Direct Response Copywriting

“REVEALED: Here’s The Exact Formula I’ll Use To Help YOU Capture Your Marketplace And Become A Champion For Your Prospect … WITHOUT Relying On Hype, Exaggeration Or Downright Lying”

I Believe That If You Can’t Look Your Prospect In The Eyes With Your Sales Message, Then You Are Doing It Wrong.So Let Me Show You How I Systematically Build Winning Sales Letters That Are Persuasive Without Coming Down As Manipulative, Full Of Enthusiasm Without Hyping And Putting Your Best Foot Forward Without Lying!

From the desk of Razvan Rogoz

Dear entrepreneur,

When it comes to copywriting, the name of the game is conversion.

I can’t argue with that.

It all comes down to how many sales you make. If your copy is not selling, then it is useless, no matter how brilliant it may sound. This makes copywriting one of those fields in online marketing that is actually a meritocracy.

There’s no room for interpretation. It sells or it doesn’t.

At least, this is what I’ve thought. While the above is true and I’m not taking my words back, it’s not the full story. 

Conversion is the king but it needs to share the throne with something else.


Let me explain.

You’ll rarely make any money on the front-end. Unless you’re selling something very expensive, the front-end is just a handshake. It is designed to bring prospects into your world.

You’ll break even or lose money on the front-end because it’s going to cost you more to generate leads than you are selling your product for. The front-end for you and for every else is like those very cheap Black Friday products.

People rush in the store to buy them and soon, they also leave with a $900 TV and a $1600 refrigerator.

You’ll make your money on the up-sell … or back-end … or by cross-selling him. You’ll become rich by focusing on your customer lifetime value, not on front-end conversion, right?

This is something most agree with. It’s hard to argue with this logic. Yet, even if most agree – most also act exactly counter of this principle by focusing on the conversion at all costs.

And I must tell you – I find this wrong, from a practical view.

“A Large Number Of Online Marketers
Are Snake Oil Salesman”

I’m going to tell you something that’s going to make you chuckle … or cry, depending on how long you’ve been in this game.

In the past … long before us and computers and all forms of technology, there were slick scammers going from town to town. Such a scammer would come in a big black carriage, drawn by some beautiful horses and dressed with the best clothes money could buy.

Then he would go to the city center, sit on a platform and sell his “miracle cure” for anything from boldness to impotency to broken bones.

People would pay huge amounts of money to drink worthless potions … and honestly, piss some very expensive urine down the drain (or behind their houses, as the custom was then).

By the time they became aware that the little black bottle they’ve paid their entire savings for is not going to make their hair grow, their male part come alive or their broken hands heal, the scammers would be far, far away, in another village or city or even country … doing it all over again.

Why am I’m telling you this?

Most online marketers are just like this. They’re willing to lie, cheat, manipulate, steal just so you buy their stuff. They’re willing to say anything so you click the order button.

They rent houses on AirBnB and pose as their own … rent luxury cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari and say that you’ll soon drive one too … and take photos working from the beach in some exotic locations that’s probably just their local beach.

And this worked. For a long time, it was effective.

There’s only one problem though.

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Instagram.
  • Forums.
  • Google.

Word gets around. 

  • Reviews are posted.
  • People share their thoughts.
  • People bitch and complain and most of the time, it’s done in good justice.

Promise them something and fail to deliver and they’ll make it such a big deal like you’ve insulted their honor and challenged them to a duel.

Mislead them in your copy and then deliver a sub par product and they’ll feel like you’ve entered their house, in the middle of the night, with a ski mask on your face and stole their valuables.

Conversion is important but what happens after conversion is important too. 

This is because the worst case scenario is that they’ll bitch like there’s no tomorrow about how you’ve promised something and you’ve delivered something else.

And let’s say that you can live with that … with their criticism.

But then you have the “best case scenario”. They’ll never buy anything from you again. All that money you could earn on the front-end, back-end, in your fancy upsell, in your membership site, all that moolah is gone – forever.

“Be An Enlighten Marketer …
And Play The Long Game”

Look …

  • You can lie to your prospect.
  • You can tell him things that are downright false.
  • You can hype the hell out of your product.

