour and one worth $100/hour, they’ll focus on doing the $100 per hour… and if there’s time remaining, the $50/hour, but they’ll not do the remaining at all.

Where the unsuccessful people focus on getting everything done APART from what needs to be done at all. 

It’s like if I go and ask the average Joe right now…

Bro, why don’t you read more?

Bro, why don’t you go to the gym?

Bro, why don’t you take alone time to plan your life?

The most likely answer I’d get is “I know these are important but I don’t have the time”.

These are three extremely high leverage tasks… and he doesn’t have the time. But he has the time to do the dishes or to watch movies or to scroll on Facebook two hours a day.

He has the time… he’s just allocating it in the wrong areas.

I think everyone has enough time and money to grow. It’s just that most have really crappy decision making skills. They have two hours to spend with their friends at dinner but don’t have 15 minutes to read a chapter of a book.

Or better said, they consider the two hours at dinner more important (a higher priority) than the reading part. 

And because of this, their lives will not grow.

And unless you learn to prioritise and focus on what you want – you won’t grow either.


How To Become Like Edward Moora From Limitless By Finding Your Own “NZT” And Using It To Make Each Day A 10 / 10 (Read This If You Want To Manufacture Optimism And Joy On Demand)

You’ve seen Limitless?

If you haven’t, got see it now. It’s one of the best movies ever made.

And if you – then I guess you remember NZT right? It’s a pill that Edward Moora takes to become the best version he could be.

This pill “unlocks” 100% of the brain power – making him almost superhuman.

Now – how many of us wanted the same thing?

To take a pill – and be smarter, have confidence, focus and be able to do everything? To wake up in the morning knowing EXACTLY what you want to achieve and most importantly… HOW.

How many of us fantasised about finally doing everything that’s required of us… like going to that pretty lady and finally saying hello… starting and finishing that important project… or simply act as we’ve imagined we’d act – as the BEST VERSIONS OF OURSELVES.

Well – my friend, you’re in luck because I know what NZT is.

And nope.

I’m not here to teach you about nootropics. I won’t tell you about how modafinil does you good. I haven’t experimented with nootropics so that’s not my thing.

But I’ve discovered how to get my own NZT…

And once I’ve got my own NZT, I become a different self. I’ve found power. Confidence. Drive. I’d look in the mirror and see another person.

Gone is the shy Razvan.

Gone is the Razvan constantly distracted.

Once I got my own “magic pill”, I’d race through obstacles like a tank running through a wall. And this is not positive thinking. It’s not afformations. It’s not some bullshit that you hear in self-improvement articles about “Nine Ways To Be Happier”.

Actually – nobody ever explained this to me – and I’ve discovered it all by myself.

A word of warning though – 

What I’ll tell you now, you may think “fuck it, it’s not true” or worse “say, yeah, sure” and move on.

And also – my NZT may not be yours.

Because this is not some mind-fuck, Jedi trick type of thing. This is not reframing. It’s something tangible, something in the real world. It’s as real as that magic pill that made Edward Moora be LIMITLESS.

Your NZT is something you can touch and feel.

And it’s also something that probably costs you a lot of money.

But let me explain.

I’ve started an experiment. I’ve decided to get a massage every single day. And man, these are not cheap. You have no idea how expensive these massages can get. 

One week of massages and I can get myself an iPad.

I’m not kidding.

But I’ve decided to try it anyway… because I had a hunch.

You see, my biggest weakness is that I feel unwanted and undesired. I have a very love / hate relationship with myself.

This goes a long way – I seem confident, sometimes, but deep inside, I feel like one of those puppies that you’d kick away and just wants some acceptance.

So I’ve connected the dots… and realised that what I miss most is human touch, quite intimate human touch but not really sexual.

In my case – oil massages, full body, done by pretty girls.

And man…

The first day I’ve done this – I’ve finished one sales copy (full copy) and one FB ad. The second day, I’ve done a new copy from scratch which at least in my opinion, has the potential to be brilliant.

I’ve done this so far only two days.

And I’m scared at how much I’m spending… because I’m not used to spend that much money on myself even if I have more than enough.

But in these two days…

I felt like the boss.

Like the man.

Like I have a 10 inch dick and the world is a big pussy waiting to be fucked.

Like honestly – I’ve felt limitless.

The simple idea of human touch from a pretty girl that I don’t think I can have normally – that would not be interested in me, giving me a two hour massage and me reading or whatever in that time…

… unlocked something in me.


