A $4 Lesson In Letting It Go…

Something so strange happened this evening…

… and stay with me because this lesson is something you need to hear.

You need to know it especially if you suffer a lot in your life.

So I was at a coffee shop and ordered some quesadilla.

It was awful so I’ve stopped eating mid-way. I also told myself I can’t get any work done here so I wanted to leave.

I pay and I get my change. I say thank you and she takes the change back. The change was almost as much as the bill.

For a moment I was like — what the fuck?

Should I tell her?

I just left.

It was like $4 USD.

And as I left this bothered me. It made me upset.

It wasn’t that $4 matters… but that I lost $4 without actually wanting to pay them. And in that moment I told myself something important, something you must hear.

I said…

“Razvan, look…

… it’s done.

You either go back and tell her which we both know you won’t or you let it go. You have important things to do. You have that Facebook ad to write. Let it go. It’s $4 damn dollars. You’ve lost more money out of your pocket than that.

You can make that money in like two minutes of work”.

I took a deep breathe and decided to let it go…

… and not let it upset me.

And this is the lesson — the rare skill of letting shit go, a skill that nobody taught us.

It’s easy for you, for me, for everyone to get worked up about things that happen to us, especially when those things are unfair.

To get worked up about how we’ve been cheated or treated unfairly…

… and sometimes, you are right.

You’ve been treated unfairly.

But the question isn’t about that.

The questions are…

ONE — is it worth it to even think about it?

I’m saying this because while there is a loss, there is also an opportunity cost.

Me losing $4 is a small loss. Me losing even half an hour thinking about this is a huge loss.

It’s like bad things happen…

… but the echos that event creates tend to hurt us and affect us more than the event itself.

It took me a long time to understand this, that the emotional consequence of something that happens (aka feeling upset) is almost always more damaging than the event itself.

And TWO — It is kinda useless to cry after spilled milk.

Bad things happen…

… and that’s the entire story.

Sure, you can think of 150 ways you could have done things differently…

… but you don’t get to exercise those choices.

So either do something to make things better from now on or let it go. There isn’t any single other option.

If there is one lesson I’m learning as I’m growing up is to stop getting worked out about small things.

To become quite “not caring” about most things.

I focus on my goals and my vision for my future and I execute it on a day to day basis.

People will be rude.

Some will be assholes.

Sometimes waiters will make me scratch my head.

Phones break.

Computers break.

Planes are missed.

And it’s unfortunate any of that happens — but the goal is always the same, shrug, smile, get back on track and win the day.

So, are you getting attached to stuff in your life? When something bad happens, do you sometimes feel it is capturing all your attention and hurting you more through this than the event itself?

Let me know how you deal with it below — and please hit that like button.

Thank you,


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