And I wouldn’t blame you. I’ve done the same thing.

But I’ll tell you what happens. A prospect that you’ve over-promised benefits to him … and under-delivered will remember you. He’s going to feel cheated. He’s going to make it personal.

Most people won’t pick up the pitchforks and try to hunt you down, like they did in the Frankenstein movie … but they’ll never buy from you again. 

And that’s where the tragedy lies. Most copywriters take the snake-oil approach to selling. They are willing to say and do anything, promote a product that doesn’t exist, just to get the sales.

That’s perfectly fine in a way. Who am I to judge? But the money isn’t simply there in this approach. 

Tell me, have you’ve ever had your friends set you up on a blind date?

I had mine. They hyped and they pitched me the idea so much. They’ve made her look like a combination between the looks of Eva Green … the sexiness of a Victoria’s Secret model … the brains of a MIT graduate in bio-engineering … and the attitude of Katniss from the Hunger Games.

When I’ve got there … I’ve discovered a woman that was plainly looking, obnoxious, offensive, loud and which started yelling at the waiter for bringing her the wrong order.

I took the waiter aside, put a $20 in his palm, said sorry and took her home.

That’s how it feels sometimes with how most copywriters write their copy. It’s like my blind date from hell. I expected bliss and a charming evening, I ended up stressed out of my mind.

These copywriters don’t know how to build effective logical and emotional arguments … don’t know how to fully sell benefits … don’t know how to become the advocate of their prospect … don’t know how to build a slippery slope that makes the reader feel like he’s going down a mountain on skis from the start to finish … and instead rely on lies, hype and real loud shouting.

“Let Me Be The Person That Does The
Opposite … And Plays The Long Game For You”

Sorry … I forgot to introduce myself.

My name is Razvan Rogoz and I’m an experienced web copywriter who wants to help you maximize your customer lifetime value.

I believe in well written copy. I believe in seduction.

I believe in charm.

I don’t believe in lying to people and over-promising. You know why. It’s a way to burn your bridges and chances are that you’ll need those bridges soon again. It’s like killing the golden goose. You may get a few extra “golden eggs” by lying and deceiving your market … but you’ll end up with no “eggs” later.

Let’s take a different approach.

I’d like to introduce you now to my 12 step approach to writing brilliant sales letters. This is what I do when I really want to hit a home run. It’s slow, it is methodical and it covers all the basis.

If this copywriting approach was similar to how cars are built, most copywriters build low cost sedans. I build limousines as you’ll see in a second.

Right after we’ve agreed on a project … and we’re ready to start with a bang, I’m going to start with RESEARCH and I’m going to stay here for a while.

Research is important. You can’t even realize how much of a difference it makes. It is not the secret sauce in your favorite burger, it’s the meat, the bun, the tomatoes, the sauce and the fries – all combined. Research is what makes a copy great.

As a researcher, I’ll have three key goals.

The first one is to understand your prospect. I’m not talking here about superficially understand him and write a customer avatar that won’t help anyone. This doesn’t work.

Instead, I’m talking about getting to know intimately whom I’m writing too, as if he was a good friend in need and I need to find a solution for his problems. I’m talking about reading what he’s reading, doing what he’s doing, looking at his life and his problem through his own eyes.

Honestly, I take research so seriously that this is the closest thing I can do without starting to feel like a stalker to my imaginary prospect.

My goal is to get it, actually get it. To understand his pain, his desires, his frustrations. Ideally – I’m doing this by meeting real world prospects but if I can’t do this – I’ll go through a very comprehensive research methodology.

After I’m done with your prospect … I’ll move to your product and to your marketplace. You may not quite understand why product comes second and prospect comes first.

This is because all marketing is seduction and seduction has everything to do with what the other person wants as opposed to what you’re offering. This is what makes the difference between good and bad copy. The bad copy talks about what you want. The good copy talks about what the person that pays you want – you see?

I know this sounds a bit boring to you. After all, this is my job. I’m the copywriter. Why do I bore you with details like research? If you wanted to know all of this, you’d have just done it yourself.

