How I’m Giving Up GYM For STAR WARS And FULL BODY MASSAGES FROM PRETTY LADIES… And Why This Is THE BEST THING I Can Do For Making More Money This Week…

(Before you start… 

… A few hours ago I was red with rage. I was in a mood to almost kill. I swear. 

But in those moments of deep rage – the dots connected. And I came with something that will change my life.

Not may…


So read on to discover what that is… the story behind it… and how you can use it too.

You’ll find something you’ve been looking for forever!)


Success is counter-intuitive… and predictable at the same time.

It sounds like a paradox, but it’s not. 

You see, the traditional methodology of a success is a combination of discipline and good habits. Wake up early. Do your bed. Eat your vegetables. Work your ass off. 

And that’s nice… but I’ve discovered most often than not that the real difference, the secret sauce is not something you’d normally put on a to do list. I’ve progressed in life more in vacations and in informal settings than in front of a laptop doing my work.

Sounds like heresy… and I thought the same way.

Until I’ve realised that the only heresy is to think that working really, really hard will get you really, really far. 

Hard work doesn’t equal success.

Leverage equals success. And leverage comes from intangibles like your network, strong bonds, courage to pursue goals that scare you, inspiration to do things differently, passion that ends up persuading others.

Most often than not…

… leverage is not something we think of.

And this is why I’ve replaced two very important goals this week… with getting a massage each day and finishing Star Wars, the entire series.

Crazy uh?

Now before you scream at me what an average performer I am and that I shouldn’t waste my time with shit like this… I’ll tell you that this will be my most productive week ever.


Because instead of grinding to the bone, staying in front of my laptop, trying not to fall asleep, just to finish one more task, 40% of my list involves stuff that is actually very pleasurable.

And once those pleasurable tasks finish… I’ll feel creative.

I’ll feel driven.

I’ll feel happy.

And 10 years of doing this thing, pursuing success, taught me that a gram of inspiration and happiness is far more leverage than a ton of hard work.

That when one is happy… 

He acts in ways that are counter-productive and creative and actually work.

He sees solutions where there were none before.

He approaches the world through the eyes of someone who sees everything as possible.

He gains LEVERAGE on himself… and soon, on others too, if that’s his goal.

You know why nobody sees this?

Because we’re programmed to associate hard work with success. In other words, if we work hard, we must be doing something right. So the more we work, the better it is.

But success is not hard work – success is achieving goals and goals can be achieved fast or slow, hard or easy. Ten years ago it would have taken me three weeks to accomplish what I can do now in a few hours… 

… and it’s no secret that in a very dark and depressive period of my life, I was earning a quarter of what I’m earning now… and I was working eight to nine hours a day, every day.

So yes…

I proclaim that the secret to my success this week lies NOT in hard driven discipline… not in will-power, not in forcing myself to do anything.

But in watching Star Wars… and having pretty girls massage my body with oil.

It’s an experiment but I can see. Something clicked in me. I was blind but now I see. It’s like Neo in the Matrix, when he finally started seeing the code. Now I see, how thousands of small snippets of info finally got together to tell me the truth.

So this week I have two relaxing goals…

And one health goal…

And two work goals…

And I bet you an arm and a leg and I’m very fond of both that by the end of the week, I’ll have achieved work-wise MORE than I’ve achieved in the last two – three, let’s raise the stakes…

… FOUR weeks combined.

And once I confirm my theory, I will make it a RULE, that no matter how difficult or easy my life is…

… I’ll always have 40% R&R goals, stuff that I’m looking forward too. I’m giving myself the desert directly.

How have I’ve came to this conclusion?

Someone had the bad inspiration to really fuck up my evening… but I should be grateful to her (no, not my girlfriend nor my mistress nor my second mistress nor the one I’m hiding from all three). 

She made me mad with rage… but in all that rage, I found wisdom.

The wisdom that said…

“Bro… you’re doing quite well and yet, all your life is only duty.

There’s nothing you look forward to.

Sure, you find joy in your goals… but you’re like playing a video game that never ends and there’s no reward at it.

You have the money – you also have the time… just give yourself ways to be inspired.

And most importantly…

What will make the biggest difference in your life will not be how hard you work… BUT…





The JOY…

You bring to your work.

You’re a writer’s for God’s sake… c’mon”

Yes… I do have dialogues with me like that. Sometimes out loud. Sometimes I talk to myself and I give myself advice.

Nobody said I’m normal…


Seven massages.

Six Star Wars movies.

These will be the KEY to unlocking my life towards the next level. And sure, some goals must be put on hold but it’s okay. I’ll survive.

Oh man… I never thought that I’ll find wisdom and inspiration in the darkest pits of rage, but I did.

And it’s beautiful.

So thank you you fucking haters. 

You just give me fuel for becoming the next version of myself.

Best regards,


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