Why Your Customer Needs Should Come First!

I’d like to talk with you about customers.

This is something I preach but I don’t do. It’s one of my biggest challenges.

If you’re like me and most people, you see customers and other people as tools. As numbers, metrics. You seem them as entitled brats impossible to deal with, irrational, want only free stuff, don’t want to pay for shit and are the obstacle between you and your money.

And this is true. Customers are feeling entitled to get a lot of value for almost nothing – just as we feel entitled to get their money for doing nothing at all in exchange. It’s not that their jerks. We’re all jerks. Click Here To Read More!

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The Reality Check You Must Go Through Before Writing Copy

In writing good copy, you may need a reality check.

This means you have no idea how your marketplace talks… or what. So I suggest a simple experiment.

Get in your car or bus and go to the nearest shopping mall. Then find a seat and listen to what people speak. Don’t do it as a stalker or as the American psycho but in a discrete, “I’m playing on my phone” type of way.

You’ll learn something important and that most people are not the way you think they are. They don’t talk about their goals or anything important. Click Here To Read More!

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Don’t Even Dare Write Your Copy Before Refining Your Magnetic Message!


So let’s say you’re trying to sell me a fitness product.

If you’re an amateur, you’ll tell me you have a way for me to get in shape. If you’re better, then you have a way for me to lose a few pounds.

But that’s not what I want. I don’t want to get in shape. I want a deeper emotional benefit. I want to go on the beach, take my t-shirt off and all the girls to stare at me, some to even smile. I want their boyfriends to be upset because they’re more interested in me than them. I want to feel validated and special and to have people approach me. Click Here To Read More!

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How I’ve Stopped Worrying About Results And Started Loving Copywriting


In the past, as a direct response copywriter I used to worry almost every day.

  • What if my client does not like my work?
  • What if it bombs?
  • What if I’ve missed some errors there?
  • What if I could have done a better job?
  • What if I don’t get paid?

For this reason, I have grey hair. I’m 27.

For all intents and purposes, my intentions were good. I expected a lot from me. I have an A type personality and I’m not patient with other people’s mistake … especially mine.

However, eventually I’ve discovered that worrying about the results that your work produces is the most useless and soul destroying activity you can engage in. Why?

Think about it for a second. I post this. Can I force you to read it? To like it? To comment on it? No. I don’t control this. This is not Orwell’s 1984. I don’t have a mind controlling device. All I can do is do my best. Is to write, post and see what happens. Click Here To Read More!

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Why It Pays To Be A Bad Boy When Selling Through Copywriting …


Imagine that you’re buying a weight loss product. Which one of these two benefits make more sense to you?

“You’ll receive a holistic solution that will balance your body so your body will automatically burn more calories”.

OR …

“I’m going to teach you a five minute technique that allows you lose weight even when you sleep, by burning calories 24 hours a day, seven days a week”.

The first example is what most copywriters would use. It sounds fancy, it makes the product owner say “yes, yes, that’s true, I like how this makes my product appear” and … it is completely useless. Click Here To Read More!

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Here’s What It Really Takes To Succeed As A Copywriter …


I have a feeling that most glamorize the life of a copywriter or a marketing consultant. After all, how hard is it to sit at home, with a computer in front of you and write? You can do this in your underwear, you can take a break whenever you want, you can even sit with a can of beer in front of you and sip between writing headlines.

Well … it’s not really like that.

It takes a lot more effort, focus and generally, drive than you’d need in a position of employment. This is because while a boss will pay you no matter what, as a copywriter you eat what you hunt. Yes, you generally do a lot better and you have a lot more freedom in your lifestyle, but you are also required a lot more. Click Here To Read More!

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Your Prospect Wants To Run AWAY From You!


Selling and life have a big thing in common.

When it comes to goals be it a slim and sexy body … or a bank account that makes them grim every time they look their statements … or a happy loved filled marriage combined with the sex life of “Fifty Shades of Grey … most people think that these goals will come easily to them, that the entire universe conspires to make them fit, rich and sexy.

After all, it is an easy enough belief to fall into – it appeals to our desire of instant gratification and after all, why work for something when at least theoretically, if we desire it long and hard enough, it will come to us? Click Here To Read More!

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Why Hiring A Copywriter Is More Challenging Than You Think


I’m going on a bit of a rant today.

You see, most copywriters do suck … and suck hard. Investing in most copywriters is just draining money down the toilet. You have better chances making sales by copying a letter of your competitor and changing a few details than 80% of all people out there.

The sad part is that some of them charge $100 for a sales letter … while others charge $1000 and even $2500. Since it’s hard to make the difference between what works and what doesn’t if you’re not an experienced buyer, way too many people fall into the trap of hiring someone they like and get zero ROI on their investment. Click Here To Read More!

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What Are Advertorials And Why Should You Start Using Them.


Advertorials deserve a special place in copywriting’s heaven. In the past, they were amongst the most effective forms of advertising. This is because an advertorial is an ad disguised as something offering valuable information. Instead of screaming “I’m an ad, I want to sell you something”, it educates and persuades you at the same time.

While some may argue with this, advertorials spanned an entire new school of marketing. The best known is the catalog copy. This would be a small magazine containing both articles and ads. You can find them on every plane or receive them in your mail from direct mail companies. Click Here To Read More!

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Why Copywriting Is Like Judo, Not Like Kung-Fu


I feel the need to confess (to) something.

I’ve read many copywriting books. I estimate about 60 – 70 so far. I do this because I love to learn. I know that some of the best copywriters in the world don’t read that much but this is my fix. Some people take drugs, others sleep with random strangers in Vegas while I read self-improvement and business books.

Yet, while I’ve educated myself considerably on the topic, I’ve failed many times. When I’ve failed, I’ve blamed the marketplace, I’ve blamed the product or I’ve blamed the other person. And if you were in my place and if you had dealt with some of the products that I’ve tried to sell, you’d agree with this. Click Here To Read More!

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