The Easy Way Will Always Be There For You


Let me tell you a secret that for some of you, may not be a secret at all.

The easy way is always available for you. No matter where you are in your life, there is a way to do something that goes against your goals and interests. There is always a burger joint ready to sell you cheap and delicious food. There are video games for dollars that are scientifically designed to keep you hooked to your computer, phone or tablet for hours or days in a row. There are hundreds of TV shows available for pay and for free to distract you from what really matters in your life. read more

Are You Facing A Problem? Perfect! It Is Your Opportunity To Grow.


I have a theory. My theory is that when you are facing a big challenge, your level of performance increases dramatically. You adapt to the new requirements. You grow in order to meet this new problem heads-on.

I am saying this because I am an avid record keeper. I know how much I work and how much I earn. I know at what hour I wake up in the morning and how much I run in a given week.

I’m started to see a trend, something I wasn’t looking for. When I have a big problem in my life where there is urgency, anxiety and even some degree of pain, my performance rises considerably. The best weeks are those in which I’m actively trying to fight some kind of fire, to accomplish a goal that I never faced before. read more

Looking For Approval Leads To Bad Decisions


It is a funny thing how childhood affects who we are as adults.

I’m going to give you an example. I rarely haggle. I usually pay the full price. Even when this seems unfair, I still do it. I don’t do it because I have too much money available. I’m doing it because I don’t want to look as a cheapstake to others. I’m looking approval and I’ve been looking approval since I was a child. I wanted people to like me so I would do extra efforts to act in a cool way. And a cool person, never haggles. He pays more than it is worth, not less. read more

Fear & Society Constructs And Why You Being Weak Is Great For The Greater Good …


Here’s the thing about fear.

Fear paralyzes. You find out that you have a problem. It is not that different from all other problems you have with a twist. This time, you know the consequences. Do this or that happens. So can be said about any other project in your life, from paying your rent to exercising but problems tend to have some form of clarity to them.

It puts you in a place and holds you there. It depresses you. It makes you believe you have made one step forward and now you are taking ten steps back. It is the emotional equivalent of building a house and then one room burning, having to rebuild that certain room. read more

The “Purgatory” Period In Your Personal Development

I tend to believe that when it comes to success, whatever success may mean for you, you will fall into a grey area that I call a “purgatory”. It is the area between your old life and your new one. Let me explain.

You have a goal. For this example, your goal is to become a world class marathon runner. You love running. You dream, sleep, fantasize about running. When you are done running, you feel sorry and you want to do it again. When you have to take a day off, you feel withdrawal pains. This is the kind of dedication and persistence required to reach the top 10% in any field, no matter if you want to be a world class doctor or to break the record for the fastest marathon in your home country. read more

The Hidden Benefits Of Screwing Up In Life


I have noticed an interesting trend. In my life, I would engage in destructive behaviors until I see the consequences of my behaviors. I have technically failed forward in my life, because every major mistake and subsequent consequence would bring me the leverage to make a major life change.

Let’s take smoking. I have quit smoking for over a year. Yes, I have smoked now and then but I can say that I have smoked two ciggarates in the last six months. I’ve done that out of boredom than out of any real need to smoke. My body is generally as nicotine free as it can be and I have enough leverage on myself to not get into a cycle of addiction even if I will borrow a cigarette from you. read more

“Why People Do What They Do … And How This Influences Your Copywriting Project”


Most people do not take decisions that make sense. It is said that 95% of any group will take decisions because it sounds nice, it feels right or the outcome that may come out of that decision looks good. All are emotional estimations. On a more technical level, it is about the tone of voice your self-talk (inner voice) is using when thinking about this / the feelings it triggers in your body based on your map of beliefs or the pictures you imagine in your mind.

The other 5% are said to be overly analytical type that take data driven decisions, similar to how an accountant would balance a budget. read more

“The Modular Way Of Learning How To Write Good Copy”


There are basically two ways of learning something.

The first one is to take a big picture approach. When you read ten books on the topic, you are doing this. You end up reading about the same problem from different perspectives and you make your own connections in your mind. It’s similar to working on the job. You notice the “map” of how something is done.

This is my favorite method. I read a lot but I don’t take notes. Each book teaches me something new and this generally connects with what I’ve learned before. I treat learning as a garden in which I’m throwing seeds after seeds. It’s not the most effective method but it is the most time efficient one – as I can study anywhere in almost any circumstances. I guess you can call this learning by osmosis. read more

“The Fantasy Error – The Biggest Mistake Done By Beginner Copywriters”


There’s a joke in the start-up world. It goes like this …

“If only the market would have read our business plan and followed it to the letter. Then everything would have worked out perfectly.”

This is the engineer type of thinking. If everything made sense in the schematic, then the engine must work. If it doesn’t work, then it is the fault of the engine, as we’ve followed the schematic.

Yes, it’s a quite moronic way of looking at life but it’s something we do all the time. We make a plan or we have some image of how something is supposed to happen and then when it doesn’t happen, we dismiss the only thing that can’t be dismissed – market data instead of our initial assumptions. read more

“Five Things I’ve Learned From My Successes As A Direct Response Copywriter & Marketer”


In my last article, I’ve explained what I’ve learned from my failures. In this one, I’m doing the opposite – explaining what my victories taught me. To be honest, this is a lot harder, because a lot of things happened in very specific circumstances and I do not know if they would happen otherwise. So for all intents and purposes, I’m sticking to universal, evergreen principles.

Principle #1 – Networking matters

No matter if you are a copywriter or a product developer or a marketer, you need other people. It is too slow and sometimes too hard to do everything yourself. Building a list of 10000 people may take you two years but if you find someone who has such a huge list and you offer a win – win deal, you can build it in three months. read more