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Why Has This Veteran Copywriter Decided To Quit Selling & Instead Focus On Being Exclusively A Writer? 


From the desk of Razvan Rogoz
Taichung, Taiwan

Dear friend,

Have you’ve ever had a moment when you’ve realized that you’re in the wrong place … doing the wrong thing?

I’ve had one recently.

You see, I was a copywriter. I was a damn good one, not the kind that writes copy for e-commerce stores but the kind that helps high caliber entrepreneurs from all over the world sell.

I’ve invested over 5000 hours in doing this … I’ve read at least one hundred books on copywriting … and I must have written at least 500 sales letters in my lifetime.

I’ve got so good at it that I’ve had offers to work in Singapore … a offer to take over a business in Cambodia … and an offer to become a partner in a major self-improvement company in South Africa.

After all, when you do this day by day, either write for yourself or for your clients, when each day you study and you improve your craft, it is only natural to grow. It would be strange not to be good at it.

Yet … for the last three months or so, I’ve barely touched any copywriting project.

Don’t get me wrong … I’ve did some coaching and consulting. I’ve stayed busy. But when it came to writing copy I said a big no or at least, my subconscious told me so.


Because I’ve realized that I hate being a copywriter. I hate every second of it. I hate selling products I don’t believe in. I hate having two personalities, one as a copywriter that is willing to promote products that are questionable in nature and one of a ethical, moral person with a strong character.

I’ve got to the point where I felt tired of selling the same things … of saying things that I didn’t believed in … of promoting products that I wouldn’t even give for free to someone I love. Unfortunately, as a copywriter, you don’t have much choice in what you can sell.

It felt a bit like being an accountant for the mob. I knew it was wrong and yet, I wasn’t the one doing the bad things. I was just a proxy.

So I’ve quit.

It took me a long time to realize that I can quit, that I can fire myself. I’ve done this so long, everyone knew me as a kick ass copywriter that giving up on my identity as one was practically like giving up a part of myself – like an arm or a leg.

I gave up on lucrative partnerships.
I gave up on the huge network I’ve built in time.
I gave up on thousands of hours invested in learning how to sell.

And I’ve decided to have a new beginning …

Now. In front of you.

I’ve decided that instead of promoting products I don’t believe in, to do the rational thing. Create them. Make the world a better place by creating products that work, that make sense, that bring value.

After all … I’ve read over 450 books so far. After 450 books, I have a few things to say. And writing eBooks and products is nothing new for me.

I must have created at least 50 free eBooks and reports that I’ve shared for free, at least 350 blog posts and thousands of inspirational and educational Facebook articles.

I’ve decided to become a writer for myself and a ghostwriter, for you. In other words, when it comes to my business, I’m now in the business of creating products that works. When it comes to my job, I’m in the job of helping you by creating eBooks, reports, courses that works.

In both cases – the outcome is the same.

I make the world a better place by sharing what I know. I also help you by creating you a product you can be proud of, not the lowest common dominator you can get by with and ask money for.

So I am at your service. Why should you work with me?

Let me give you twelve good reasons.

“Reason #1 – I Have Something To Say”

How many people do you know that have read +450 books, most of them being on self improvement and business?

I don’t know many but I’ve did this. I’m a fanatic when it comes to education. I don’t believe that there’s such a thing as too much wisdom. And this helps me create products that are actually valuable and that stand out.

If you’re looking to pay fifty bucks for a product that is virtually a copy paste version of a PLR material, then I’m not for you. But if you’re looking for a ghostwriter that has the creativity, the drive, the passion to help you with something unique, something that will make people admire and love you, then you’re in the right place.

The kind of eBooks I write are not the kind to be sold on Warrior Forum but rather the kind that will get you speaking engagements … open doors for you … get you a lot of positive Amazon reviews and generally make your public, your audience realize how valuable and competent you are.

“Reason #2 – I Was A Copywriter – A Damn Good One”

I write to persuade. That’s a fact. It’s as much a part of me as the way I’m tying my shoelaces.

I’m not talking here about hype or writing in an interesting manner. I’m instead saying that I know how to get your audience to accept ideas, to get them pumped up, to make them want to take action.

If your goal is to simply provide them a reference text, then again, I’m not your person. But if your goal is to change their life and to get them to use your information in such a manner that they’ll take massive action, then come to me. I have so much to offer you.

I’m not interested in selling products anymore, at least not in most cases. But I’ll always be a salesman and I intend on writing you a product or an eBook that feels an intellectual and emotional rollercoaster, not just something that contains valuable information but which also forces your prospect to change.