Fair point – but you, as an enlightened marketer, I don’t expect to simply take my word. I don’t expect you to take everything I say at face value and to simply wire me some money, hoping that I do a good job. No sir.

When you’re buying a $110.000 Porsche, you want to know everything about you’re paying. You want to know how the titanium brake calipers are more efficient than traditional ones. After all, you’re paying $10.000 for them. You want to know where the money goes.

Plus, I have a confession to make. I work with clients who are interested in achieving amazing results. If you’d be just interested in making some quick money, no matter how, no matter what, then you’d have left this page already.

If you’re still here – you’re here because you want to deal with someone that does things different – and does them well. Right?

“After I’m Done Researching …
Here’s How I’ll Write Your Copy”

Good copy is not something you just write.

You don’t sit in front of your computer, put your fingers on the keyboard and type away.


This is a myth perpetuated by lousy copywriters who justify their lack of effort by saying they’re not inspired enough.

If I wait until inspiration hits … then I’ll write twice a month, four about five hours in total. Fortunately, I don’t rely on it. I rely on my system.

So stay with me while I’ll quickly and briefly walk you through each step I’m taking to writing a winning sales letter for you, okay?

Step 1: Offer copy. 

I’ll become very clear on what you’re selling. Your offer is your product, bonuses, price, delivery, guarantee and terms. Once I know exactly what the prospect gets for saying YES, I’m going to write the part of the copy that deals with what you’re offering.

Step 2: Benefit copy.

Your prospect doesn’t buy for what your product is. It buys only for what it does. So I take each feature you have and I build several layers upon of it.

  • The first one is why this feature exists.
  • The second one is the practical benefit.
  • The third one is the dimensionalized benefit – how it will affect his life.
  • The fourth one is the emotional one – how it will make him feel.

This will end as your benefit copy, the heavy lifting part of your sales argument.

Step 3: Proof

By this point I’ve made a lot of claims. Now I must also prove them for you. For this, I’m going to employ up to 16 proof strategies. Among them are testimonials, reason why copywriting, mechanism of action (like what I’m doing here), indirect endorsements and many others, depending on your product and your niche.

It is true that your benefits are what’s going to make the sale, but it is proof that keeps those benefits in place. A benefit without proof is like a house of bricks without the cement to keep it in place. It’s going to crumble.

Step 4: Big Selling Idea

This is where it gets tricky … but also very interesting.

Your copy must have a central idea. This can be an interesting story, a transformation, some news events, something that acts as the central plot line. Imagine a movie and how it is built around something. This is the idea that makes the readership sale, that gets the prospect curious, intrigued about what you have to offer.

Here I’m brainstorming your idea. I’ll think of many different hooks and then I’ll keep a few that makes sense. Finally, I’ll refine it in two – three sentences and ask a few people to see if it intrigues them.

Step 5: Theme

Your theme is how you structure your copy. It is the underlying structure that I use to express your big selling idea. There are only a few themes so picking one is not hard, but picking the wrong one can definitely derail your sales efforts.

My favorite themes are rags to riches – when you use a story of transformation and triumph and the topical theme – where I use a news event to connect your product to something he’s already in his mind.

Step 6: Headline

You know what really sucks in copywriting?

The headline is the most important part of your copy. If you aren’t pulled in to read the copy, nothing else matters. The headline is the “hello” that makes the conversation possible. Yes, the headline alone can’t do anything but without the headline, you’re dead in the water.

Yet, most copywriters treat the headline as an after-thought. After writing the promo, they slap the first headline they can come up with and go to lunch. That’s a huge mistake! From all the steps I’m taking, the headline is the most important. The headline is the gatekeeper, the door, the first date and if the headline can’t make the readership sale, then my benefits, my proof, my body copy, everything in the copy is useless!

So needless to say, I take a lot of time crafting the ideal headlines. Yes. Headlines. I come with several headline / deck variations so you can test, different appeals, different angles. I tend to spend 20 – 30% of the entire time I allocate to your promo on headlines alone.

This is the kind of commitment that makes sales without cheating your prospect.