Creative power.


It’s like I’ve taken a pill and I can finally use 100% of my potential.

And this is my NZT.

And it works.

And man… it works so damn fucking well that you have no idea how I feel now.

Now, my NZT is yours?


It’s mine. It is built around a unique configuration – Razvan that has always been rejected by pretty girls and that gets what he wanted most – closeness of that kind, even if it’s only a massage.

Sure, I could go to a hooker too, but I’m not looking for sex. I’m looking for touch. It’s a difference.

And this config, this weakness of mine has this certain PILL.

But yours may be different.

Because we all have a hole that we need to fill… some kind of demon that we need to keep at bay. And your demon is unique and you need to look deep inside to understand what that is.

Once you do…

Use it.

Find the fastest and easiest way to counter it.

Sure, it will cost you money.

A lot of money.

But you’ll be limitless and you can use your new found POWER to earn twice, three times more than you did without your NZT.

For example…

… for some people, the demon is that nobody listens to them. So seeing a therapist that listens to you and allows you to let those emotions go would be your NZT.

For others is that they don’t express some suppressed part of their psyche – like the mother who is so busy doing everything that she forgot how to be feminine – and she needs to take a dance class or whatever.

For others their NZT may be release of anger.

A lot of people have anger that stifles them inside, that acts like a huge sack of bricks. And this anger needs to be released.

So maybe your NZT is buying $100 worth of cheap plates and glasses and going to an abandoned place and breaking the shit out of them while screaming.

Because if that releases your anger…

… and gets you back to a place of excellence…

Then that’s what is working.

And it doesn’t matter if nobody else is doing it – because fuck everyone else. It matters that it works for you. 

This NZT comes in many forms – and all require some kind of financial commitment but it’s fine. That release where you are healed at least for a few days from your hurt or anger or pain or frustration or whatever is so worth it.

Because now —- you can go into the world.


You can be like Duke Nukem – kick ass and take names. You can be the best version of yourself. But you gotta find your demon, and you gotta find your way of neutralising it.

And yeah… 

… average minds would not understand this.

Because average minds are like – “but that’s strange, I just can’t do that”.

Sure, it’s strange.

But it works.

And at the end of the day, you can choose to be conventional… or progress to the next level of your life.

So – find your demon and find your NZT.

And then go kick ass while you’re the best version of yourself.


How I’m Giving Up GYM For STAR WARS And FULL BODY MASSAGES FROM PRETTY LADIES… And Why This Is THE BEST THING I Can Do For Making More Money This Week…

(Before you start… 

… A few hours ago I was red with rage. I was in a mood to almost kill. I swear. 

But in those moments of deep rage – the dots connected. And I came with something that will change my life.

Not may…


So read on to discover what that is… the story behind it… and how you can use it too.

You’ll find something you’ve been looking for forever!)


Success is counter-intuitive… and predictable at the same time.

It sounds like a paradox, but it’s not. 

You see, the traditional methodology of a success is a combination of discipline and good habits. Wake up early. Do your bed. Eat your vegetables. Work your ass off. 

And that’s nice… but I’ve discovered most often than not that the real difference, the secret sauce is not something you’d normally put on a to do list. I’ve progressed in life more in vacations and in informal settings than in front of a laptop doing my work.

Sounds like heresy… and I thought the same way.

Until I’ve realised that the only heresy is to think that working really, really hard will get you really, really far. 

Hard work doesn’t equal success.

Leverage equals success. And leverage comes from intangibles like your network, strong bonds, courage to pursue goals that scare you, inspiration to do things differently, passion that ends up persuading others.

Most often than not…

… leverage is not something we think of.

And this is why I’ve replaced two very important goals this week… with getting a massage each day and finishing Star Wars, the entire series.

Crazy uh?

Now before you scream at me what an average performer I am and that I shouldn’t waste my time with shit like this… I’ll tell you that this will be my most productive week ever.


Because instead of grinding to the bone, staying in front of my laptop, trying not to fall asleep, just to finish one more task, 40% of my list involves stuff that is actually very pleasurable.

And once those pleasurable tasks finish… I’ll feel creative.

I’ll feel driven.

I’ll feel happy.

And 10 years of doing this thing, pursuing success, taught me that a gram of inspiration and happiness is far more leverage than a ton of hard work.

