Huge A-HA moments that are changing my life…

8th of July 2019 – I am not enough and that’s the best thing I can say to free myself from pain. I admit it. I want more than I’m capable of. I want to “write cheques I can’t cover”. This is true professionally and personally. I am not enough. I am like a student that got admitted to Harvard and now he is struggling to even stay in school – because yeah, I’m playing in the big league now.

And that’s fine. I admit it. I’m barely passing. But… I can grow. I can improve. I am not enough… but I can become enough. There are people out there who can help me grow. People who can help me get fit. Books to help me become smarter. Courses to develop key skills. My limitations are not fixed. My limitations are easily fixed by setting growth goals and accomplishing them.

Take my physique for example. I’m not enough to attract the kind of girls that I like. But I do have money for a personal trainer and I’m good at taking pain session after session. And my body will improve. It may take three months or one year or two years but I’ll get there. 

Or let’s take FB ads. I’m a direct response copywriter and I have a lot of habits from there but I do have access to education that could make me the best FB ad copywriter in Europe or even the world. Well, maybe not the world but top 10% worldwide anyway. 

I am NOT ENOUGH but there are MEANS TO GROW and most if not all are EASILY AVAILABLE for me to access. It’s not like I was born with a stupid brain or that I have something I can’t fix. Fat I can burn. Skills I can develop. Everything is flexible, all my limitations can be eliminated. 

But I am getting what I am getting right now in my life because this is my level of development as a person. It is not mistake. I’m doing good but not amazing because I’m good but not amazing. So yes. I will yell it loud and clear – I AM NOT ENOUGH BUT I CAN BECOME GOOD, EVEN GREAT. I can set daily goals and weekly goals and monthly goals and storm through my limitations. And just like this, the truth sets me free.