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“Razvan was able to see the value of my products immediately and communicate that their value to my members in a compelling way. I hope to use Razvan’s services again in the future.”
Christopher Booker, Owner, KAT Solutions Inc.


“What can I say about Razvan other than he is a Writer Extraordinaire. Not only is he great at getting to the point in the most efficient way, he applies that same approach to sales letters and other text he composes. He is extremely strategic in his thinking and will add real value to your project other than just writing skills. Razvan is worth every cent you pay him.”
Michael Sloan – General Manager at TTG Procurement, Düsseldorf, Germany

Azeem – Five Figure Warrior Forum & Internet Marketing Entrepreneur
“Provider very good with followup and getting the work done! ej”
—ejaztahir (Elance.com)

“I am really satisfied and happy that i found this provider. Very friendly and gets the work done and overdelivers. Great service.”
—harvir78 (Elance.com)

“I am very happy with the result. Razvan is an excellent provider and I highly recommend him. The quality of the work was better than expected and I look forward to working with him again.”
—Tomasz01 (Elance.com)

“Razvan Rogoz, is a very competant sales copywriter. He even went ahead and helped me revise an aspect which was not in the job description. Which I am glad for. ”
—IbnSaeed (Elance.com)

“Razvan was exceptionally professional in his content and in every aspect of this job. Not only was I happy with his work I will be using him again on a future project. Regarding the responsive issue there was a slight mis understanding regarding updates which was resolved very easily. Thanks Razvan I look forward to some serious conversions….”
—adrianmking (Elance.com)

“Dear Razvan, Just a quick note to say thank you for producing quality, professional website content. Thus far, we have been extremely impressed by the effort, discipline and skills applied to this project. The website / marketing content that you have developed for us will be instrumental in deploying the marketing strategy effortlessly. We are appreciative of your input and continued support as we champion the course of delivering the project successfully. ”
—Anthkinsr (Elance.com)

“It was great working with Razvan, deliverables on time and budget. I will certainly work with him again.”
—anjudealwis (Elance.com)

“Razvan is a good in writing sales emails if someone want to sell their products online.I own a few websites and Razvan is the guy if someone want to get a sale.”
Harprit M. – India

What I really liked about Razvan’s critique of my copywriting was the comprehensiveness of his analysis. Where other copywriters gave a generic thumbs up/thumbs down, Razvan actually went through the while thing and showed me where the copy was weak. Then he showed me how to make it much more powerful by clarifying, getting more specific, making the message more conversational in tone, etc. Easily one the the most knowledgable and helpful copywriters I’ve dealt with.

Sean Greenstein – L.A. – Weight Loss Niche Entrepreneur

“I have known Razvan since June 2009. Razvan is absolutely the world’s greatest expert on marketing. He is extremely generous with both his time and knowledge which is reflected in his lengthy, descriptive emails containing extraordinary indepth marketing analysis, ideas and strategies. Razvan’s material always reflects the most up-to-date marketing trends and technologies which he gains through his dedicated commitment to lifetime learning and shear determination to master his craft. Razvan knows exactly which heart strings to pull to get an emotional response from the targetted maket. As a businessman, he provides a service above and beyond even the highest of expectations whilst remaining humble and grounded as a person. As a client of his, I have often been left shaking my head in disbelief at the skills and abilities of Razvan. For anyone considering hiring Razvan to do copyright or market consulting, I can guarantee your return of investment will be 10 fold.” ~

Sue S.  Permanent Life Changes LLC




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