You Don’t Need To Be An Amazing Writer…


Good copywriters are not amazing writers. Nor should they be. This is because copywriting is not creative writing. It is not literature. You’re not writing for the sake of writing itself.

Writing is just a medium of expression. This means you use it to accomplish a goal, which is to sell or to get him to take some kind of action.

And you know what’s the irony here?

Almost all amateur copywriters think they need to learn how to write better. Writing better makes your copy worse because you’ll focus on the quality of your writing. You’ll try to sound interesting and to make your copy read like great literature. And this will just distract the prospect from the emotional and logical rollercoaster required to make the sale. Click Here To Read More!

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Why You Should Read From A Marketing Book Every Day …


I believe you should read every day. I believe in the long term, this is the best investment you can do.

And if you want to become an amazing copywriter and marketer, read from a book on copywriting on marketing daily.

This goes against common wisdom.

Common wisdom says “no, reading is mental masturbation, real entrepreneurs do”. And yes, this is true. Real entrepreneurs focus on execution and speed of implementation matters most.

However, there is one part that nobody tells you about.

You are NOT replacing execution with studying. You are not doing what so many people do on Warrior Forum, just jumping from one shiny object to another. Click Here To Read More!

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Want To Write Better Copy? Become A Better Communicator!


I strongly believe if you want to become a better copywriter, you need not become a better writer.

You need to become a better communicator.

This is a different skill because writing is mostly a function of rhetorics. You learn how to express your ideas in a better manner. Communication, on the other side, has everything to do with empathy and seeing the world through the eyes of another person than with impressing them with your ideas.

And this is something that took me a long time to understand in copywriting. Good copy is not measured by the quality of your ideas and writing although these matter. Good copy is copy that enters a dialogue that already exists in the mind of the prospect. Click Here To Read More!

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Why Your Customer Needs Should Come First!

I’d like to talk with you about customers.

This is something I preach but I don’t do. It’s one of my biggest challenges.

If you’re like me and most people, you see customers and other people as tools. As numbers, metrics. You seem them as entitled brats impossible to deal with, irrational, want only free stuff, don’t want to pay for shit and are the obstacle between you and your money.

And this is true. Customers are feeling entitled to get a lot of value for almost nothing – just as we feel entitled to get their money for doing nothing at all in exchange. It’s not that their jerks. We’re all jerks. Click Here To Read More!

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The Reality Check You Must Go Through Before Writing Copy

In writing good copy, you may need a reality check.

This means you have no idea how your marketplace talks… or what. So I suggest a simple experiment.

Get in your car or bus and go to the nearest shopping mall. Then find a seat and listen to what people speak. Don’t do it as a stalker or as the American psycho but in a discrete, “I’m playing on my phone” type of way.

You’ll learn something important and that most people are not the way you think they are. They don’t talk about their goals or anything important. Click Here To Read More!

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Don’t Even Dare Write Your Copy Before Refining Your Magnetic Message!


So let’s say you’re trying to sell me a fitness product.

If you’re an amateur, you’ll tell me you have a way for me to get in shape. If you’re better, then you have a way for me to lose a few pounds.

But that’s not what I want. I don’t want to get in shape. I want a deeper emotional benefit. I want to go on the beach, take my t-shirt off and all the girls to stare at me, some to even smile. I want their boyfriends to be upset because they’re more interested in me than them. I want to feel validated and special and to have people approach me. Click Here To Read More!

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The Difference Between Real Entrepreneurship & Play

From the desk of Razvan Rogoz
Dear friend,

Some time ago, I’ve worked with a self development coach. She is an amazing person. She had some great materials in which she put a lot of energy and love. She created more content than most people I’ve seen. Yet, the problem was that she wasn’t making any sales. Her focus was on helping her market, creating quality content but there was almost no cash-flow whatsoever. She was so focused of building the best things out there that she forgot the purpose of a business, to generate income.

I have been in this situation too. On my old version of this blog, I had over 300 blog posts. On my Facebook page, I’ve posted at least 1000 high quality posts on self-improvement and self-development. I must have gotten at least 10.000 likes from my interactions but I’ve never linked them to cash-flow. I’ve never promoted an affiliate product or a service.

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The Golden Rule Of Marketing (And Persuasion)

Some of the best rules are also the simplest.

Like this one – you can’t create desire, you can only channel it. You don’t know how often I’ve met business owners a bit too in love with their products. They were trying to convince others why they need the product when there is not a need for it. I don’t think I need to mention – it doesn’t work this way.

Top copywriters know this. They know that if a person doesn’t show a preference for a particular desire, then it is not a good prospect. That idea with “selling ice to eskimos”, forget it. People buy what they think they need, even if that “need” is a Porsche 911 or a $2000 TV on credit. Click Here To Read More!

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