How If You Master This One Skill, You’ll Be Able To GET MORE DONE, Accomplish More, Enjoy More Of Your Life And Actually Work Less And Have More Time For Yourself…


I don’t think you need to work harder.

You don’t need to wake up at 05:00 AM. You don’t need to work until your body can’t take it anymore. You don’t need to sacrifice weekends and holidays and everything else to get ahead in life.

All you need is focus.

I’ve reached a simple conclusion a long time ago – 24 hours are more than enough. If you spend them right, you can have enough money to afford anything you want… a healthy and fit body… and a fulfilling, loving relationship.

The thing is that we’re crappy at spending these 24 hours.

We’re like kids who got $1000 and will buy stuff at random in a shopping mall. We don’t ask ourselves what should we do with our time to get the biggest bang for the buck.

And this is where true leverage comes from – not from hard work but by doing what really needs to be done. And if you focus only on this – on those few precious tasks that are pushing your life forward, you will get ahead, you will succeed.

You’ll also have tons of free times on your hand.

Hard work is a myth. Successful people actually work very little because they have a rule – ignore all the low leverage activities and focus on the high leverage ones.

If they have five tasks, three of them worth $10/hour, one worth $50/hour and one worth $100/hour, they’ll focus on doing the $100 per hour… and if there’s time remaining, the $50/hour, but they’ll not do the remaining at all.

Where the unsuccessful people focus on getting everything done APART from what needs to be done at all. 

It’s like if I go and ask the average Joe right now…

Bro, why don’t you read more?

Bro, why don’t you go to the gym?

Bro, why don’t you take alone time to plan your life?

The most likely answer I’d get is “I know these are important but I don’t have the time”.

These are three extremely high leverage tasks… and he doesn’t have the time. But he has the time to do the dishes or to watch movies or to scroll on Facebook two hours a day.

He has the time… he’s just allocating it in the wrong areas.

I think everyone has enough time and money to grow. It’s just that most have really crappy decision making skills. They have two hours to spend with their friends at dinner but don’t have 15 minutes to read a chapter of a book.

Or better said, they consider the two hours at dinner more important (a higher priority) than the reading part. 

And because of this, their lives will not grow.

And unless you learn to prioritise and focus on what you want – you won’t grow either.


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