The importance of emotional intelligence in mrkt / sales

From the desk of Razvan Rogoz
Dear friend,

What makes a good copywriter?

To be honest, it is not his ability to write. Yes, words are important. Words are damn important. It’s a vehicle to get your ideas and message across. But there is something more important than that. That is emotional intelligence.

What do I mean by emotional intelligence? The ability to understand how people function and most importantly, how you function. A copywriter is similar to a hacker. He must break into a system and change something. He must get his attention, resolve his objections, make him desire his products and finally, get the client to take action.

It’s similar to scanning a port, finding the right password, breaking the firewall, finding the right file to take and eliminating all logs.

This may offend a lot of copywriters who believe themselves as artists. We are not artists. We are business people. We are no different from the Wall Street broker pitching stocks on the phone or the sales person moving door to door. Yes, we require a bit more sophistication but we are not artists. We do not write to get awards. We write to sell.

And if you want to become a better copywriter, instead of keep copying sales letters by hand, develop your emotional intelligence. Go out in the world. Experience. Meet your prospect. Meet people who are obsessed with their weight to understand how the weight loss niche works. Meet 24 year old virgins to understand why the dating industry works. Go to a multi-level marketing meeting, sit through it two hours and network to understand how biz op work.

Copywriting is a skill learnt in the real world. Yes, I also encourage you to read a book or watch a course on copywriting for at least 30 minutes daily but the bulk of your work should be out there, not in front of your office.

It’s true, you can copy the masters, you can take every technique and strategy and apply it in a principle similar to “monkey sees, monkey does”. And it will actually work. It’s not that hard to sell. But until you understand the underlying principles of human nature, what makes people ticks, how we are these strange and wonderful creatures in the same time, you can’t win it big.


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