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When I was in high-school, I’ve met a gentlemen on a self-improvement board. I’ve never found out who he is but from what I know, he was a millionaire, in his 40s who used self-improvement to change his life dramatically. For a period of a few months, he coached me by email, teaching me pieces of wisdom I’m reflecting on and still learning to understand after a decade.

One of these pieces is an article called “Immunity to criticism”. He shared this with me and told me to read it every single day, in the morning. I do not know if this article is unique to him, written for me or found somewhere else. I can’t find it on Google.

Yet, this is a piece of advice, of wisdom that you should read it because it may be the biggest obstacle between you and your success. It is the antidote from doing things for the sake of getting gold stars (validation from others) as opposed of actually doing things for profit reasons.

I’m sharing it here, with obvious credit to my anonymous benefactor and if this is from a book / course / another article, with credit to that piece.

Best regards,
Razvan Rogoz
The Self-Improvement Copywriter

* (Gold Stars = the good opinion of others)

Highest attractor of money: IMMUNITY TO CRITICISM ———————————————————————————
“High achievers live independent of the good opinion of others.” – Abraham Maslow

I am in the business of dispensing *Gold Stars, it’s a cheap currency cause I get to print it legally. I dispense gold stars to others who need them from me in order to feel good about themselves… It’s very important for me not to be one of them — but to be the superior being who does not need *Gold Stars from other people in order to feel good about myself.

So the highest attractor of money is…

…immunity to the good opinion of others… it liberates the money to flow to me…

all the stuff I do to block the flow of money — comes from trying to get the good opinion of other people.

As soon as I decide I do not need nor want any gold stars from anybody else and I do not care what they think of me and what I do. And the only people’s opinion I care about are those who are moaning at me with their wallets — I am liberated to do everything that attracts money to me.

Until I am aware of what Abraham Maslow describes, I will make decisions about receiving *Gold Stars instead of RECEIVING MONEY.

That means I will make decisions about trying to please mom, mother in law, dead parent, neighbor, friends in peer group, employees, etc, etc, rather than about RECEIVING MONEY.

As soon as that goes away and it’s not about receiving gold stars from other people. Then all my decisions can get made for PROFIT REASONS… and all the other reasons are out the door.

If there is ever a guy who is immune to criticism… Donald Trump is the guy who couldn’t care less about others opinion of him. His name is MAGNETIC TO MONEY and everyone wants to attach his name to their project.

Trump is temperamental and honest… It attracts the people he wants to deal with… and keeps the others away.

In short I don’t care about those who disapprove of me or what I do in business… first I qualify the person to be a buyer of my product, then if the person takes out their wallet and BUYS

THE PRODUCT, only after that has happened do I put any value on the happiness and opinion of the BUYER… (KEY WORD: BUYER)
When it comes to business…

I can’t please everybody — and should not aim to please anybody but those who gives me money. (CONCENTRATE ON SELLING THE FOXES AND DONT WORRY ABOUT OFFENDING THE DOGS!)

The biggest thing I can do for myself to attract money is to work on this one thing and this one thing only.

I dispense *Gold Stars to people who need them in order to feel good about themselves…

…but never spend any time thinking about *Gold Stars myself.

Doesn’t matter if it’s CEOs from Fortune 500 companies who are making 26 millions a year, they need *Gold Stars from me in order to feel good about themselves… I am in the business of dispensing them… but I have to be completely devoid of need of them.

Otherwise I make decisions about gold stars and that’s no way to make decisions about business.

That is the biggest single thing I can do for myself.