Quantum Physics And Me Getting Some Sunshine…

You know Schrodinger’s cat?

That poor little feline died so many times… and did not die at the same time.

(Haha, too bad I don’t like cats)

If you don’t know what this is about, it is a thought experiment in quantum mechanics. You take a cat. You put it in a steel container where it has zero chance to interact with the triggers. You put a vial of poison that would instantly kill the cat.

The poison is triggered by a small amount of radioactive substance. If it decays, the poison is delivered. If it doesn’t decay, it is not.

So it is a throw of the coin right?

If A happens, then B, big deal, deterministic universe.

Except that radioactive material has quantum properties which means that there is an equal chance for it to decay and for it to not decay – and these are NOT exclusive of each other. Both can exist in the same space and time because quantum mechanics, that’s why.

So the cat is both dead and alive.

The vial of poison was both broken and kept intact. Both options are true because of the quantum nature of the material used.

You won’t know until you open the container, in which you trigger the observer paradox, how observing something changes its properties. And no, you won’t find a zombie cat, you’ll find one of those two states, but the important thing is that both states exists until one is directly observed.

This is the entire principle of quantum physics, the ability of something to have dual properties that are normally MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE, e.g. matter to be both a wave and a particle, which is technically impossible but yet, it has been proven true, under quantum physics.


Leaving aside the poor cat, I was sitting in bed and realised something.

The day that follows (which is now, today) can both be an amazing, fun, exciting, a-ha filled day… or it can be an exercise in frustrating momentum, where I feel the same and do the same, based on one choice.

Do I access technology or do I lock it away?

Because if I access technology I’ll end up doing the same things I’ve always done. But if I don’t, I create an entire new reality for myself, one in which I end up doing things that are different than using technology.

Both options are valid, both options exist, both options are open to me UNTIL I pick one or another by making this decision, do I use tech or I don’t today?

That cat can both live and die. My laptop doesn’t have quantum properties, I admit it, but by not using my laptop and phone, I can create an universe for myself in which I experience life from a different perspective. And since the universe is for better or worse (better), deterministic, picking a life without the distraction of technology today will automatically DESTROY the other potential universe in which I am still addicted to it.

You don’t get it… a simple choice like this has the power to create a whole new reality that never existed before. It is like the space-time continuum goes along as usual, minding its own business, admiring existence, whatever, and then, a simple decision splits it in two.

You now have two space-time continuums, one in which I kept using technology and one in which I didn’t. But these are parallel universes now, which made me be in awe of how a simple decision basically creates an entire new existence.

Of course, this is highly theoretical, just as the entire idea of a multi-verse is theoretical. And with all theoretical physics, good look proving it anytime soon.

But think about it…

Let’s say you are 14.

You see a girl you really like.

And you have two options.

The first one is to say hello. She goes on a date with you. Ten years later you marry her. You end up having a family with her. The other one is to not say hello. None of those things happen.

You basically create a split in the space-time continuum through a simple decision, assuming that the idea of a multi-verse exists. A multi-verse in which exists a version of the world for every possible atomic state, one in which my eyes are blue, one in which I was born in Kenya, one in which I’m 4.5 ft tall, one in which I may not even existed.

Assuming there is a universe, a version of our own reality right now, in which over 14 years ago, I didn’t come home, look for self-improvement advice, never got on this path. And I never got into marketing and business and so on.

It’s fascinating, the thought of how we basically split reality through our decisions and how there is a version (presuming) of the world in which I have done the other option and life moved on from there.

And what does this mean on a practical sense?

That seemingly small decisions can actually create huge forks in the road, and that whenever it makes sense, to take those decisions. And for me, it’s simply putting the damn tech aside and learn to enjoy life fully.


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