“How Smart Entrepreneurs Use The Power Of Bonuses & Premiums To Close The Deal”

Dear friend & reader,

There is one thing you can do right now which will boost your conversion rate. It is almost guaranteed. It taps into the basic human nature and I’ve used it successfully both for myself and for others.

It is simple – add bonuses to your offer.

When it comes to sales, bonuses alone won’t sell your product. However, bonuses are directly correlated with your closing rate, in other words, decisions to buy. The more you add of them, the more valuable they are to your market, the easier you are going to close the sale.

This is because we, as people, love getting free stuff. We like to pay for something and get something extra. This is present everywhere – be it that we get a Cola with our burger, headsets with our new iPhone or a free dinner at a fancy restaurant when you participate to a workshop.

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“You’re Undercharging And Over-Delivering. Learn Why You Need To Charge MORE Right Now!”

Dear friend and reader,

I’m writing this post for self-improvement authors, trainers and coaches that have been in this field for a while already but are disappointed with their results. If you are just starting out, this may help you but my primary focus is on those that already put a minimum of one year in this field.

This world taught me something not very empowering. This is that you’re supposed to accept who you are, what you can achieve and be happy in your small box. It taught me that “you must” accept faith and that if things have always been in a certain way, things always must be in that way. I’ve learned that consistency for many is a virtue, even when consistency is actually the biggest obstacle that keeps you back.

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“How To Stand Out In Your Marketplace While Remaining 100% True To Yourself – A Lesson In Positioning”

Dear friend and reader,

When it comes to launching your products or services, there are two schools of thoughts. The first one is follow your passion, doing exactly what you feel like doing. The second one is to come with a highly specialized positioning, something that nobody in the market is offering. Neither are true or very valuable, as I’m going to explain below.

Let’s start with the most common advice – follow your passion. This is a good advice. The reason I’m in this niche now, helping self-improvement entrepreneurs is my decision to follow my passion first even if I’m in a less profitable market compared to before. However, your passion must provide commercial value to your marketplace. If your passion is something that nobody is willing to buy, then you have an hobby but not a business. You know what is another passion of mine? Video game development. I am not very keen on playing video games but I enjoy coding and building interactive stories through video games. However, as my skills are not at the level where I can do this competitively, it is just a hobby and not a business.

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“Do This Simple STRATEGIC TWEAK And You’ll Double Your Profits & Cut Your Work Time In Half!”

Dear reader,

I’m sharing with you a secret now that if you understand, it is going to earn you millions. It will cut your working time in half, it will make your self-improvement business effortless and it will bring you a sense of satisfaction that you’ve never experienced before.

This is the most important and most obvious secret in marketing. It is no rocket science and yet, nine out of ten entrepreneurs fail this simply rule.

The rule is … Go to where your market actually is!

Let me put it this way. Most entrepreneurs try to pitch to everyone except the people that want to buy. They try to convince their friends, their relatives, their network to buy when they’re not interested in buying … while ignoring a huge army of people that have the money, have the interest and actually are aware of the problem you’re trying to solve.

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“The Two Secrets You Can Use To Become Rich & Extremely Popular In The Self-Improvement Field”

Dear reader,

Look, being a self-improvement coach or trainer is very popular nowadays. It doesn’t require a lot of accreditations (or any) and anyone can do it. This means that the market is very competitive and to be honest, everyone and his grandma is now a self-improvement coach. Most are broke and have nothing to actually show, in terms of results, but that’s another story.

My point is that you need to find a way to stand out. This is a field where you really must know what you’re doing when it comes to marketing. Most are oblivious to this fact. They think that if their heart is pure and just want to help people, millions will flock to their website and place orders. These are the first to give up this field and start searching for another job.

From 100 people, 90 bring nothing but good intentions. There is no positioning, there is no strategy, there is no USP (unique selling proposition). Most entered this field because someone told them “you’re really good at motivating people, you should build a business out of this”. This is true. If you like people and you’re good at inspiring them, then this is a good field for you. But getting thanks and appreciation is very, very different from getting paid. It is easy to say “you’re great”, it is a lot harder to get $100 instead.

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“Your Job Is To Make Your BEST PROSPECTS & CUSTOMERS Happy, Not Your Haters!”

Dear reader,

I’ve got a problem with most self-improvement marketers and digital marketers in general. They’re playing it safe. They don’t want to offend their marketplace. They feel like if they’d promote more aggressive, people would be mad.

