An open letter to my dream customer …

“Why There Is A Huge Difference Between An Author
And A Content Writer … And Why Should You Actually Care”

From the desk of Razvan Rogoz
Taipei, Taiwan

Dear friend,

If you ask me where I see myself in a few years, the answer is simple.

I don’t want to be a hot-shot CEO of a start-up. I don’t want to be some well paid and respected executive with his own corner office. I don’t want to be an affiliate marketer earning tens of thousands of dollars per month.

All of the above are ambitious and worthwhile goals … but they’re not for me.

Instead, I have a single dream job in mind.

A writer.

An author.

I see myself writing great books and earning more than a decent living from doing this. I see myself reaching the NY Times best seller list, making a buzz on Amazon and changing lives through my non fiction materials.

I like to create and while for some their canvas is a C++ terminal … while for others it is metal or bricks, for me, the perfect canvas is writing.

Now that I’ve told you briefly why I want to be a writer … you may ask yourself “but why are you qualified to be one?”.

I’ve got an answer for this too and it is two fold.

The first one is that I’ve been a writer for a long time. I’ve been a copywriter. This is a specialized form of writing that deals with selling and I’ve helped over 150 businesses and individuals in this position. This may not sound much but we’re talking over 5000 hours invested or the equivalent of about two hours per day for seven full years.

While copywriting is not ghostwriting … it is a few notches above in difficulty. As a ghostwriter, your primary goal is to express good ideas in a way that makes sense. As a copywriter, it is to persuade someone who doesn’t know you, doesn’t trust you, doesn’t care about you to read long enough to buy a product.

There is a readership sale in both cases but honestly – when someone buys or downloads an eBook, he is sold on the idea of reading it. When someone lands on a sales page, he wants to do anything but read it.

Moving from copywriting to writing is like making the transition from a TV host to a public speaker. It’s easy.

However, all the writing skills in the world won’t help if I don’t have anything to say, right? After all, writers do write but they must also have something worthwhile saying – otherwise their message will get lost in this world dominated by Twitter and Facebook.

This is where my story gets interesting and this is where you’ll most likely decide if you want to work with me or not.

I’m a book nerd.

I read. A lot. I’ve read six books in the last 16 days. I’ve read about 208 in the last three years. Most of them were non-fiction – business, marketing, self-improvement, copywriting.

In the last two and a half weeks I’ve read on personal productivity, three sci-fi novels and two audiobooks from Jim Rohn. The last time I’ve conducted an statistical analysis of my reading list, about 40% were books on business, 30% on self-improvement, 20% on copywriting and 10% were fiction.

I’m not saying this to brag or to impress. I’m saying this because the people I love working with are sold by this point more than anything else. I like to read daily and I like dealing with people who read. This is because if you appreciate this part, then I know that you’ll be more interested in the ideas I can bring to the table as opposed to almost everything else.

There are people who will first ask – how much do you cost?

There are people who will ask – what college did you graduade?

There are folks who will ask – how fast can you get it done?

Some of them are good clients but most are not, at least for me.

And then there is that amazing, small group of people that will first ask – “what was the best non-fiction book you’ve read this year” or “what unique perspective or angle can you bring to this topic?”.

For this small group I’ve decided to become a writer – in order to express ideas that matters and that make the world a better place.

“That’s A Nice Story Razvan –
But What Can You Actually Do For Me?”

I want to write you eBooks and reports that you can be proud of. I’m talking about well thought out, well researched materials that actually position you as an authority in your field as opposed to simply “having something to show for”.

This is not for most people. Most people don’t give a damn and would gladly use PLR or cheap content if it gets the job done. This is for those that know that their Amazon Kindle eBook or the free report on their website or their information product is a calling card, that it signifies them and that this is not an area to compromise on.

And this comes back to the love of reading.

If you’re a reader, then you want to read books and ideas that matter. You don’t want to waste your time. You don’t want to spend five hours going through something that ultimately will not add anything to your life. You don’t want just to be inspired or motivated and feel good about reading a book.