Step 7: Lead Copy

When it comes to the first part of your copy, the logic is simple. Your headline’s job is to get him to read the deck. The deck job’s is to get him to read the lead copy. The lead copy’s purpose is to read the rest.

So for all intents and purposes, as you may have realized, the headline, deck and lead copy serve exactly the same role.

Fortunately, for both of us, finding a good lead is far easier than coming with a good headline. It simply comes down to building momentum using a proven lead approach. This is what I’m doing for you here.

Step 8: Logical ABC Argument

There should be a reserved spot in copywriter’s hell for every person that writes in a manner that leads nowhere.

You know what I’m talking about?

These people are just throwing a random number of points around. They hope to confuse or bore the prospect into buying. Some of the points are good but it feels like they’re making two steps ahead and three steps back. It’s like drunk driving – it feels like the copy will never reach its destination.

I hate it and I’m sure you hate it too. It just makes the copy feel indecisive and without any given goal. It’s like a shy guy at a date with a beautiful woman. She’s interested in her but he’s so insecure that she doesn’t even know what he wants.

That’s what a lack of a strong A – B – C argument makes your copy – insecure.

I don’t like an insecure copy. It’s bad for sales.

So I create a bullet proof logical argument for the rest of the copy. I outline exactly each point I must make. I outline everything after the lead, up to the final close. When I do this, I can do something great for you. I can write confidently, heading somewhere, with intent, without ever being confused of “what’s next”.

Makes sense?

Step 9: Body Copy

Do you remember how I’ve picked a hook, a theme and I’ve even built a logical argument for you?

Now it is time to put everything to the use.

Here I’m writing most of your copy. I’m using the logical argument as a basis for it. Here I’m writing your story or your argument that will lead to your product and your benefits.

If your copy was a burger, this was the double beef meat in the middle, delicious, mouth watering and asking for a bite. Yes, it is the bum that’s going to get your attention, it is the sauce that’s going to make it special but trust me, at the end, it’s all about that tasty beef meat.

Step 10: Guarantee

“If you’re not satisfied … I’ll give your money back”.

Bla, bla, bla.

This doesn’t convinces anyone. If anything, this type of guarantee is so generic that your prospects learned to ignore it.

Your guarantee is more than a generic line about his money back. It’s a handshake. It’s a way to say “trust me, this is going to work out for you”.

The guarantee is like going to a dangerous part of the town and having a friend keeping you safe. It’s having someone saying “Don’t worry dude, if something happens, we’re out of here and back to safety right away, I promise you”.

When I design a guarantee, I design it as a real relief for your prospect, not as an afterthought.

Step 11: Close

Always be closing, right?

This is where most copywriters stumble.

You’ve uncovered their needs … You’ve build a strong emotional and logical argument … You have tons of proof … You have a good hook … a brilliant guarantee and a generous offer.

At this point, he should just buy right?

No. If you’re not asking for the sale, he’s never going to buy it.

Everything is leading up to this point. Fortunately, since I’ve done most of my homework and I’ve persuaded him in every paragraph of my copy so the close will come as natural.

It’s similar to dating.

  • If you’ve made her laugh …
  • If you’ve made her intrigued …
  • If you’ve made her want you …

Then the kiss at the end of the night is a given.

So it is with copy. Do all the things right and then ask for the sale. Repeat the main benefits, repeat your guarantee, tell him exactly what he must do. Paint two pictures – what’s going to happen if he buys – what happens if he doesn’t buy.

There’s a certain science to closing, one I’m applying for you.

“Is This All? No, I’m Just Getting Started!”

At this point, I’ve invested more time and effort into your sales letter than most copywriters will ever do. As I’ve said – if copywriting is similar to building a car, I’d rather have you receive a limousine, manually made with care and passion than a generic sedan.

Yet, I’m not done. There’s actually more.

This is because at this moment, I’ll have 10.000 – 15.000 words of copy. A lot of it is redundant. A lot of it needs to be edited.

What matters though is that the framework for your winning promotion is there. The right hook, the right lead, the right benefits are all written. 

So now I read your copy, several times and then I start a new document. In this document, I write the final version. I take everything I’ve learned – the argument, the theme, everything that makes the sale and I create a consumer ready version.

