“I Don’t Know How To Write My Sales Copy –

Where Do I Start?”

Hmm… good question.

And the answer is always the same — with your prospect.

You start with what you know about him. What resonates. What makes this person tick.

You don’t know anything about your prospect? Then you go back to the research phase, because you can’t really sell something without understanding first to whom you’re selling.

This is why one of the first steps when writing something in a marketing form is to create a customer avatar. This is true if you’re doing long copy, FB ads, YT ads or anything else.

Your customer avatar is like a representation of your marketplace per totality. This sounds confusing so I’ll explain what this means.

Imagine you have a crowd of 1000 people in a really big room that would benefit from your product. These people come from all walks of life. Some are men. Some are women. Some are younger and some are older.

What you want to do is capture the common traits most of these people have. Even if they come from all walks of life and they’re unique individuals…

… they also have common beliefs, problems, desires, pains and you want to write those down.

Then, using those, you want to create a virtual customer, with a name, age, sex, psychology and SELL to that person. After all, you can’t sell to a group, you can sell to an individual. It’s not like people sit together in front of a computer buying, they buy alone.

The key here is to know where to stop…

… because the more traits you add, the less common they become.

I’ll give you an example in the dating niche…

“Have you ever saw a beautiful woman, wanted to say something to her but didn’t know what to say? You were afraid to look stupid so you’ve decided to just sit at your table and say nothing?”

This is 99.9% universal for all men.

It’s a good basis for a customer avatar.

But if I say…

“Have you ever been in a Mexican bar where you’ve seen the prettiest Mexican woman, but since she was surrounded by macho Mexican men, you had no idea what to say — out of fear of getting killed?”

Maybe from that 1000 people, a few experienced this…

… but it’s so uncommon (and specific) that it’s almost impossible to create a customer avatar out of this.

You want to focus on general, universal traits that people identify with, not highly specific ones that are true only to a few.

And once you write your customer avatar…

… every sentence you write, every headline you design, every bullet you put in your copy, it must feel like you’re writing to this imaginary person you’ve created.

If you write your customer avatar…

… then you don’t really need an idea to write your copy.

You won’t stare in front of your page asking what to do next.

It will come naturally. The words will simply flow on paper.

But if you are confused to whom you’re writing… or what that person wants, you’ll either stumble again and again or you’ll not be able to write a single line.

Personally, each time I’m stuck — it is because I don’t understand my customer avatar well enough.

But what if you come up with an avatar and then you’re still stuck?

Hmm… good question.

You just try to sell the product. Most people are stuck because they try to make it special. They want it to sound special or exciting or creative.

Creative is usually the enemy of good salesmanship.

Truth be told is that you don’t need a good approach or a creative angle. You need to sell. Sound fundamentals like features to benefits, benefits to outcome work a lot. Focusing on your mechanism (how you do it) to justify why he should try your solution also works.

Scarcity, price justifications, logical arguments, all work just fine.

You don’t need to come with a mind-blowing angle. Sometimes, you just have to sell the damn product, by focusing on what it will do for your prospect, why it is able to deliver and how his life will look like.

The thing with copywriting and sales is that people make it harder than it is supposed to be. You’re not supposed to get your prospect to say “wow, that’s so exciting and interesting, tell me more”.

You’re supposed to sell the product.

And if you’re talking to the right person…

… with the right offer and the right message, you’ll make the sale.

Does this make it clear?

Do you sometimes struggle writing your copy? What do you do then?

Let me know in the comments below, and if you’ve found this useful, hit that like button.

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