Here’s How To MAKE THE MOST Out Of Each Day… So You End Up The Happiest, Sexiest, Richest Version Of Yourself.

If you come to me and ask me…

“Razvan, what should I do to change my life?”

I wouldn’t know what to answer you. I mean, there are so many things to do and sometimes, I don’t know myself.

But I do have a mental model that you can employ of sorts, that I’ve learned from the entrepreneur Eben Pagan.

The first one is your “T” time.

You have talents and natural strengths. This is what you’re good at. For me it is writing and research. You may be good at communication or coaching or video or systems or whatever.

There are a few things, one or two maximum at which you’re a lot better than everything else.

Then you have value areas. What areas in your life you can invest to bring the highest value for you? Your natural talent may be to make great toast but if you run a marketing agency, I don’t know how that will help you.

Yet, if you are good at writing ads, far better than anything else and writing ads is considered a high leverage area in your company, then that’s your value area.

When you bring together your strength and potential for value creation, you have a “T Time activity”.

The second one is your “R” time.

You also have things that when you do makes you very relaxed and disconnected. Basically, they rejuvenate you, they renew you.

This can be running or fucking or reading or playing with your dogs or swimming or whatever is relevant to you. It can also be Netflix although I’m sure you can come with something better than that.

It’s like “active rest”, something you do that brings you joy and at the same time allows you to disconnect from work.

For me these are:

One — running.

Two — journaling.

Three — reading.

Once you’ve defined your T and R activities, you want to fill your day with them. That’s all. That’s how you live a meaningful life.

You want to do as much of meaningful, value generating work built around your strengths and you want to rest and renew in the most effective manner possible for you.

Ideally, you combine these two. You work hard on an area that creates massive value and then you rest using your favourite and most effective renewal activity. Your schedule will then go up and down, intense effort and intense relaxation until the day is finished.

And that’s how you win the day.

And when you win day after day, you win the week.

Good weeks makes for good months.

Good months make for good years and so on, up to a good life.

The more time you invest in these two activities, the more wonderful outcomes you create.

This is not the only paradigm, it’s just a very effective one.

This is how I build my days.

I have 12 big activities in any given day.

ONE — My three most important tasks.

TWO — The daily experience.

THREE — Happy, joyful meals.

FOUR — Two articles a day (what you’re reading now)

FIVE — Love someone.

SIX — Journal about what’s good in my day.

SEVEN — Handwriting journal.

EIGHT — Study business for one hour.

NINE — Groom and dress nice.

TEN — Meditation.

ELEVEN — Prepare for sleep.

TWELVE — Walk 10.000 steps.

Yours will be different than mine. This is what works for me, and there is a balance between T and R activities in my day.

Another approach you can take is the one from Stephen Covey…

… the four quadrants.

This is when you create a 2 x 2 table, with “IMPORTANT, NOT IMPORTANT, URGENT, NOT URGENT”.

So you’ll have:

Important and urgent (1)

Important and not urgent (2)

Not important and urgent (3)

Not important and not urgent (4)

You aim to do as much as possible from one and two.

Or you can prioritise based on value.

You have:

High lifetime value (1)

High monetary value (2)

Low monetary value (3)

Low lifetime value (4)

When you build each day around this principle, of prioritisation, and you do what’s good for you, you make things happen. You end up accomplishing big goals because you make constant, meaningful progress towards them.

None of these days will change your life completely by itself. It doesn’t work like this. You don’t become overnight wise or overnight success. But do enough of these days, even if you only do your best (and that’s the most anyone could ask of you) and you’ll see even the hardest nuts crack under your efforts.

You’ll accomplish any goal, no matter how challenging.

So tell me — are you prioritising whatever is most important every single day? What’s your way of doing it? And if you’ve read the entire article, click like. I’m curious to see how many people actually read from start to finish.

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