After all, think about your favorite business or self improvement book. Was it just dry information or was it designed in such a manner that it changed who you are – to the core?

This is what I’m going to do for you.

“Reason #3 – I Write Very Well”.

I’m not a native English speaker but I’m a fluent one. The only time when I’m speaking Romanian is when I have a phone call with a friend I haven’t seen in years.

This is because I’m currently traveling around the world. For the last two years I’ve been in Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, The Philippines.

I’ve lived in London. I speak English in every single one of my interactions. When I hit my head against the table yesterday, I’ve started swearing in English. So while it is not my first language, it is the first language I’m using.

Is my grammar and syntax perfect? No, but it is damn good. And honestly, I generally don’t attract people who care about this as I have a full time proof-reader for client work (it was for copywriting but I’m going to use her for ghostwriting too) or my client has a proof-reader in-house.

As of this moment, I write only in English. I’m currently studying Mandarin and I’m improving my other languages (I also speak Italian, French and Spanish) but I don’t offer ghostwriting services in any other language apart from English.

“Reason #4 – I’m A Professional”

When I’ve started as a freelancer, I was a mess. Projects overdue, hurried work, unsatisfied customers. That was a long time ago. Now, I’m obsessed with being productive and doing everything in the right way, at the right time.

I don’t rush my work because I know that if I do it wrong the first time, then I have to do it again. I’d rather just do it right from the first time. I don’t overpromise because I know that once expectations are in place, reasonable or not, they’re hard to break. If it takes one week, I generally say two weeks. It’s better to have a long deadline and deliver faster than have a very ambitious deadline and deliver later.

I am organized and I need little oversight. In my past career I’ve done more than copywriting. I’ve also managed mixed teams of talent (mostly writers and designers), I’ve done business analysis and I’ve designed systems for new and existing operations.

This means that I’ve learned to just do things myself and not expect someone else to provide them for me. Some people see themselves as part of a machine and if one piece fails, then the entire machine fails. I just know that when I have a goal to accomplish, I’m accomplishing it no matter if you show up to help me or not.

Many entrepreneurs appreciated this about me – as the last thing a busy entrepreneur needs is someone who needs constant hand holding.

“Reason #5 – I’m Enthusiastic And Passionate About What I’m Doing”.

If you check my blog, you’ll notice an interesting trend (don’t do it now, later, please). There are more posts on self-improvement, system thinking, the virtues of a good life and other forms of education that can help my readers than on copywriting.

Even if I was a copywriter by trade, I preferred to write about how to help others than on how to sell better. Many people told me that it is strange on how I always post inspirational and educative content but I’m a copywriter.

Others said that I’m in the wrong field – I would make a great inspirational speaker. They were right. I was in the wrong field.

I can’t sell you on the idea of me being enthusiastic about what I do. You either feel it through my writing and my ideas or you don’t. Enthusiasm is one of those intangibles that anyone can recognize but nobody can quantify. What I can tell you is that if we have a product that will help people and not just line up your pocket, we’re going to make a great team.

Actually, my ideal customer is the kind of person who wants to create a product or course first to help others, to serve them. This means that you’re not designing everything for profit but rather, for contribution. If you’re that kind of person, it’s going to be like a match made in heaven – like Batman and Robin, like 007 and M or like peanut butter and toast. Well, you get the point.

“Reason #6 – I’m A Dreamer”.

It is painful to talk only about conversion rates and ROI when deep inside you’re a dreamer. As a copywriter, my primary focus was getting a return on investment. We hardly ever talked about helping others or how the product is going to change lives.

Only in a few particular cases I’ve felt like I was actually a force for good by influencing people to act in their own best interest. But deep inside, I’m a dreamer. I believe that we can change the world. I believe that your efforts can spark a thought revolution. I believe that you can leave a legacy.

I don’t care that it is not realistic or pragmatic. I don’t care that you’re the little guy against an established industry. We can do it. We’re going to put a good fight and even if we fail, we’re going to have the experience of doing something great, something that really matters.

“Reason #7 – I’m Easy To Reach – Kind Of”

Don’t you hate it when you want to hire someone but you can’t get even on a phone call with that person? I surely do. Honestly, I want to chat with you. I want to get to know you better. I want us to be more than business partners or have a client – vendor relationship.

Of course, if I’m on some crazy adventure I may not be in touch but generally, I keep my phone on my desk and I answer when someone calls me. I believe in the human side of doing business and this means more than writing emails and writing tasks in a project management tool.