That when one is happy… 

He acts in ways that are counter-productive and creative and actually work.

He sees solutions where there were none before.

He approaches the world through the eyes of someone who sees everything as possible.

He gains LEVERAGE on himself… and soon, on others too, if that’s his goal.

You know why nobody sees this?

Because we’re programmed to associate hard work with success. In other words, if we work hard, we must be doing something right. So the more we work, the better it is.

But success is not hard work – success is achieving goals and goals can be achieved fast or slow, hard or easy. Ten years ago it would have taken me three weeks to accomplish what I can do now in a few hours… 

… and it’s no secret that in a very dark and depressive period of my life, I was earning a quarter of what I’m earning now… and I was working eight to nine hours a day, every day.

So yes…

I proclaim that the secret to my success this week lies NOT in hard driven discipline… not in will-power, not in forcing myself to do anything.

But in watching Star Wars… and having pretty girls massage my body with oil.

It’s an experiment but I can see. Something clicked in me. I was blind but now I see. It’s like Neo in the Matrix, when he finally started seeing the code. Now I see, how thousands of small snippets of info finally got together to tell me the truth.

So this week I have two relaxing goals…

And one health goal…

And two work goals…

And I bet you an arm and a leg and I’m very fond of both that by the end of the week, I’ll have achieved work-wise MORE than I’ve achieved in the last two – three, let’s raise the stakes…

… FOUR weeks combined.

And once I confirm my theory, I will make it a RULE, that no matter how difficult or easy my life is…

… I’ll always have 40% R&R goals, stuff that I’m looking forward too. I’m giving myself the desert directly.

How have I’ve came to this conclusion?

Someone had the bad inspiration to really fuck up my evening… but I should be grateful to her (no, not my girlfriend nor my mistress nor my second mistress nor the one I’m hiding from all three). 

She made me mad with rage… but in all that rage, I found wisdom.

The wisdom that said…

“Bro… you’re doing quite well and yet, all your life is only duty.

There’s nothing you look forward to.

Sure, you find joy in your goals… but you’re like playing a video game that never ends and there’s no reward at it.

You have the money – you also have the time… just give yourself ways to be inspired.

And most importantly…

What will make the biggest difference in your life will not be how hard you work… BUT…





The JOY…

You bring to your work.

You’re a writer’s for God’s sake… c’mon”

Yes… I do have dialogues with me like that. Sometimes out loud. Sometimes I talk to myself and I give myself advice.

Nobody said I’m normal…


Seven massages.

Six Star Wars movies.

These will be the KEY to unlocking my life towards the next level. And sure, some goals must be put on hold but it’s okay. I’ll survive.

Oh man… I never thought that I’ll find wisdom and inspiration in the darkest pits of rage, but I did.

And it’s beautiful.

So thank you you fucking haters. 

You just give me fuel for becoming the next version of myself.

Best regards,


Don’t Be Future Oriented…

I read a quote…

“Mentally I’m already on my 2020 vision”.

And while it could have been meant as sarcastic, I don’t think so. It’s simply the pride of being forward thinking and one step ahead, looking into the future.

Except… it’s wrong.

This is because if you have the energy to worry and focus on what will happen next year or even next month, you’re ignoring what you need to do right now. Or whatever you need to do right now is too easy and it will not make a big enough difference.

Truth be told, if you set real goals, goals which will advance your life, you’re a bit over your head. You have a lot of hard work ahead of you and you may not even know how to do it properly. 

You’ll struggle to keep on track because writing stuff to do on a piece of paper is easy. Doing them is hard. It seems little for me to define five daily goals when I could have ten or twenty. Yet, it is a rare event at this moment to accomplish all five, and usually, even with my best efforts, I’m doing 3 / 5 or 4 / 5.

So this is the point… if you’re future oriented, then you’re either not putting in the effort or you’re not focusing on the right things to begin with. If you were, you’d be too absorbed by your current challenges to care about what will happen in the future.

Let me give you an example.

Today I’ve went to the gym. And my trainer decided that my life is too simple so he upped the weights on all exercises. So a 60 minute routine that would usually be acceptable, a bit hard but not that hard, became quite challenging. By the end of the session, my arms were aching, I was extremely tired and I was feeling again a beginner, because I had to work hard to finish my current workout.

