How To Seduce Your Prospects Using Eight Different Types Of Bullets

From the desk of Razvan Rogoz
Dear friend,

If you have gained any real world experience as a marketer, then you know for sure that creating bullets (also called fascinations) is a must-have skill.

Sometimes bullets will make the sale alone for you … raising the emotional temperature (and tickling his greed glands) until the boiling point is reached … while other times is the perfect structure towards a persuasive argument.

In the next paragraphs, you’ll find out 8 bullets types (with examples), that can transform even the inexperienced and immature copywriter into a power-selling machine.

#1 – The “How To” formula

By far the most loved and hated bullet in the copywriting world, this simple formula plays on our biggest need … the one for curiosity. People wish to discover things that are appealing to them and their lives … especially when the answer to these bullets is something that they are actively looking.

  • “How to decide if money markets funds are a good investment or simply an alternative to checking accounts?”
  • “How to use a little-known real estate secret to roll over your money as often as six times a year?”
  • “How to buy sugar for less than the cost of sand.”
  • “How to write “killer headlines” that nobody can ignore.”
  • “How to get your own talk show on “Vanity Radio” and make a profit every time you go on air

#2 – The “Secret To” Formula

Almost everybody loves a good secret … but everybody wants to know what nobody else has access to. This gives them an advantage over their peers … society … colleges … or anyone else.

Two rules to creating a “secret bullet” though. The first one is not to overuse it. If you say secret after secret … then it isn’t a secret anymore? The entire value is based solely on scarcity. So please don’t use it more than 3 times in a letter.

The second one is that you should make the secret oriented towards the benefit your prospect will receive. It’s about something that is directly appealing to his life, but not commonly know.

Let’s see a few examples below:

  • The amazing secret of the best attention grabber in the world.
  • My secret hand holding technique you can use to give a woman “mixed signals” that make her curious and excited about you – pg. 49
  • The “big secret” no relationship book will ever tell you about woman’s body language (This will help you advance things with a woman TWICE as fast) – pg. 66
  • Use the most super secret cell phone techniques
  • The secret of the “schoolgirl’s beauty” revealed! Discover how you can have the same beautiful and healthy hair as a schoolgirl … without paying huge sums of money or spending hours daily!

#3 – The “Why” Formula

A bullet excellent for building intrigue in your prospect mind. The idea is simply – you promise to solve a mystery to your prospect … and show how the truth or solution has an huge impact on his life.

In other words, you are acting like an early warning radar to him … preventing him from doing something negative in the future (passive or active).

  • How and why women TEST men… plus… a fantastic way to effortlessly pass every test she throws at you… even if you have NO IDEA that you are being tested! (The best part is she’ll become MORE attracted to you each time, because you’ll be earning her respect instead of losing it) – pg. 43
  • Why the so-called dating “experts” are dead wrong in their ridiculous theories of “rapport” – Here’s how you can create a powerful, instant connection with a woman by doing the exact opposite of what these “wannabe gurus” tell you – pgs. 45 & 46
  • Why three key commodities may yield profits of 600%!
  • Why you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and a remarkable technique that will “hook” everybody who even glances at your advertising!
  • Why not following this simple “extra” step when narrowing down your niche is like building a foundation on quicksand. So many people blindly do this when trying to get subscribers and later wonder what went wrong.

#4 – The “What” Formula

The “What” bullet is very easy. The basis of it is that you give instructions for a determined outcome. In other words, do this and you’ll get this.

For an extra touch, use curiosity or intrigue to keep your prospect hooked.

  • What you must do at once if you receive a mild shock when you touch an electric appliance – page 26
  • What Corporate Fat Cats don’t tell you about their CoQ10 supplements …
  • What your doctor doesn’t tell you about H1N1 … and how to become bulletproof yourself in the worst outbreak of the decade.
  • What you must do if you want to keep a woman interested in you FOREVER (This is THE KEY to having a long-term relationship with a woman… miss just this one thing and she’ll be on to the next guy before you know it) – pg. 89
  • The 4 laws of “unpredictability” and “excitement” – What “bad boys” do to give a woman that addictive rush of adrenaline that keeps her coming back for more (Follow these 4 simple rules and you’ll never have to worry about her losing interest in you… or losing her to another man) – pg. 4

#5 – The “What Never” Formula

This type of bullet alerts him of a possible mistake (that he is already doing) … and promises information to protect him from the outcome of that mistake.

