Why Compassion Makes You A Better Marketer… Copywriter… Entrepreneur… Significant Other… Friend… And Generally, Human Being.

I think that almost all problems between two human beings…

… in any situation whatsoever, comes down to one thing.

The lack of understanding, of seeing things through the eyes of the other person.

And you know — this is kind of a big deal, because the only way to persuade someone else is to actually look at things… the way they are looking at things.

It is to shut down your own biases and wants and opinions and ask yourself — what does this person want? What does this person fears? How does she feel about all of this?

What’s in her mind and heart?

Now… if you’re a hard core sales person, you may say that’s bullshit. And I don’t blame you. If I were you, I’d feel the same way. A big part of sales thinking is a “take no prisoner attitude” or “you’re either selling your product or you’re sold on why he can’t buy the product”.

And that may be true… I don’t know.

I don’t do one on one sale. I honestly believe you can pressure someone into buying and that it works fine. How ethical it is or isn’t, that’s not my concern.

But one thing I can tell you for sure…

… while you can pressure someone in person or on the phone, good luck trying to do that in print.

In print people don’t feel vulnerable. They’re quite in their comfort zone and can get rid of you in about 0.3 seconds by closing the page.

So while being a shark can and generally works in real life (shrug — it is what it is), online, employ empathy and compassion.

Online you have to turn down or even turn off completely your natural instinct to talk about what you want and what’s important to you. You need to stop talking about your interests and product and emotions.

Instead, you focus on the person in front of you.

You talk about him and when you talk about yourself, you do it only to create a bridge between you and him.

It’s like the basic rule of communication — focus on the other person. And while it is damn obvious (duh), very few people actually do this. Actually, most I know just talk about how good their product is and how they’ve worked really hard to develop it.

Which is fine… for one’s ego, but it won’t make sales.

You make sales when you show understanding, when you show care, when you SEEK TO UNDERSTAND your prospect instead of trying to sell him.

And once you understand…

… you also sell.

Now to be honest, if you want to kick ass in life, you don’t limit yourself to only copy. You do this when you design your product. When running traffic. When fulfilling orders.

The more you can stop thinking about your own life (aka being self absorbed) and you think of what the other person wants, the more you can sell.

And if you don’t understand people in general…

… and their irrational self-talk that occupies their attention almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it’s quite simple.

People think of themselves.

Of others think of them.

Of how to advance their goals and wants.

Of their health and joy and bliss.

Most people are more absorbed by a simple question like “what will I have for dinner tonight” than something like how to solve global warming. We are naturally self-absorbed beings…

… and this is where you start when you’re writing copy.

Now I also realise that while this seems easy, it is quite hard in practice.

It takes hard work to stop thinking of how you spent 50 weeks to develop your product… and that your prospect wants it cheaper, faster and of better quality than it is.

It’s easy to think your prospect is selfish and unfair, and to some degree — he is.

But it is simply the only real path to sales.

See through the eyes of your prospect and the sales will make themselves.

So, are you doing this? Are you trying to walk a mile into the shoes of your prospect before publishing your ads? Or are you just throwing them out there hoping that your product is good enough to make the sale by itself?

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