And if I’m in your country, I’d love to meet you in person! Now I’m in East Asia but next year I’ll be in Latin America and then I’ll return to Europe to visit the countries I haven’t visited so far. I’m not looking for someone to give me a paycheck. I’m looking for a friend – so we can do something good, something great, something that’s going to benefit all those involved.

“Reason #8 – I Understand Business Quite Well”

This is a tricky one because while I was doing consulting ($100/hour), I’m not anymore. I’m selling only my services as a product designer and product writer. I’m not interested in writing your sales letter, email copy, sales funnel, webinar, etc.

But honestly, if you need a piece of advice from a ex-veteran copywriter, off the records, I won’t shut the phone closed in your face. I’ll help you.

When it comes to my own ventures, I’ve launched two products on ClickBank (a quit smoking product and a product on dating), one on ClickBank (Google Business Places optimization), I’ve had two coaching courses on copywriting and I’ve ran a self-improvement mastermind group.

When it comes to the ventures of others, I’ve helped launched products, design products, improve products, do market research for online and offline products, do business analysis for a service based business in Singapore, help with social media campaigns (including running campaigns), manage affiliate campaigns, write a dozen advertorials in the investment field, help life coaches launch their own business and a lot more.

Again, I’ve invested quite some time in this. Hard work pays. So when you work with me, while you’re not paying for my experience in these fields, I’m still the same person.

“Reason #9 – I’m Fascinated By Most Topics”.

I think curiosity is quite an important quality for a writer, don’t you agree?

Well, I’m curious. While I had no reason to, I’ve studied everything from system theory (well, this became an important part of my professional profile) to evolutionary psychology to how the universe was created to quantum physics to ancient history to many other abstract or less abstract topics.

I love knowledge. I’m not the kind of person to write only for the main three big niches – dating, biz op and weight loss (as a general idea, I’d rather stay away from biz op, as this was a niche that made me exit copywriting to begin with). I can write for niches as complex or as simple as you require.

Do you want an course on time management? On managing remote teams? On traveling around the world? On how to pick up girls even if you’re very shy? I’ll get it done or I’ll research the subject (by reading the top three books on the topic) and then I’ll get it done.

As a copywriter, I’ve found myself writing copy many times for topics I had no ideas about. My MO was simple – I would simply go to Amazon, pick the three books on the topic and read them. This would give me sometimes more insight and know-how than the person hiring me.

“Reason #10 – I’m (Relatively) Cost Effective”

First, let’s define relative. I don’t write eBooks for $50. The last time I’ve wrote an eBook it was many years ago and the price was $1500. I know what I’m bringing to the table and I’m not that kind of writer.

Chances are that the people who want to pay $50 for an eBook are not looking for someone like me either. However, since I’m looking to transition as soon as possible from copywriting to ghostwriting, I’m willing to make concessions when it comes to price. It comes down to being fair for both of us – but as a rule of thumb, you should expect a rate that is normal in the UK or in the US.

I know about price arbitrage, I’ve hired at least 30 people online and I know that someone from the US can cost ten times more than someone from a place like Pakistan. I don’t offer talent at a low cost. This is not my selling proposition. All the other points mentioned above and below are.

“Reason #11 – I Give A Fast Turn-Around Time”

Generally quality takes time but I do write fast. My record is 6500 words in a single day for someone who was willing to pay three times as much if I could deliver a full eBook in just a few days. I’ve delivered. She was happy with it.

This doesn’t mean that I will get it done tomorrow, but you don’t need to wait three months for your work. As a general estimate, a 30.000 eBook should take about three to four weeks, as I would also need to edit it and read it several times to spot anything that needs changing.

“Reason #12- I’m The Person With Whom You Can
Work For Months … Even Years”

Look … I’ve been in this game long enough to know that 90% of the people who will visit this site will just want someone short term.

They need a lead magnet or a course and they just want to get it done. It is a piece in the puzzle. They don’t care if they work with me or with someone else.

It is like buying a screwdriver. As long as it can make holes and it doesn’t break, the brand doesn’t quite matter.

And if this is you, that’s okay. We can work together.

However, my dream customer is the kind of person that wants to grow together. We plan, we do, we see results. We make a team. We exchange ideas. We see how far we can take your dream using quality products and writing. If you’re that person, I’m not just a freelancer or contractor, I’m a person that you will rely to help you now and twelve months from now.

I’d rather work with five people for the entire year of 2018 than with fifty people that I’ll never see again after one project. I don’t need diversity. I need trust and I need a strong collaboration that will stand the test of time.

