My name is Razvan Rogoz.

I am a direct response copywriter.

This means that I write results oriented copy which is measured by how much it sells. I am experienced in most B2C (business to consumer) fields but as of this year (2017) I am focusing almost exclusively on self-improvement niches.

My reason for doing this is simple. While for a copywriter most of the opportunities are found in the business opportunity field, I have made the decision to promote only products I believe in. I know that most biz op products are flawed and I refuse to operate in such a field.

This leads to a second question – why self-improvement and not fitness or any other field?

I have about 300 – 350 answers for this, which is the number of books I have read, most being in the self-improvement field. I have built my life on the wisdom of giants like Earl Nightingale, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn and many more.

I know that the person I am now is based on reading and listening to these people. I am living a wonderful life of freedom, love, joy and gratitude and this was done by being mentored through books, audiobooks and courses in the self-improvement field.

Most of my experience is outside the self-improvement field. Compared to the total number of entrepreneurs I have helped, writing for this field ranks third or fourth. However, after a long time of doing things I wasn’t particularly interested in, I have decided to combine my two biggest passions in life – self improvement and copywriting. 

I can help you sell more effectively. You need good copy in order to help people. You know very well that most people do not act in their best interest and will delay the decision to improve an aspect of their life as long as possible. You know that people are far more willing to spend money on something that harms them long term than on something that helps them.

This is where I’m helping you. I’m writing in a persuasive manner so you can help people. If you product is good and it is empowering others (the only case in which we’ll work together), I’m going to help you reach and persuade as many people to use it in order to improve their life. I’m not helping you sell. I’m helping your market take the decision to help themselves.

Take a look over this blog. Look at my products and services. If (1) you have a good product (2) you can afford an above average investment, then please use this page to book a call with me. The first 30 minutes are completely free and we’ll discuss how I can help you.

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At this moment I’m in East Asia. I am traveling around the world. My time zone changes often but for all intents and purposes, I’m in the time zone UTC+8 (Taipei Local Time).

Best regards,
Razvan Rogoz
The Self-Improvement Copywriter

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