The iPad as a laptop replacement. Yes, it is possible.

I ended up using my iPad as my daily driver…
… and honestly, it works.

I’m surprised of this but I haven’t used my MacBook Pro for weeks now and I’m not less productive. I’m actually MORE.

I was afraid that I’ll have to sacrifice but truth be told, I can do everything I need to do and all of those things that I can’t… aren’t that important anyway. The only real bottlenecks I’ve found so far are in downloading files from Google Drive, that I can’t download a folder to iCloud and I need to download file by file.

However, I can use the “make available offline” function which works just fine.

Now, to be more specific…
… I’m not using a plain iPad.

I’m using the iPad Air 2019 with a few extras.

The first one is LTE. This is the first time I use Internet on a tablet and it is awesome. Even in 2019, Internet is not available in most places or it is not reliable. And while I can’t really do much on an LTE connection… I can get work done, watch YouTube and even download small files.

I’m getting maybe 3 – 4 MB per second in a good area and that’s enough.

The second one is a Logitech Slim Folio. This is a keyboard that connects through the Smart Connector and it is damn expensive. It’s about just as expensive as Apple’s own keyboard. But it feels really nice to the touch, I can type just as fast as on my MacBook and it simply makes sense.

For a small keyboard, it feels surprisingly spaced… and while it took me a few hours to adapt to it when I’ve bought it, now I prefer it to the MacBook one. It simply has that clicky feel of older keyboards as opposed to the new MacBook ones.

I can type for hours on it without getting tired… and it is also backlight, although I don’t even use this function so much.

The third one is the Apple Pencil. I don’t use this so much anymore but it is very useful for drawing graphs, annotating and more. Sure, it’s not as fast as a keyboard but it is not meant to be one. I can think a lot more creatively by not having boundaries, as through writing and the Apple Pencil does that quite well.

So yeah…
… every day, I put this into my messenger bag, my Kindle, a small powerbrick and my AirPods and that’s all. They’re very light and because of this I also walk more. Now sure, I could just carry my MacBook Pro but the idea is that I actually want to walk more and take less Grab, not so much to save money as to improve my health and burn more calories every day.

And with this setup… I can.

Apple is onto something… the iPad as a computer.

Because if you buy accessories… it becomes a computer. And yes, there are some things I can’t do but that’s the point, I don’t need to do them. A computer purist may say that an iPad can’t run a Virtual Machine or can’t transfer from an external hard drive or that it doesn’t have a real file system.

These are true…
… but when the fuck do I ever need to run a VM or use a file system?

The work that I do is complex and mentally challenge but the workflow that I have on a laptop or tablet is quite simple. I couldn’t do it without a keyboard but I do not need a full fledged machine to do it either.

The only annoying thing is the lack of a trackpad, and yes, I know very well that I can put a mouse. But I don’t want to carry one with me. It’s fine though, I’ll just use the touch-screen although it is not ideal.

So yeah, it’s official, the iPad, or at least a decent iPad with some accessories can be a laptop replacement for most people.

Here are the software and hardware I use to make it so.

– iPad Air 2019 – 64 GB with LTE.
– Screen protector, tempered glass.
– Logitech Slim Folio 10.5 Pro keyboard.
– Apple Pencil Gen 1

– Word Processor: Ulysses ($4 per month).
– Note taking – Notability – $10.
– Advanced brainstorming and flowcharts – Cardflow+ $15.

Now, will I sell my MacBook Pro?

Nope. I’m keeping it…
… but while it provides many advantages, the iPad is simply so easy to use. It is convenience over power and that works just fine for me.