This will be your final draft. This is what your customer is most likely to see.

Only now I’m revealing my work to you. 

You, as a customer, may think that I’ve just sat down in front of my computer and wrote a promotion. The truth is that behind a winning promo, the kind that actually works, lies hours and tens of hours of methodical work. Good copy is not conjured through magic. Good copy is like building a sky-scraper, one story at a time.

This is what makes the difference.

From the outside, you may not be able to make the difference between a amateur copy and one that is systematically build to help you win. Yet, when you use it, it makes all the difference in the world.

“Here’s What Others Have To Say About Me …”

“best provider ever!”
— DBgroupltd

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Harprit M. – India

What I really liked about Razvan’s critique of my copywriting was the comprehensiveness of his analysis. Where other copywriters gave a generic thumbs up/thumbs down, Razvan actually went through the while thing and showed me where the copy was weak. Then he showed me how to make it much more powerful by clarifying, getting more specific, making the message more conversational in tone, etc. Easily one the the most knowledgable and helpful copywriters I’ve dealt with.

Sean Greenstein – L.A. – Weight Loss Niche Entrepreneur

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Razvan improved my conversion rate by 59% in just a few days. I highly recommend him for your copyrighting needs!
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“Is This The Kind Of Premium Copywriting
You’re Looking For?”

Look, some people don’t care about quality. They only care about the price. Chances are that if you’ve read so far, you’re not one of them. This is why I’ve took the time to explain you, in detail, why I’m a better pick for you.

But since price came up … how much does this cost?

The price is on a case by case basis but the average price is $1500. I know what I’m delivering, I know how much good copy is worth and I see it as reasonable.

However …

While $1500 is a good deal for everything you’re getting, I’d like to offer you a very sweet deal.

First, let me explain to you why.

As I’ve said in the beginning, money is made on the lifetime customer value. Now, yes, it’s true. I can ask you $1500 now and most people do pay this. But this can also be a bit too much for you, since you hardly know me.

So what happens if you leave? We’ll never work. I never get a chance to create a winning copy for you and I don’t get to keep you as a customer.

So I’ve decided to do things differently.

I decided to make the barrier to entry low enough and to profit on the backend. This means that I’ll charge you less now because I know that once you start working with me, you’ll remain a customer.

I know this because most of the people I’ve worked with in the last years were repeat customers. Some stayed with me for 3 – 4 years. I have a customer from 2010 that’s still using me for his copywriting needs.

Therefore – what makes more sense – charging you a lot upfront and risking losing you as a customer or charging you less and then working with you again and again and again?

After all … each time I want a new customer I must do lead generation … qualify … sell myself … negotiate … get to know him and his industry … build a relationship and all of this takes time.

But if I make customer acquisition easier for me, then I’m saving tens or even hundreds of hours per year in time to get new customers, time that nobody is actually paying for me.

I’m willing to make it easier for you because I don’t want to waste my time doing lead generation. It’s simply smart business.

So, how much do you need to pay?

Well, it’s not $1500.

It’s actually not even $1000.

Only for my next five first time customers – and I mean it, you must have NEVER worked with me before, the price of a sales letter is $597.99. 

That’s almost a third of what everyone else is paying now and this is because in order to gain your trust and your business long term, I must give you a taste of what it is to work with me.

(If you’re not a first time customer, then the price for a sales letter is $1497.99).

Is this even too much?

Well, I tend to cater to a certain category of online marketers. For my market, $500 is a steal and even $1500 is a steal. I’m not saying this to push you away but rather to let you know that there are copywriters who cater to the entry level and copywriters who cater to a more sophisticated audience.

Chances are that if price is a problem, I’m not quite the person you’re looking for and you’re not my marketplace. I’m sorry.

If you are though and if what you’ve read so far made sense, telling you that I’m bringing something rare and precious to the table, then you know that $1500 is a decent price and $597, what you’re paying, is a huge steal.

“But Wait, There’s More!”

Don’t you love it when you’re also getting something extra?

I surely do and I want to make sure you’re delighted when dealing with me. This is why I’d like to throw two different bonuses into the fray, yours, completely free!

