Refund Policy


Please refer below for understanding how I process refunds. Before proceeding, please keep in mind that refunds are a last resort solution. My success is based on repeat customers and it is in my best interest to serve your needs to the best of my abilities so we can work together long term. However, due to the fact that 30% – 40% of the opportunities I’ve came across are scammers, I have created this set of rules in order to help protect myself.

#1 – For all “work-for-hire”, including copywriting, content writing, research or anything else that involves actively involving my time in creating an outcome for you, refunds are provided only before the commencement of the work itself. No partial refunds are granted due to the nature of the work (research takes as much as 60% of the time invested).

This means that if you order an 50 page eBook, you can ask for a full refund until the moment I have started research or whatever is the first step into the project. After this step, I will cash in your full payment. The same is true with sales letters, articles and other similar services.

As a general rule of thumb – if I start work, I can’t provide a refund. However, if I can not deliver the work, for reasons within my control, you are entitled to a refund, full or partial. This means that if you do not receive what you have paid for, within a reasonable, accepted timeframe, you are eligible for a refund.

#2 – For “middleman” work, you are responsible for all payments. Middle-man work refers to hiring me or using me towards employing sub-contractors. An example is that you require a logo but I can’t design one for you. You hire me to employ someone towards helping you accomplish this goal.

In this particular case, I prefer that you make all payments yourself and I only deal with finding and managing the talent, either as a complementary service or for hire. If this is unpractical, you can provide me with the funds and I will cover all the expenses (however, this will lead to extra charges because you will pay to transfer funds to me and I will pay to transfer funds to someone else). If you are unsatisfied with the work you have received from the sub-contractor, this is between you and the sub-contractor as I am not liable for other people’s work.

This service in general refers to very low cost services as editing and proof-reading and there were never any problems in this area. Even if they were, the costs are in the range of $5 or $10.

Please keep in mind that I don’t sub-contract my work. All the work I do is created and delivered by myself. I may use contractors for value added services as editing, proofing, design but when you are paying for a writer, you are paying for me.

#3 – Subscription based services including coaching, consultancy packages, AMA services (ask me anything) and similar others.

When you are paying multiple months in advance for a service that involves both my time and existing assets (as educational materials), the refund condition are based on a product by product basis. As a basic rule, no refunds can be provided for the current month, which means that if you have paid for three months, at best you can get two months refunded.

If you pay for several months in order to obtain a discount, the discount can be deducted from your refund. Generally, I will gladly refund any months that are not commenced when it comes to these services.

#4 – eBooks, assets, websites, copyrights, etc

Occasionally I may sell products of a special nature. These includes completed websites, manuscripts, custom sales funnels, etc. These were personal projects that I’ve canceled and that I’m selling at a discount to interested parties. These are sold a single time. The rule here is absolutely clear – there is no refund whatsoever. If you purchase a complete project or a part of a project from me, then the transaction is final. You will have enough time and opportunities to inspect the work (under NDA where applicable), before making a decision.

Quick Overview:

  • For writing work, refunds are applicable only if work has not started.
  • If work started, no refund is possible.
  • Refunds are automatic if I can’t deliver the work requested in a reasonable, agreed timeframe.
  • When acting as a middle-man, any refunds you may require are to be obtained from the subcontractor. I can assist you with this.
  • When purchasing a subscription, conditions vary but as a general rule, you can get a refund on any month that has not started.
  • When purchasing a full project, all sales are final.

One note here – The truth is that if we get to the need of a refund, there are far worse things to fear than losing some money. I know very well that a loss of reputation and trust is far more damaging than the loss of a few hundred dollars. These conditions exists only because (1) some payment providers require I provide them (2) because in November 2017 alone three out of six customers decided to not pay after receiving the work.

My goal is to help you accomplish your desired outcome. If I fail in this, even if I may earn a few dollars for my time invested, I will lose a lot more. Therefore, I’m willing to go to considerable lengths to help you succeed. Sometimes refunding may be the natural solution (when we simply can’t make the project happen or I am unable to work due to illness or poor scheduling) but for me refunds are a lot worse than just refunding money. It means losing a customer that I’ve worked hard to acquire.

Best regards,