Thinking about what will happen the next day or next week or month would have been a mistake. My sole objective was to finish my current workout. I will deal with tomorrow’s workout, mentally and emotionally, when tomorrow comes. Until then, I have things to do today and I don’t have time to worry on stuff I can’t even control.

Navy Seals have the same rule. In training, in the so called Hell Week, if you look at everything that needs to be done, it is impossible to finish it. It is simply a mountain too high too climb. So the advice is to take one evolution at a time. To focus on finishing the next exercise and nothing else. Once you finish that, you can take the decision to do the next. Once that is done… you get the point. 

So at this point in my life, I have a few key rules. I suggest you take notice of them.

RULE 1 – Just focus on doing today. Tomorrow will be tomorrow. Unless tomorrow you need to be in a very specific place that requires preparation, don’t worry about it. You focus on what you can control now.

RULE 2 – It’s supposed to be hard. Challenging goals are positioned almost at your breaking point. You’re supposed to struggle to achieve them. This doesn’t mean that you suck as a person. It simply means that you’re climbing a high mountain. I could achieve goals ten times easier, by making them ten times easier. I don’t. I’d rather struggle with a challenging goal because that makes a difference.

RULE 3 – Even if something in the future is important, I can’t control the future. Time doesn’t flow this way. To get to tomorrow, I have to go through today. And today I have shit to do. Check rule 1. A good example is when I need to renew my passport. When the last six months come, I’ll go renew it. There’s nothing I can do about it now so why even bother with it?

RULE 4 – Results are usually not visible short term. What you’ve accomplished today will not impress you when it comes to changes in your life. But take one week or one month or one year of things you’ve accomplished and you’ll be blown away at how much you’ve made a difference. The truth is that each hour, you’re moving inches. And an inch isn’t much. But combined, they make a huge difference. 

RULE 5 – There should be some alignment between strategy and tactics. Your yearly goals should be aligned with your monthly. Your monthly with your weekly. Your weekly with your daily. What you do today should be a direct contribution to what you want to accomplish this year. Sure, it doesn’t always work but life is easier when there is a straight line between today and a point ahead. The secret here is to not try to align everything with everything else. I just focus that my daily goals accomplish my weekly ones. That’s all. But my weekly ones should accomplish my monthly ones and so on. If you do this, like through magic, you’ll end up with alignment but it must always be in pairs. 

RULE 6 – Dots do connect. The grass will grow. Even if what you’re doing doesn’t seem to work, it will work in some manner. It’s hard to explain but nothing is really wasted. It took me at some point dating seven different girls until I’ve found a girlfriend. Without the previous experiences and connections I’ve made, I would have never ended up with the eight one. It would have been impossible as I’ve “expanded” my strategy with every new person I’ve met, until I’ve reached an optimal one. Maybe the feedback mechanism is not perfectly clear, but each time you’re progressing on your goals, you’re getting closer to what you want.

RULE 7 – Sometimes it is best to stop the plan for an hour or a day. I live a very structured life. But at some points, I just feel too much. Sometimes I can’t hold the feeling of being lonely inside anymore. Other times, I’m just too stressed. In those moments, I put aside my goal list and I watch a movie or relax or let myself express my emotions. I have learned that any goal that is so tight, so restrictive that missing one day or even one week will means it is failed, it’s a bad goal to begin with. You’ll have many times when you won’t be able to work on your goal and that’s fine. The idea is not to be perfect. You’re not supposed to be a robot keeping a perfect constant speed of execution. It’s to make reasonable progress however you can in your circumstances. This means that some days you’ll do amazingly well. Others, not so much.

RULE 8 – People who don’t have goals, don’t understand goals, will make fun of yours. I’ll keep this short. For people who don’t live a goal oriented life and don’t aggressively pursue to make them happen, this is STUPID. Stay away from those people or don’t share your goals with them.

RULE 9 – Failure is kind of irrelevant unless time runs out. I’ve learned that I usually need to be right just once. This means that I can try 50 different things and see them fail, but if I still have the time and energy and money to try 51, I’m good. Life is not brain surgery. Honestly. If you make mistakes, the stakes are usually very small. It’s hard to keep yourself clean and succeed at the same time. You must be willing to go through rejection and disappointment until you get to what works. And you can’t avoid them even if you try. It’s like impurity in gold. In whatever you do, a certain percentage will be made of negative events and emotions. Just accept them, move on.