And maybe you need the same thing.

“Would You Like To See Some Samples?”

Below, you’re going to find the links to a dozen eBooks I’ve developed in the past. Please keep in mind that these are PDFs. You’re going to probably be able to read them in your browser without downloading them.

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 27
Length: 19 pages
Title: The Harsh, Brutal Truth Of What It Really Takes To Succeed Online And Why It Is Almost Impossible To Accept For Most People.

Description: I am familiar with the online marketplace from as early as 2007. I have seen industries and niches rise and fall and the entire biz op (MMO) field become filled with low quality products and courses. In this eBook, I am telling you how Internet Marketing evolved, why you are not going to get rich quickly or easily online and what it actually takes to succeed, both on a emotional, mindset level and on a strategic one. It is a extremely pragmatic view on online marketing in general and business opportunities in specific and if you want to get into this field, I suggest you at least skim this report.

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 25
Length: 19 pages
Title: How To Carry A Conversation That Actually Makes Sense Between You & Your Prospect.

Description: This is my first eBook on what makes effective content marketing. If most of my previous eBooks were on the topic of direct response copywriting, here I am discussing how to connect with your prospect through your website content and blog posts. There is a heavy direct response influence here, with a focus on how to use the best techniques of selling, not to sell products but rather ideas and concepts.

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 21
Length: 4 pages
Title: How I Am Using My 80 – 20, Inside Out Approach To Managing My Day To Progress In My Goals & Life

Description: This was used as a lead magnet for a time management product. It explains how I’m using the Pareto principle in order to optimize my productivity. The idea of execution, productivity and accomplishing goal is something I’m very passionate about and I’ve launched several products in the past on the topic. While I’ve changed the system I’m using (most of the links on this page are a few years old), this is an example of an effective lead magnet and a good time management technique.

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 18
Length: 16 pages
Title: How To Change Your Life In 21 Days

Description: Another area in which I’ve launched products is self-improvement. This eBook was created after I’ve started traveling around the world and it was meant to be part of a huge project containing several eBooks (+250 pages) and a dozen of videos. I have abandoned the project out of a lack of time but I’ve completed this section. This was supposed to be a bonus to the main product and it deals with common sense advice on how to improve your life systematically.

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 17
Length: 8 pages
Title: How To Boost Your Website Conversion

Description: This report is a brief overview of the psychology behind beating a control. It is not meant to teach you how to write a sales letter but rather, how to improve existing results. My primary focus here is on level of sophistications and your subsequent angle that you’re taking in the marketplace. Ironically, most of my copywriting reports were never popular as I’ve took a high level, principle approach to teaching the information as opposed to providing the low hanging fruit.

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 16
Length: 78 pages
Title: Copywriting Coaching Course Manual

Description: This is the original manual to my copywriting course. This was a three month course that I’ve ran in the past successfully. This manual was available only to my paying students but since then, I’ve (1) closed the course due to a lack of time (and interest on my side) and (2) I’ve updated the course with new curriculum. Even so, this is not outdated or obsolete. If anything changed it was the design of my manuals and the way I’ve presented the information, but the information is the same. As a general idea, in the past you would have had to pay at least $400 in order to receive access to this course so it may be worth it to go through it instead just scanning it.

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 15
Length: 5 pages
Title: How To Hire A Freelancer For Your Business

Description: Contrary to popular belief I never wrote this because I wanted to promote myself as a freelancer. Instead, I wrote it because I’ve hired on other people’s behalf at least two dozen times and spent thousands of dollars on writers, designers, coders so I’ve learned a thing or two by doing it. I’ve learned how risky is to hire from a third world country in order to save money and how contrary to the entire idea of a global marketplace, paying $30 for someone from Dublin is better than paying $5 for someone from a very poor country. This is a simple methodology for hiring and while freelancing changed a lot since 2014 (actually, I think this is a lot older, just updated in 2014), many of the concepts are true today as they were true then.

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 14
Length: 20 pages
Title: How To Improve Your Life

Description: Earlier in the list I have mentioned about a self-improvement product I have abandoned. This is one of the related manuscripts. There are only 20 pages but I planned to write +200 pages on the topic. It aimed to cover everything from fitness to time management to mindset but as I’ve said, a lack of time made me sack the project. I’ll probably resume it at some point in time. A major theme in it is traveling as this was at the beginning of my round the world trip.

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 13
Length: 12 pages
Title: How To Learn The True Basics Of Copywriting In The Next 30 Minutes!