Instead, you want actionable strategies. You want stories that move you to your core. You want to stop while you’re on the middle of the page and reflect on what you’ve just learned. You want the book that you’ve read to lead to behavioral change, positive behavioral change not just knowledge and information.

And if you’re looking for this kind of experience when reading and studying … then it makes perfect sense that you want to offer the same to your readers. You want to be known as the person who changes their life, for those  who actually read them and not just fulfill the need for a lead magnet because you’ve heard about this in some internet marketing course.

I know that I’m taking the hard way to ghostwriting.

I know that most people don’t care about this.

I know that most entrepreneurs would take the cheap and below average option as opposed to the premium and valuable one.

I’m going to get rejected a lot. But when I’ve decided to not be a copywriter and instead to focus on being a writer – for myself and for others (until I get enough momentum in the industry), I’ve made it clear to myself who is my dream customers and I’d rather take one that fits the above criteria than ten who just want content.

It sounds rough, it sounds elitist but I swear it is not. After working on hundreds of different projects, many of which were just work for money, I’ve realized that there are two keys to success in this life.

The first one is deep, deliberate work on what matters.

The second one is to do something you believe in, to invest in those areas that you have conviction you are in the right place.

For me, those areas are simple – creating quality eBooks and reports for people who care about the quality of the ideas and the quality of the writing.

“What Are The Services You Provide?”

There are three things I can do for you.

The first one are eBooks. Here we’re talking about a minimum of 20.000 words (roughly 100 pages). I write in the niches of self-improvement, business, marketing and other niches that actually help people. I don’t do fiction (I like it but it is not my thing) nor do I write reference, academic books. Think more of something like Stephen Covey would write than a college manual.

The second one are reports. These are also known as lead magnets and are generally under 5000 words. The purpose of a lead magnet is to deliver one actionable suggestion to one specific problem so a lead magnet is similar to a chapter in a book.

The third one are courses and product design. This may come in many forms. You may have a course made out of twelve module, each one about 3000 words long. You may have a course made out of daily lessons and sold on a membership website. The difference between products and the other two is of pacing, strategy and purpose. In other words, products are more complicated to design as each part of them must answer to a specific goal as opposed to simply expressing good ideas.

“Okay, Okay But How Much Do You Cost?”

I don’t charge per word as when it comes to writing a good eBook, there is a lot of work that doesn’t involve writing at all. I’m talking about outlining, researching, editing and so on.

However, if you want a reference point, we’re talking about $1000 per 100 pages (20.000 words). This comes roughly to 50 USD per 1000 words. I know that this is not what most people are looking for (the average rate is about $10 per 1000 words) but as I’ve said, I’m not aiming to work as a content farm and expertise comes with a premium.

However, as a general rule, price varies based on research and other factors (including how joyful the project would make me) so we will not discuss price until it is actually required and the price can be higher or lower.

“Do You Offer Any Guarantee?”

I can’t guarantee in the traditional sense – with a money back guarantee because this is trading time for money. Also, the outcome that qualifies as “successful” can be very subjective and hard to quantify. What you may think it is wrong, I may find it right and so on.

However, what we can do is divide the project into smaller milestones. At each point we review if we are going forward in the right direction and only after that release the payment. In this manner, we will know if we are not a good fit after the first steps as opposed to after writing 20.000 or 50.000 words. We can simply use an Escrow service with deliverables and this is far better than a money back guarantee, plus it reduces the risk dramatically for both of us.

“So What Should I Do Now To Work With You?”

Let’s start by having a short chat. We can do this by email or by phone. If you’d rather do it by phone, please use the link below:

If you would prefer to email me, please click on the link below:

Send me an email! 

Once we’ve decided on what needs to be done and how, we’re going to create a project plan, deliverables and get started.

I’m looking forward to hear from you.

Maybe you’ve been looking for your dream writer, the person with whom you can brainstorm, you can discuss big ideas and you can create products to be proud of. Well, I’m looking for my dream customers – with whom I can do the same things.

I hope it is you.

Sincerely yours,
Razvan Rogoz