Stop Undercutting Your Prices

Howdy mate!

How are you? Are you kicking ass? Are you having great day? Mine surely is great. I’ve just finished my morning routine, during which I’ve got some great ideas (including a grid based goal setting approach) and some general life improvement ideas from Brian Tracy.

Today’s post is about copywriting but before this, let me cover something. All my life I had a very heated love / hate relationship with to-do lists. I always thought that a new piece of software can help me become more productive. I’ve tried GTD, I’ve tried Stephen Covey, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars in planners and software and more. read more

The Value Of Emotional Pricing

Dear friend & reader,

There is one thing you can do right now which will boost your conversion rate. It is almost guaranteed. It taps into the basic human nature and I’ve used it successfully both for myself and for others.

It is simple – add bonuses to your offer.

When it comes to sales, bonuses alone won’t sell your product. However, bonuses are directly correlated with your closing rate, in other words, decisions to buy. The more you add of them, the more valuable they are to your market, the easier you are going to close the sale. read more

Why You (Likely) Need To Charge More Now

Dear friend and reader,

I’m writing this post for self-improvement authors, trainers and coaches that have been in this field for a while already but are disappointed with their results. If you are just starting out, this may help you but my primary focus is on those that already put a minimum of one year in this field.

This world taught me something not very empowering. This is that you’re supposed to accept who you are, what you can achieve and be happy in your small box. It taught me that “you must” accept faith and that if things have always been in a certain way, things always must be in that way. I’ve learned that consistency for many is a virtue, even when consistency is actually the biggest obstacle that keeps you back. read more