RULE 10 – Sometimes you’ll make bad decisions. These are either good decisions that turned bad (yes, this is a thing – when you do something, it’s supposed to go right, it goes very wrong) or decisions you’ve taken with a lack of maturity or experience which end up costing you. It’s fine. Pay the price where it is due and move on. People lose a lot more treading on what they’ve done wrong than the actual wrong decision. 

Best regards,


… Everything Else Is Background Noise.

As I look at my goal list for today, I’m asking…

“Is there anything else apart from finding the right things to do… and doing them as right as one is capable in those circumstances?”

And my answer is no.

Everything else is background noise.

If one would built his life around two simple rules…

FIRST – Decide on what are the five things that can make the biggest positive impact in my life today…

SECOND- Do them, understanding that you’re going to do them less than perfect but showing up and doing your best is usually enough…

… then that person will be successful. Not only successful, he’ll be on the top of his game. And while we like to use buzzwords like “focus” and shit, we are the same people who distract ourselves with endless things and drop something important to answer a phone call or some trivial matter.

Once you drop from the science of achievement all the arbitrary, subjective parts, you end up with the core. And the core is that if you do some things in your life, you’ll see a disportioncate reward, one that exceeds what you’ve put in. And that if you even show up and try your best, sometimes being lousy at it, you’ll get lucky many, many times. Simply showing up moves the chance of winning from 0 to over 50% and those are good numbers in my view.

Another trend I’ve noticed…

… is that the more I ACTUALLY advance in life, and I’m defining actually here by accomplishing shit and not doing mental masturbation and giving myself high fives for missions I haven’t completed, the less theoretical and the less “complex” I become.

If you would have asked me ten years ago what is the secret to success, I would have probably talked for two hours. This is because I like the sound of my voice but also because I’d say everything that sounds nice.

Now, I just shrug. I don’t roll my eyes when I hear complex theories of how life works, but I know they are unnecessary, because life is governed by causality, not poetic justice, not karma, not anything else. In other words, if A exists, B happens. 

And while a degree of uncertainty exists in everything and there is some pseudo-randomness in how reality works, I know I don’t have to rely on luck. I just choose to play with forces in the universe instead, of creating interactions between what I do (my goals) and the systems that surround me (my environment).

Ergo, life becomes more like a chemistry experiment than anything else and most importantly, it becomes predictable. Because at this moment I don’t know in what form what I want will come but I know that it will come, as long as I prioritise without mercy and do my best to show up.


Is reading a waste of time?

I have a confession to make. I love my Kindle. It is an older Paperwhite, technically, my ex-girlfriend’s Kindle and I carry it with me almost everywhere I go.

I spend one to two hours every day reading. 

And I’m happy for it. 

But it seems like nobody is doing something similar. Reading is a relic of the past, before high-speed Internet and Facebook and YouTube. And most people hardly touch a book, ever.

Well, I believe most people are idiots.

You see, I read for a few key reasons. 

FIRST – Because it makes me smarter.

No matter what I read, I form mental patterns. If it is a business book, of course, I learn about business. But even when it is fiction, I create new connections into my brain. 

SECOND – It makes me a better writer.

I think Stephen King said that to be a good writer, you need to spend four to six hours a day reading and writing. Right now I am reading “Under The Dome” and I love it. It is story-telling to its best. And I actually want to see what happens next, it is a very captivating book.

Can I watch the Netflix series instead? 

Can I just read the Wikipedia plot article on the book?

Sure, I can, but I actually enjoy the journey of discovering what is next and how it is presented. I am learning so many writing devices and styles by simply reading different authors. And I am a good writer today because I have read many good writers before.

And if I start reading Hemingway, I’ll drop all adverbs and adjectives too.

THIRD – I find it relaxing.

My life isn’t hard but it is challenging. Today I have woken up at 05:00 AM. Read for one hour, showered, went to have breakfast.

Went to the gym, where my trainer pushed me to my limit and 179 BPM. Came home. Tried to sleep. Couldn’t. Went outside to have lunch. 

The point is that I usually have a lot of things to do in a day and I am a big believer in doing what is important, not what is convenient. I prioritise and then prioritise again. What is left is the cream of the crop of tasks and goals, which usually isn’t easy or relaxing to do. What’s important also has the habit to be what’s hardest.

So when I read, I actually disconnect myself from everything. I could play video games but after two hours of playing Starcraft 2, I’ll end up feeling more tired than when I started. I could watch movies but honestly there isn’t any good movie that I like and I prefer my imagination to fill in the blanks than to have someone present me a story in his or her vision.