Bonus #1 – You’ll get a 30 minute strategy call ($75 value). 

Your copy is just a part of your grand strategy. A winning online business is based on many moving parts and while some are more important than others, I can generally find many ways to help you earn more by doing little or nothing extra compared to what you’re doing now.

For me, the name of the game is to bring a small improvement in several key areas. If I can help you grow a few of your KPIs by as little as 10%, you’ll end up with a 50% – 100% or even 200% increase in your profits. This is what you’re going to get during our call – a way for us to achieve this.

Bonus #2 – You’ll get three split test elements to test.

Your sales letter must be tight, both from an logical and emotional point of view. It must be like an engine taking the prospects through the ride of their life, leading to the inevitable sale.

Yet, all things being equal, what makes the difference are the headlines and the closes. Let me explain. If your headline doesn’t pull the prospect into the copy, then the rest of the copy may be as well written in Klingonian (Star Trek) because it won’t matter. It won’t be read.

A copy with a poor headline is like a potential relationship without the first date. It it simply potential.

That’s why I want you to test several headlines. I’m preparing three, each one with an unique angle.

Then you have the close. The close is like taking your date home. You’re sitting in front of her house. She’s looking at you. You’re looking at her. If you don’t kiss her, she’s going inside, disappointed. She’s waiting for you to make the first step. She’s not going to do it herself.

This is your close. You must close the deal. By this point, the prospect is closed on buying but your prospect is still waiting to be lead, by the hand, to the order. Just like the headline, some things work better than others. I’ll provide you with three different closes, with three different themes, so if you’re not satisfied with the first one, you can test one of the other two.

“My Satisfaction Guaranteed Pledge To You”

I want you to have the best experience you’ve ever had with a copywriter. Period. This is how I want you to judge your experience with me – not average, not good enough, not good but amazing.

This is why when you work with me, I’m pledging seven things:

#1 – I promise to you that I’m going to deliver your copy on time. In average, you will receive your first draft in seven days.

#2 – I promise you that I’m keeping you in the loop. I’m going to send you constant updates so you know where the project is heading.

#3 – I promise you that I’m going to employ every tool I’m capable of to create a winning sales letter for you.

#4 – I promise you to actively look for and explain to you opportunities that will lead to improving your customer lifetime value.

#5 – I promise you that I’m going to balance your perspective with mine, so we have as little friction as possible and that we collaborate to have a successful project.

#6 – I promise you that when we encounter a road block, instead of fretting on our mistakes, we will find a way to get over it and achieve our desired successful outcome.

#7 – I promise you that when the copy needs tweaking, I will gladly work with you until we’re both satisfied.

Knowing this, you can confidently go ahead and work with me. While I don’t provide money back guarantees, I promise to make your experience as satisfying and as successful as possible.

 “Here’s How We Can Work Together”

Your project is unique. I’ll treat it as such.

This means that at the end of this page, you’ll find a questionnaire. There are a few questions that you need to answer. Don’t worry, this won’t take much but they’re absolutely critical if we are to achieve success together.

I’ll read them in detail and I’ll get back to you. If this is something I can do for you, I’ll explain you how I’d approach your project and then, we can work together. I’ll send you the payment request and as soon as you fulfill it, within seven days, you’ll have the draft into your inbox.

It’s that easy.

  • Step 1: Complete the questionnaire.
  • Step 2: Discuss to see if we’re on the same page.
  • Step 3: Make payment.
  • Step 4: I get to work.
  • Step 5: I submit you the draft.
  • Step 6: You send it back to me with comments or requests, if any.
  • Step 7: I deliver you the final draft.

My friend, if you’re looking just for a generic copywriter and you don’t really care about how he approaches his project, then you can find someone else. Fiverr is a great place for cheap copywriters. Yes, it won’t sell anything but I’m really not the right person.

Instead, if you know what makes good copy, if you can recognize the kind of copywriter that does things properly, if you have enough experience in the field to make the difference between an amateur and a pro, then please use the questionnaire below. Let me help you. Let’s discuss your project.

Best regards,
Razvan Rogoz

Would you like to work with me?

Please use this questionnaire to get started.