Description: For an outsider, there isn’t a lot of logic in writing about how to create good copy when you are trying to sell copywriting services but it works. The truth is that even if I tell you exactly what to do, you’ll be too busy or to uninterested in doing it yourself so you’ll end up hiring someone else. Well, when I’ve created these reports (this is one among many), I actually wanted to teach those around me how to write copy. It wasn’t meant to prove my expertise and be done with it but rather to provide valuable information about what makes good copy good. This one deals more with the psychology of copywriting than anything else and there are some very good gems there, as many people have told me.

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 11
Length: 23 pages
Title: How To Win In The Game Of Copywriting

Description: Compared to the other reports on copywriting, this tends to be more methodical. Instead of just talking about the psychology of selling, I give a framework that anyone can follow to create a decent, even winning sales letter. At the end of the report there is a conversion checklist, a checklist to go through and make sure that you’re maximizing your chances to sell. The report is filled with nuggets of wisdom but even if you download it just for the checklist, you will get significant value.

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 10
Length: 9 pages
Title: How To Outsource Effectively

Description: This one has an interesting history. It was part of a collaboration between a friend of mine and myself. We’ve decided to launch information products last year (2016). In that moment I’ve discovered that it is not a good idea to work with friends. You can become friends with your partners but transforming your friends into partners tend to lead to frustration and to a lack of proper execution. Since the eBooks were my materials, I’m releasing them for free here.

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 9
Length: 14 pages
Title: Seven Reasons You Are Not Getting What You Want Out Of Life

Description: While I’m not 100% sure, I think I’ve wrote this when I was just 18 or 19. I just know that it is very old. As far as the content goes, it is pure self-improvement. It is amusing to see how I knew so many of the things that I’m “rediscovering” now at age 27. I guess that after reading +350 books, most of the new wisdom is taking the old one and putting it into proper context or understanding it fully for what it is. Valuable if you want some actionable advice on how to improve your life.

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 8
Length: 8 pages
Title: Seven Things I Have Learned About Squeeze Pages

Description: Yet another copywriting report, this time about squeeze pages. Getting leads is not that different from getting anything (sales, calls, etc) but there are a few aspects to which you must pay attention. It was originally used for lead generation purposes. Most of these reports have a questionnaire at the end of them (the links are outdated so don’t bother clicking them).

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 7
Length: 13 pages
Title: Seven Ways In Which You Can Use Scarcity To Supercharge Your Sales Message

Description: This is one of my more specialized materials, in which I take a psychological principle (like scarcity) and I explain how to apply it to a sales letter. Scarcity is way misunderstood by most marketers (example: only seven eBooks remaining!). True scarcity has some logic to it and a strong reason why it exists. This is what I’m explaining in this report.

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 4
Length: 6 pages
Title: How To Price And Squeeze The Maximum Profit From Your Ebook / Course Or Membership Site.

Description: It is similar to my report on scarcity. It doesn’t go very deep into the science of pricing (there are 200 pages books on economics to explain it) but it answers the question of “how do I price my product”. What is special in this report and in a few similar to it is that I’m writing it as a sales letter. I’ve found this approach to be very effective in all forms of writing – be it blogging, information publishing, social media and other venues. Your book doesn’t have to look like a book. It just needs to deliver valuable information and be read.

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 2
Length: 9 pages
Title: Blogging Blueprint

Description: A very basic guide to blogging. It deals more with SEO and installing WordPress than with becoming an authority or standing out among the million of blogs currently online. Back in 2013 – 2014, most people were not aware how easy it was to start a blog so even if the information was basic, this report was well received. There is an important lesson here, your information doesn’t have to be sophisticated, it just needs to be useful.

Download link

Type: eBook
Internal ID Code: 1
Length: 25 pages
Title:Winning In Copywriting: A Pragmatic Approach To Writing Winning Sales Letters

Description: This is a very old copywriting guide. It may be from early 2012 or at least this is what my creation time stamps show me. It deals both with the psychology and the actual tactics required to write a good sales letter. Since writing good copy followed the same rules for the last five decades (or more), it is nothing groundbreaking, only useful, straight to the point advice on how to write a good copy.

Download link

Now that I’ve given you all the reasons why we should work together, what’s the next step?

Let’s have a chat. My sales funnel (including my questionnaire) is still focused on copywriting so for now, let’s do things the old way – you email me and we start a conversation.

My email is

Sounds good? Thank you.

I’ll see you there.

Best regards,
Razvan Rogoz