Therefore, reading is the most relaxing thing I can do. Sex ranks high too, so does running, but I find reading being more accessible than these in most circumstances.

FOURTH – I learn.

I am where I am for a few reasons and one that accounts for at least 50% of my success is that I’ve read, a lot. I’ve read other people’s ideas and then presented it to others and they gave me money for it.

I’m 100% self-taught. I have never graduated from college. 

I have learned a great deal by experience. And some things can only be experienced before they are acquired as ours. Relating with others, emotions, maturity, all came by doing something, failing and learning to do it properly.

But when it comes to the tactical aspects, the how-to, books were my best teacher. Everything from time management to running FB ads to writing sales copy to launching an information product.

Look… maybe reading is not popular anymore.

But I don’t care about what is popular. I care about living a good life. In a world where everyone is obsessed with food, I go to the gym four times a week. In a world where people crave about Fortnite, I try and read a book per week. In a world where everyone wants it easier, I look for every opportunity to grow.

I read because it is good for me, it is good for everyone. And maybe there are some activities that would be even higher leverage than reading (as debating ideas with like minded people or a mastermind group or participating in places like Toastmasters), but it ranks high, out there, with among the best things you can do. 

One thing – there is a difference between reading and studying.

Reading me is sitting in my bed with a bottle of water next to me, reading on my Kindle. Studying is having a document open and taking notes, making notes on me notes and discussing these with other people. I don’t study every book I read, only a few of them, because it takes 3 – 4 times as long to go through the material.

But unless it is a skill which I must absolutely develop, I simply read in a relaxed manner. I don’t need to do it hardcore. That’s why right now I’m reading “Under The Dome” but I’m studying, actively, a program on FB ads. It’s about balance. Making something too complicated is a sure-fire way to not do it at all.


What I’ve learned about dating and relationships in the last twelve months…

You know…

I have this fantasy, of sorts.

In my fantasy, I’m surrounded by people. And instead of discussing movies or the weather or some stupid stuff, we ask important questions like…

“What are the top things we want to accomplish this week?”

“How can we accomplish them?”

“What are the obstacles that can stay in our ways… and what can we do about them?”

“What first action can we take now?”

“Have we tried this in the past and failed? How can we learn from that?”

I swear, I’d have tears in my eyes if I’d meet such people and be blessed with them in my life. Why? Because of course, nobody does it. Real life is not Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

But one can wish, right?

I guess this is why I have lost interests in most friendships. I have even lost interest in most girls nowadays. I have goals. I have things that are of grave importance to me. And the only person interested in discussing them is… myself.

I mean how would it be if I’d find a girl… that instead of gossiping at night or telling me about her frustrations or killing time, as most do, we’d review our day? What we’ve learned? What we want to accomplish tomorrow? 

What if instead of her being just a passive passenger in my life, where the most exciting thing about my relationship with her would be sex… she’d be an active muse to help me to improve my finances, fitness, education and so on – not by actually working towards the accomplishment of these goals for me but simply, by being there.

I’d run and I’d buy a diamond ring with all my savings and ask her to marry me right away. I would. Because if I could have that kind of cognitive intimacy with someone, where I feel understood and where what is important to me, is also important to her… I’d feel fulfilled beyond measure.

I dated so much in the last months. Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia… and I couldn’t help myself but feel a bit disappointed. Each time I’ve found myself listening, acting interested, but as a means to a goal – like, “if I am acting interested and I use active listening, then she’ll like me more and she’ll be more close to me”.

But I never felt any of that is of consequence. And sure, the sex was fun, the flirting was fun and spending time with a girl that turns heads on the street made me feel very proud of myself… but not once, not once we’ve actually discussed anything that I could feel is an actual investment in my life.

The last person with whom I did this… was a brilliant young girl who majored in Philosophy. We’ve spent hours at a coffee shop discussing life and concepts, then went to an art gallery and it wasn’t just “I fucking love the way she looks” but “I fucking love the way she thinks”.

I guess maybe I’m special in this regard, special as in high maintenance. Or maybe I’m not. But in my humble opinion, if you have a girl in your life, then it is supposed to be more than NetFlix and chill, and sex, and hanging out. It is supposed to be “we are a team” and act as one, instead of seeing her as an accessory or as a category of activities to do for relaxation.

