The Difference Between Real Entrepreneurship & Play

From the desk of Razvan Rogoz
Dear friend,

Some time ago, I’ve worked with a self development coach. She is an amazing person. She had some great materials in which she put a lot of energy and love. She created more content than most people I’ve seen. Yet, the problem was that she wasn’t making any sales. Her focus was on helping her market, creating quality content but there was almost no cash-flow whatsoever. She was so focused of building the best things out there that she forgot the purpose of a business, to generate income.

I have been in this situation too. On my old version of this blog, I had over 300 blog posts. On my Facebook page, I’ve posted at least 1000 high quality posts on self-improvement and self-development. I must have gotten at least 10.000 likes from my interactions but I’ve never linked them to cash-flow. I’ve never promoted an affiliate product or a service.

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The Golden Rule Of Marketing (And Persuasion)

Some of the best rules are also the simplest.

Like this one – you can’t create desire, you can only channel it. You don’t know how often I’ve met business owners a bit too in love with their products. They were trying to convince others why they need the product when there is not a need for it. I don’t think I need to mention – it doesn’t work this way.

Top copywriters know this. They know that if a person doesn’t show a preference for a particular desire, then it is not a good prospect. That idea with “selling ice to eskimos”, forget it. People buy what they think they need, even if that “need” is a Porsche 911 or a $2000 TV on credit. Click Here To Read More!

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