Dear friend,

My name is Razvan Rogoz. I help entrepreneurs in the self-development niche sell to more people, sell more products and sell for higher value.

I have a very good reason for my decision to work in this niche – since 2006, I have read and listened over 300 books, most of them being in the self-improvement niche. I know that this is the best place where I can put my skills to work because I have the conviction that I’m helping people, both you and your marketplace.

This is important to you. Most copywriters do not have a lot of experience in any given field. They take a one size fits all approach to copywriting. I have grew with people like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Neil Strauss and David DeAngelo. I know what the market wants because I have been in all phases of the market. I know what the competition is doing because chances is that I’ve bought their products.

As a copywriter, I have over 3000 hours invested in researching and writing sales letters for customers and for myself. I have served people from all niches, ranging from business opportunities to hardcore business to business sales as a copywriter. After a few years of doing this, I have found myself burnt out. I was working in niches where I knew the product is not good enough, where I knew that the only way to sell is to downright lie and I couldn’t take it anymore.

So I’ve decided to say no to all projects outside of the self-improvement niche, combining my two big passions – self-improvement & selling. I’m an expert in both niches, being able to sell very effectively as a copywriter while believing, 110% in what you are doing. I am doing this because we all win. Your market is persuaded to take action towards their advantage. You are compensated royally for your efforts in developing your products and services. I’m compensated royally too for my time and energy invested in creating this.

I’m not giving my time and my effort freely. After achieving a very good level of success as a copywriter in the general sense, I’ve decided to work only with people who are a good match. I’m expensive (copy starting at $1500 USD), I’m not easily available (it is very rare to be able to serve you right away, instead, you’ll be put on a waiting list) and I’m quite temperamental.

I’m honestly not for all people. However, chances are that you’re not like most entrepreneurs either. Because of this, I’m gifting you a complimentary 30 minute call in which we’ll discuss your needs. This is the only free time you can expect to get as I don’t believe in offering something for free to get business (and neither should you).

Use the link below to schedule a call for this week or next week. Let’s see how I can make you double or triple your sales.

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Best regards,
Razvan Rogoz