Or again… maybe I love Atlas Shrugged too much and I’ve always craved for a Daphne Taggart when there was none available. 

And I don’t know how to feel about this.

Even in very recent history, I’ve spent time with someone and while she’s sweet and all, I wonder, did anything we spoke in those two hours was of consequence or we were just talking because I wanted to be with her? If I had no physical interest in her, would have I engaged in that conversation to begin with?

And the answer is no, of course not. 

I know what type of person I want. She must be smart, she must be very pretty, she must be fit, she must be relatively emotionally stable (or at least not a liability in my life), she must check a lot of boxes.

And those girls exists…

I’ve met this girl from Hong Kong… and a girl from China… and both were fitting a lot of boxes. Smart, very pretty, fucking hot – the kind of girls to sexually fantasise about but also to discuss Proust with them if you wanted.

So I know…

What I want is there…

But unfortunately, this kind of quality requires me to be a prize. No matter if I like it or not, the kind of woman that satisfies all my requirements for a relationship requires the kind of man that I’m not. I have some muscle mass to put on… some fat to reduce… some more money to make… some maturity to develop… some skills to comprehend before I can have such a girl.

And while it’s technically possible to date one even right now, as contrary to popular beliefs, girls aren’t the superficial fucks that everyone makes them to be, I know I can’t keep her. I can’t live up to expectations.

Not yet anyway.

I have very high expectations and for better or for worse, high expectations come with a high barrier of entry. It’s like wanting Mercedes instead of Skoda. Sure, you can want it but you need to also afford it. If one has only $20.000, he buys a Skoda, not a S Klasse Mercedes.

So is with the opposite sex…

Contrary to love stories and romance and improbable events, people tend to associate with others of their kind. Smart, ambitious, beautiful and driven people end up in relationships with… smart, ambitious, beautiful and driven people. 

And then is the old truth… that the things we appreciate the most in us, we look in others too.

Someone who diets and goes to the gym and she is proud of her body, well, she’ll look for someone with at least an above average body too. Not many perfect physiques there with fat fucks, all other things being equal, right?

And Harvard girls don’t end up with stupid morons. They end up with intelligent guys who make things happen… even if they may not have been to Harvard. 

If you end up putting everything on a graph, you’ll notice that we end up with someone that is very close to the average of our own qualities and while anomalies exists, the rule stands true in 99.9% of the time. And that’s only normal. I want something amazing. She wants something amazing too.

So maybe I should accept a truth at this moment…

FIRST – I am not happy with the type of girls I attract at this moment in my life. They’re better than nothing but for someone like me stuck in his head that needs to talk and analyse and achieve cognitive intimacy, it’s not really ideal.

SECOND – I should spend most of my time becoming that person. I have too much body fat, I don’t have a very attractive physique and I rate myself a 7 / 10. If I want to attract better in my life, I need to get to an 8 or 8.5 at least. It matters. It’s the truth.

THIRD – I’ve dated 9 girls in the last twelve months. 

One I’ve fallen in love with – but couldn’t have due to logistical issues. Damn irony.

One we’ve argued all the time.

One I’ve had huge expectations over her, and then realised she’s quite a simple and plain girl, which is perfect but not for my overly complicated psychology. I need puzzles to solve and people to intrigue me.

One was fucking amazing… but I am way too poor to take care of her, especially since she made it clear that she wants to be taken care of. And I would have… but I’m at least one – one and a half years away from being able to do that.

One had huge psychological blockages… and guilt… and while it was fine, she was very sweet most of the time, I felt better towards her as a friend than lover.

One… I was just a huge asshole and basically used her. She thought the ONS will be a relationship. I knew it wasn’t. She ended up hating me. I don’t blame her.

One… so loving, so sweet, so kind… but the timing was awful. Quite simple but maybe the closest I have seen to relationship material.

And the list could go on.

The point here is not to brag… the point here is that I’ve done this enough lately to know exactly what I want and what I don’t want. And apart from two of them, there was no connection, there no bond, there was nothing real. It was a game. 

And maybe… I should stop seeking new games and just improve myself up to the point where I naturally attract the type of girl I want and need in my life. But I know that while she’s my prize, I’m not her prize… so better hit up those gym sessions, read those books and finish those projects to make money.

Maybe the key is not to be a male slut and date again and again everywhere I go… but to build myself to the kind of person that finally attracts someone that makes me happy. And that I’ll do.