How To Make Your Customers FALL IN LOVE With You…

… By Giving Them The THREE Experiences They Want Most.

(Warning — If you do this, you may end up with rabid customers who will nag you to keep selling them things…)

Question — how do you meet a significant other?

Well, assuming you’re a man, like me…

… you first meet the girl.

You may meet her on the street, at a pub, at a library or even on Facebook.

Then you go out on a date with her.

And then you kiss her, sleep with her and become a couple — right?

The same is true with the customer — and in a way, I want you to DATE YOUR CUSTOMERS.

I want you to look at the relationship you have with the people who pay you money and keep your business alive the same way you’d look at a relationship.

And this is…

FIRST — Get attention.

SECOND — Give them a joyful experience.

THIRD — Support them to achieve what they want and to fix their problems.

And if you do this…

… you’ll have a healthy, well converting sales funnel and business.

So let me explain to you every step okay… and then how all of this fits together.

ONE — Get attention.

Your prospect doesn’t know you exist. He doesn’t care much about you.

He has no idea the hundreds of hours you’ve invested in developing your product or how much you’ve sacrificed to give him a good offer.

He just knows he has a problem…

… and needs to fix this problem.

And he’s going through life, him without knowing about you, you without knowing about him until he comes across your offer.

This may be a Facebook ad… or a sales copy… or a telemarketing call… or a banner ad… or anything else.

You attract him with a good story…

… or a headline that acknowledges what he feels, or an offer that solves his biggest problem.

Basically you’re telling him…

… “Hey, I know you have this problem. Look here, I have a solution for you and I want to give you something of value for free”.

This is the first sale — the readership sale.

From here you move to selling the product and the first phase ends when he buys your stuff.

TWO — Give a good experience.

This is tricky for most people…

… you know, your marketing isn’t just your sales copy.

It is everything.

From the first moment he makes contact with you, to how fast the product is delivered, customer support and last but certainly not least, the product itself.

Yes — your own product is a marketing material and I’m not talking here about using your product to upsell something else.

But in order for your customer to buy again — to buy your upsell or whatever you sell into the future, he needs to actually use it and get results.

And if the product is hard to use…

… or the experience is painful, then he’ll dislike the product or not use it at all.

Imagine this…

You buy a gym membership. Then you discover it takes forever to get there.

You get there, no parking spaces. You go up and they don’t provide locks for the lockers. The temperature in the gym is too hot. It’s also a bit dirty.

You could get the benefit of working out but the experience is poor, so you’ll likely not do it.

So when you design a product, the product itself must be easy and joyful to use. You must sell not only buying the product but the usage of the product.

Your responsibility doesn’t end in the moment he hits buy. You’ve persuaded him to buy, but now you need to persuade him to use it — that is if you want him to buy again in the future.

So all points of contact with you and the product — how to use it, how long it takes, how he gets support and so on, must be simple and easy.

It’s like why I use iPhones for a very long time… because when I use an iPhone, it works fine. When I use an Android, bad shit happens. I’m sure Android is more capable but IOS sells me on actually using the phone.

So if you have a brilliant product that’s hard to use… or frustrating… then you’ve lost the game. He’ll never buy again from you.

And the goal of the game isn’t to make one sale…

… the goal of the game is to have a CUSTOMER FOR LIFE.

So give him a proper experience…

… be the Apple of your field.

THREE — Take her by the end.

You’ve sold her on buying your product.

You’ve sold her on using your product.

Now you must make sure she gets results.

And this is a consequence of many things — like how good your product is, how well you’ve designed it and how well you’ve taught it.

It may sound unfair, after all, what are you — their parent?

But it is what it is — if you want to make a lot of money, you need to make sure the customer gets a good result and a good experience too.

Taking her by the hand is mostly a function of creating something that works… and which will give results as soon as possible.

You must give your prospect small wins… or she’ll lose faith.

It’s one thing to say “do this and in 18 months you’ll make $10.000 per month”. Maybe it is true and it is reasonable to work 18 months to get to $10k per month for most people but it is such a far away result it is hard to stick to it.

It’s another when you say — follow my steps exactly and you’ll make your first $500 in a week. Even if $500 isn’t that much, it is a win.

And a win proves it works.

And a win promises other wins are coming.

These are the three big steps.

Get her attention.

Give her a nice experience.

Take her by the end to the results land.

And the closer you give the result, the better you’ll do. People don’t want to learn something, don’t want to be guided as much they want results.

I mean, I don’t sell copywriting, I sell sales, nobody really cares about the words I write. The real commodity here is conversion through my work but nonetheless, it is intangible.


Get attention.

Give a proper, joyful experience.

Take her by the end to the point where she gets results.

Are you already using this framework in your own business?

If not, how will you apply these three steps in your own sales, marketing and value fulfilment process?

Let me know and hit that like button if you’ve found this useful.

Best regards,


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