“Here Are Five Lessons I’ve Learned From My Failures As A Copywriter & Marketer …”


I’ve failed as a copywriter. I’ve failed more times than I’ve succeeded. I’ve made stupid mistakes that had cost me and others money. Some of these mistakes were because I was lacking the specialized knowledge. In others, I was lacking the common sense.

I’m proud of my failures. I have failed which mean I have tried. Whoever tells you that failure is bed never tried anything. Any venture in life involves the risk of failing and chances are that no matter if you’re launching a dieting product or you want to get a six pack abs, you will fail forward. Things are never going to be as you want them to be, you will always be one step away from losing the game but since you are making progress, you will eventually win. read more

“The Importance Of Common Sense In Writing Sales Materials … And Why Most Writers Lack It Completely”


The biggest danger with most copywriters is not their lack of skill. It is their lack of common sense. I have worked with copywriters who are technically savvy, who know 49 ways to write a bullet and who can tell you 15 formulas for writing headlines and yet, don’t understand basic facts about human nature.

Usually these people are very heavy on intellect (book smarts) but very light on life experience. They are the nerds of yesterday transformed into the professionals of today. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a geek too. The problem is that while you can be a great geek and succeed in engineering or IT or any other field (Elon Musk can be considered a geek after all), geeks don’t really succeed in sales. read more

“Why Discounting In A Sales Letter Is Eating Away From Your Long Term Profits”


When I was a kid, I didn’t receive a lot of disposable income. Most of the clothes I’ve bought were from local stores or bazars. Yet, there was one store which offered some good discounts. Almost everything was 50 – 60 – 70% discounted. If you bought for $100, you would pay only $50.

So each time there was a major sale, I would buy from them. The problem was that the discounts were so big that it trained me to wait for them. It made no sense for me to purchase anything but the one weekend per month when it was discounted. Years later, I’ve realized that I wasn’t the only one who did this. This store was full during the sale period, empty during the rest so right now, the discounts are year long. They’ve killed their profit margin by giving too many discounts and training their marketplace to wait for them. read more

“Why Copywriting Has Almost Nothing To Do With Selling And Everything To Do With Understanding Your Marketplace”


In the last months, almost every single person I’ve meet interested in my services asked me the same thing “how long does it take you to write 1000 words?”. He may also ask me “what is your rate for 1000 words”.

Then I go into a long explanation – it takes me 30 minutes to write those 1000 words and about 10 hours to do the research to know how to make those 1000 words effective. At this moment, the other person usually loses interest and has no interest in hearing me that a sales letter is made to fit a specific challenge and not a one size fits all solution. read more

“Five Key Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Write Your Sales Letter”


Experience taught me that the worst thing to do when starting a copywriting project is to write. Two things can happen. You either have to rewrite everything because nothing is actually a market match or you end up not making sales, which will lead to you rewriting everything. It’s either wasted time or wasted time and wasted traffic.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that you should fall into a paralysis of analysis and delay writing as much as possible. No. It’s just that without getting clear on what you’re trying to transmit, the letter is likely to fail. The letter may fail even if you get clear on these things, that’s true, but you’ll have a far better chance of succeeding. read more

“How To Qualify Your Prospects Through The Sophistication Level Of Your Free Content”


The information publishing field is not made equal. Right now, there are books in the self-improvement field for people who never read something like that before or are very skeptical. At the same time, there are books that contain complex frameworks which are hard to understand if you haven’t invested a lot of time and money in the past.

In the investment field, there are people who are just discovering how to read a chart. On the other hand, there are folks who are looking for complex strategies designed to give them an edge in the marketplace. read more

“How Proof Requirements Scale Based On The Sophistication Level Of Your Marketplace”

I’ve noticed an interesting trend. Online marketing follows the same approach as the movie industry. You see, there is a basic rule in movie making. The bigger your audience is, the more you will earn. So movies are made to have a mass appeal. This can be done by reducing violence (therefore having a lower rating) but generally, appealing to the lowest common dominator.

This is why you don’t see a lot of complex movies nowadays. The people who want complex, thought provoking movies are maybe 10% of the entire audience. The other 90% prefers pure emotion and to have fun, instead to ask questions. Plus, a ticket is a ticket and everyone pays the same. All things being equal, nine million people watching a movie filled with cliches and where you have to leave your brain at the door is nine times better than one million people watching a complex, philosophical movie. read more

“How To Apply Lean Methodology To Your Information Marketing Project”


Lean methodology is something every entrepreneur should learn.

You shouldn’t be allowed to register a company (or worse, receive your first seed of funding) until you have read this book. While it is not applicable to every field and every type of project, knowing what it is will give you a major advantage in your entrepreneurial venture. Plus, it works quite well on online businesses too.

You see, most entrepreneurs have a “1.0” release in mind. This usually means a complete, market ready product. If this is a piece of software, it is a stable, bug free, feature rich package. If this is a course, you’re talking here about all the videos, the PDFs and the membership site behind it. read more

How The Gym Became My Temple


I was never a spiritual person. I’ve never found God or Buddha or anyone else. When other people told me that the church is the best place to go to find inner peace, I just shrugged. It had no effect on me whatsoever.

Actually, I’ve never had my safe space. While some people would find refuge in Starbucks or playing with children or watching a movie at the cinema, I would find little joy in all of them. This is until I’ve realized that my safe space is the gym.

In all honesty, it is hard to imagine the gym as a refuge. read more

The Universe Is Run By Probabilities. Are You Using This In Your Favor?


How are you?

It is the Chinese New Year in Taiwan, one of the most important, if not the biggest holiday in Asia. It is a time of celebration with family and loved ones, which means that my social life is virtually non-existing these days. Which in a way is good, as I have more time to think about what really matters.

Yesterday I had a call with a brilliant marketer from the US. Actually, we talk regularly. By talking with him, I have gained confidence in the notion that life is a game of numbers and that the numbers always add up. This may seem as a desolate way of looking at life for someone who tends to not think in systems but bear with me. read more