I think, in all honesty, that this is stupid. The people who need your stuff and who want to buy are happy to hear from you. You can mail them ten times a day. Believe me, when I’m on a mailing list that is of actual interest to me, I’m reading all the emails that are being sent. I’m looking forward to them. I’m saying to myself “I wonder what this guy sent me this time”. I don’t care I’m being mailed twice or three times a day. I’m his ideal prospect and that’s what you should target.

Look, let’s get something clear. When you’re launching something, be it a service or a product, you’ll get four categories of people. The first category are your ideal prospects. They want to buy. They know that they need your stuff. They’re very close to pressing the “Buy Now” button and they’re going to press it, either on your site or your competitor.

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“If You Ignore This, You’ll Die Poor. I Guarantee This.”

Dear reader,

Here’s the question I’m asking you to ponder today – are you having a job or are you having a business? I’ve met quite a lot of solopreneurs, people who work by themselves. Some are very successful. They live the life of their dreams. They are enjoying all the perks of showing the middle finger to their boss. Others are more stressed and pressured than when they were working for someone else.

And now I’m asking you this – as a coach, trainer or self-improvement entrepreneur, are you owning a job or are you owning a business? To make this clear, I’m going to ask you where are you spending most of your time, earning money now or earning money in the future? This is a trick question though so don’t rush with an answer.

Let’s say I’m starting a new business. Selling on customers, giving coaching sessions, trading my time for money is all a way to earn money now. It is cash-flow. It is a J.O.B. no matter if I want to name it like this or not. It may be a high paying job but I’m eating what I’m hunting. If I’m making the sales, I put food in my belly, if I’m not, then I guess it is time for fasting. Most coaches and trainers are in this category. They are getting paid by customers for services delivered, paid at point of delivery. This means that I’m coming to you, I’m getting one hour of coaching and I’m paying you $100 at the end. Simple.

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“Are You A Real Entrepreneur Or You’re Just Pretending To Be One?”

Dear reader,

Some time ago, I’ve worked with a self development coach. She is an amazing person. She had some great materials in which she put a lot of energy and love. She created more content than most people I’ve seen. Yet, the problem was that she wasn’t making any sales. Her focus was on helping her market, creating quality content but there was almost no cash-flow whatsoever. She was so focused of building the best things out there that she forgot the purpose of a business, to generate income.

I have been in this situation too. On my old version of this blog, I had over 300 blog posts. On my Facebook page, I’ve posted at least 1000 high quality posts on self-improvement and self-development. I must have gotten at least 10.000 likes from my interactions but I’ve never linked them to cash-flow. I’ve never promoted an affiliate product or a service.

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“Use Your Cojones When Selling And Stop Fearing That People Won’t Like You!”

Dear reader,

I’ve met my fair share of authors and trainers in the self-development niche. Most were copywriting customers. In one case, I’ve dated a young lady owning such a company. These people come from all walks of life. Some are established entrepreneurs who want to make a difference. Others have no track-record whatsoever but decided to make a career as a personal coach.

In the photo above, I was just returning from a free seminar where the content was amazing but the speaker had zero skills in actually selling. You’ll see in a second why this is the most important message you’ll have to read.

I’m okay with both options. While my coaches and trainers have always been people who have walked the talked and their own life was a perfect example of what they were preaching, anyone has a chance to make it big into the self-improvement field.

Background doesn’t make a big difference or a difference at all. What does make a huge difference is how they see themselves. All successful ones sold with confidence and conviction. All unsuccessful ones sold from their heels. This means that they were scared in pushing for the sale and rather sell from a place of uncertainty and insecurity.

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“Hoping That They’ll Buy Is A Losing Strategy! Start Valuing Yourself & Your Time By Selling Effectively!”

Hello dear friend and reader,

I have took this photo in Hong Kong.

It is an amazing place. What is even more amazing is that this place was built in a deliberate and strategic manner. Nobody found oil here. For all intents and purposes, when the British took the island, it was just a barren rock. Now, it is one of the Asian Tigers, one of the most powerful economic forces in East Asia.

I’m saying this because too many self-improvement authors and especially coaches use hope as a strategy. I have done this too as a copywriter. I have created hundreds of articles on my old blog and I have gave all of them for free. I have developed tens of eBooks and I haven’t charged for a single one of them. I gave my time for free, to anyone who needed some advice and people rarely bought anything.

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