… Everything Else Is Background Noise.

As I look at my goal list for today, I’m asking…

“Is there anything else apart from finding the right things to do… and doing them as right as one is capable in those circumstances?”

And my answer is no.

Everything else is background noise.

If one would built his life around two simple rules…

FIRST – Decide on what are the five things that can make the biggest positive impact in my life today…

SECOND- Do them, understanding that you’re going to do them less than perfect but showing up and doing your best is usually enough…

… then that person will be successful. Not only successful, he’ll be on the top of his game. And while we like to use buzzwords like “focus” and shit, we are the same people who distract ourselves with endless things and drop something important to answer a phone call or some trivial matter.

Once you drop from the science of achievement all the arbitrary, subjective parts, you end up with the core. And the core is that if you do some things in your life, you’ll see a disportioncate reward, one that exceeds what you’ve put in. And that if you even show up and try your best, sometimes being lousy at it, you’ll get lucky many, many times. Simply showing up moves the chance of winning from 0 to over 50% and those are good numbers in my view.

Another trend I’ve noticed…

… is that the more I ACTUALLY advance in life, and I’m defining actually here by accomplishing shit and not doing mental masturbation and giving myself high fives for missions I haven’t completed, the less theoretical and the less “complex” I become.

If you would have asked me ten years ago what is the secret to success, I would have probably talked for two hours. This is because I like the sound of my voice but also because I’d say everything that sounds nice.

Now, I just shrug. I don’t roll my eyes when I hear complex theories of how life works, but I know they are unnecessary, because life is governed by causality, not poetic justice, not karma, not anything else. In other words, if A exists, B happens. 

And while a degree of uncertainty exists in everything and there is some pseudo-randomness in how reality works, I know I don’t have to rely on luck. I just choose to play with forces in the universe instead, of creating interactions between what I do (my goals) and the systems that surround me (my environment).

Ergo, life becomes more like a chemistry experiment than anything else and most importantly, it becomes predictable. Because at this moment I don’t know in what form what I want will come but I know that it will come, as long as I prioritise without mercy and do my best to show up.


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