It is very efficient in most markets and can be used in almost any type of tangible product.

  • What never to take along with vitamin C … unless you want for its effects to be canceled.
  • What never to eat on an airplane. The dirtiest, deadliest airplane in the whole wide world.
  • What never to invest when the inflation rises … and how to secure your assets in the incoming crisis.
  • The absolute worst thing you could do when it comes to exercising …
  • Why you should never use an offshore account unless you are in these three situations … and how to secure your money against greedy lawyers and the IRS.
  • How many are you using in your current sales piece? You may use only one-two punch (practical + emotional benefit) … or you may opt-in for a diversity of bullets. In any case, almost every copywriter I know resumes to about 10 bullets at all times.

#6 – The “Number” Formula

This type of bullet it’s not a secret to anyone. It has been overused in almost any promotion known to man … starting from the “How to make friends and influence people” ad to the #1 product on ClickBank.

The number formula is best used when you have multiple ways of doing a particular thing … or multiple elements for a certain theme (secrets, advices, tips, etc). It is very easy to be done and it adds curiosity and a direct benefit to the reader.

  • Five ways to repair your XBox 360 … even if it had showed the red ring of death.
  • Nine little known secrets about the signals a women gives to you when she is attracted.
  • The 2 places to touch on your own body when you are talking to a woman that signal SEXUAL awareness… and make a woman want to put her hands all over you
  • 6 key ways that women “size you up” during the first seconds and minutes of meeting you (Miss any ONE of these and she will see you as a “fraud”… or worse, a FRIEND… so listen up)
  • Nine mistakes done by almost any rookie golfer (and veterans too) … which will kill up your thrust even before hitting!

#7 – The “Plus” Formula

Best used at the end of any promotion, adding stuff to satisfy his greed. Its basics come from infomercials where the hosts adds bonuses again and again … making the deal almost a no-brainer.

It also helps finish a bullet list with power and momentum …

  • PLUS: How to get $4917 in free grants from your own government this winter … even if you have problem with your taxes.
  • PLUS: Eight ways to get the most out of your car engine … even if it has more years than your kids.
  • PLUS: The biggest mistake you must NEVER do at an workplace … especially if you want to advance fast.
  • PLUS: My complete list of 4199 institutions which are happy to lend you money … without any securities or risks.
  • PLUS: The worlds two most powerful inflation fighting strategies … totally ethical and ready for use.

#8 The “Right and wrong” Formula

I’ve first saw this used by Eben Pagan in his copy … leading the prospect on a path (that he thinks is right) and telling him that he is wrong. You must start with something he already believes … like common knowledge, and bust him that this is the wrong answer.

Also, imply that there is some benefit in knowing the right one.

  • Getting rich is all about working hard … sacrificing nights and selling your soul to the devil? WRONG! Page 41 explains you the true science of getting rich.
  • SUVs are safer than salon cars? FALSE! Page 11 shows you the 8 reasons why an SUV is a walking dead trap.
  • H1N1 affects only older people? WRONG! Find out why you are more vulnerable than ever … especially if you are between 21 and 30 years.
  • Buying flower wins a women hearth? FALSE! Discover the true reasons behind attraction … and how not to always become the platonic friend.
  • Using an LCD TV saves you more money? WRONG! Discover the true money savers on page 41.

What you should do now?

Well, go to your copy and see how you can implement at least a few of these bullets in your sales letter. Use the PLUS at the end … use the “Right … wrong” for some intrigue and the others for creating curiosity (and implying a direct benefit).

Let me know how that went.

Best wishes,
Razvan Rogoz